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1. Guns, Speech And Madness

Forget what you saw
Eye closed at the end of the tunnel
The darkness dwells too deep
To be experienced
In each soul there lies a gun

And when
You draw out
Your rage, buried inside
Is stuck in the Other
A brother from the road
Lost forever
And comes crashing because of you
The endless dreams of the world.

You have seen dramatic days
With no rules
The banners on their hearts
Bears only « Myself »
Because we deserve to be
Actors of war
Like unicorns we act
Like moral brats
Our guts will tell you that
We're only rats
There is no culprit but
The despicable will to offend
Keep falling until you know
If you're strong or not
So repent of your faults
We're law

They rest assured that life
Owes them everything
Extremists of the angst
Witches is what they seem
Inside your face they stare
And get you out of here

Burn so you can reach limbo
You always were so mad
You did not see it coming
The blow that fueled the rage

In your head

Bearing the basest things
You mere corporeal thing

Yet I do want to see
The crowd gathering
That will put you in jail
You will climb the wall.

2. Falling Like Dead Snakes

Eyes open like suns
Burning rests of lives

Blow off the poison of this sleeping ghost now
Wake up you must kill the snake by your own hands
You must take the torch and follow the final procession
In it you will grow and dig out your buried rage

So glad to see you praise the hole
(Fear ends)
When crawling under skin
Serve as veins.
I'm glad to see you want to escape
(From this)
Jail Of Comfort
To get the rhythm.

Bodies in flames, face at least bright
Of a light too dark
Power of a creation too human
Burn the system, he brings to the suicide
Automatons of flesh, engaged in a dance too restricted

Falling Like Dead Snakes

The shape is empty

3. Mt. Fuji In Red

Along the path dirty downtrodden and dead
The very road that we all take
That nowhere leads and nowhere ends

Across the stream of my emerging consciousness
The very words that we all fake
Seldom uttered seldom said

And still we roam the turpid endless ways
Wondering why we ended up out there
Our minds swinging like screw threads

The stakes are pretty low aren't they ?

But the road is in our heads
We cast a shadow of lead
That nowhere leads and nowhere ends

Waves finally made it home
Waves usually make it home
Yet I am not quite sure,
'cause I see no home;
It's all been blown
At full gallop
In water and foam
And we've seen it all
Mountains and homes
We've seen it all
On a old film
We've seen it all

In our eyes iridescent clouds
Drifting along our veins out loud
Out loud
And so deafening

No word could be said
No word has been said
No word will be said
About the mount Fuji in red

4. Lost In Vegas

I feel I'm going to lose my mind here

Try to walk in the night while there is
World's waste decaying on the ground
I feel like I'm another one of those
Disposable objects we love to throw

I'm tired to drink the lights
Lost In Vegas

My faith is gone
No attorney
This beast is unleashed
And will eat your brain

I want to go way back but I still know you

Don't you hear ?
I'm on a slippery rope
Fire in my throat
Dreaming of lost visions
I see my loss
Like all the things I've done
Burning ways

I've cleared my sights

5. We Carry Just Enough To Play

We cut emptiness through and through
Our voices are geared up and tiring
Raucous breathing and bitter spirit
Shatters from our life thrown up in the air
Crashing down below
Just like eternal snow
In this world
I wait for a sign
A simple hand

At the end of the day
We carry just enough to play
We fight ourselves to death
Our guts open we lay against
The uncanny world routine
That leaves no time to stray
From towers that you build
For beauty and parade
I'm sick of this world where men are trapped like birds

All things are full of labor; man cannot utter it: the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing.

I'll lay my bones at your feet
Just to blow your minds away
Vexation of spirit
I know we all do this in vain

I'm sick and tired
So sick and tired

We rage on
While searching
We take it out
Our stain of life

But the night we burn our faces down
The night our flesh is melting
A new realm shall rise

We carry just enough to play

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