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1. We Are Orphans

Our world slowly slips into depression
And I'm a fool on a broken glass board
We burn in vain pretending we have a king

But we pray a false god with his dawn set
We stand as one drinking his words without dreams

We live in an invisible cage but we don't care, we don't care
Thinking we're free, thinking our freedom isn't on fire

We breathe, we live, thinking our joy isn't a cancer
But we're alone, and we bleed, hiding ourserlves behind an hypocrite's mask
It's our need to be free, but we're conditioned by a wrong prophet of draped lies, of ephemereal promises.

We were, we are, we'll be orphans

Il n’est pas question de laisser désarmés
La quiétude au profit du vandale
Une arme pour toi le collatéral
Une arme pour toi au front rampant
Une arme pour toi le vociférant
Une arme pour toi l’à jamais renoncé
Une arme pour toi l’adieu au levant
Une arme pour toi dernière innocence
Une arme pour toi fille de joie

2. Cyclops

So you're proud to be a binder
I wish my words were only fuel
To clear now this silver ink you're drawn with
Leaving behind your golden shell

All is Babel
We seek the throne of perfect hell
And you ask yourself
Tell me
How to grab my eyes in the darkest age
How to catch my sight in front of a blinded heaven

You say we're not under mechanics law
I say we've build the chains of erosion

Watch the Great Tower
In one eye vulture
This modern idol
It mouth, ravenous den
Drooling at ruins

Our hands were in silver
Burn now the skin used to taste emptiness

If they want to throw freedom up
Don't ever swallow the plague of lie

Tear down this monument you've built
Life after life
Gouge out the eye of the beast
You gave birth to in ignorance

Our hands found again will be tempests

3. Modern Idiot

Put your clammy palms in the air
to dance it is the hour
Yet another body to devour
glorious sexual uproar

Just like a roman senator
With a mouthful of grapes
Shake your floggid body
For a hundred and twenty days

Our bodies are clutching
Far from the ecstasy of kissing
The scrambling for Narcissus' spoils
You call desire

Modern idiot, Useful idiot
Selling man out on the market
Pleading plead freedom
Dirty freedom to defile
scattered doubt of majority rule

(Your) automatic shield will not protect you
Now you can feel how much I desire you

Now the worms can feed

And now it's fools' time
You've got to know
And now it's fools' time, fools' time
Our bodies are raw

4. Moloch

Tough my lips are swollen
My throat filled with blood
I can still say your name
And still call for The Flood

We are fighting so obscure
Beneath the lonely moonlight
And the street calls our name
Repeatedly tonight

Our thoughts are plastered
On the miserable walls
Of this lowering bud
This Monster of a city

I wish our words
Were of any use
I wish we could reach out
Before they shut our mouths

We have no friends
We have no lovers
We're facing dead ends
It's for the better
You don't wanna join us
We're headed in a wall
With our eyes wide shut
And our faith on stall

But the pavement has worn us
Down to th' essentials
Out of strength we howl
Starving hysterical naked

5. Delusion Junction


6. Doppelgänger

Echoic walls
These crazy thoughts build

My honey smiles rooted out
Cover cold steel
One step to action
Jumping in a loophole

Society confines me
In the role of a clown
And it dreams of dancing
On the corpse of this circus

This so damned bloody road
On which I'll be a Mad Max retarded

Swallow my veil of blood.

7. Monkey On My Back

And now I feel free to be despotic
Our dreams making one with the impossible
Reality trapped in the whirlwind of memories
Nothing left to bet but our lives
In the glimpse of the ecstasy
By poisonous madness offered

We are not guests at our own life's feast
So we create the power of victory
Light in our eyes as
Blinding as a marble sun
Luminescent as an obsidian sun
And the hours go by like winter anxiety

Overcoming pompousness
Playing with a toy-world
We are laughing children
We have imaginary friends
Deep in our hearts
Lies the pure madness of the deserter

And now I burn my eyes against the vastness of possibility

I'm the new king of an island...

8. Loquèle

Bucephale, may you change your heart?
It's not okay, well, it's not the end.
I, moving through hornbeams,
The chords are old, so are the trees.

You wear your heart under your sleeve,
You learned that earlier than me.
"I tried so hard to be good",
you told yourself it's in the books.

You fear for what faded already,
You fall in line. Oh malcontent.
Happiness is yours, still absently.

I strived to write the poem down,
Words just play and disobey.
None of mine can explain that,
It's far too late, I can't create.

Amongst those trees I'm almost home.

9. Je Ferai De Ma Peau Une Terre Où Creuser

Le glas
de nos froides chairs

Cesse d'écraser tes rêves
creusés dans le puits de tes mains
Ose repasser en liesse la promesse du matin
de nos vies ne reste-t-il que des aurores vides?

Si tes pas se mêlent râles au cœur de l'ivraie
Je ferai de ma peau une terre où creuser
Si tes mains se lèvent voiles dans le vent clément
Je ferai de ma peau une terre où creuser
Si ton corps éclate mâle en vol épuisé
Si ton âme écrase vierge la terre inviolée
Je ferai de ma peau une terre où creuser

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