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1. Breath Of The Black Muse

Open your mouth boy, just to swallow your teeth, I will not pay the price for your self-inflicted grief, my meekness lies there
shivering and raped, trembling prophet, anointed wrath of God incarnate
Cutting and tearing dissection, strangled and hanging before me, weeping and screaming become you, carry out your suffering
Raise your fist boy to bring upon your demise, never had a clue what waited behind these eyes, your body torn apart, you could not
escape, trembling prophet, anointed wrath of God incarnate
Inspiration from your damnation, your breath blackens my lungs, you marked the line to guide my first incision, breath of the black

2. The Rising End (The First Prophecy)

Bombs rain down like heaven's tears, the earth shall die and disappear; (and today) we wish the sky was grey, (for now they're) just
black and empty
Ripped and torn from inside out, things too dark to think about, no miracles, no bleeding hands, God has parted...
And when the end she comes, rains down on everyone, fire from the sky, and when the end she rides, breathing out suicide, life and
death are one
As a flame burns to touch the sky, so it shall be with man's cry, and this night all will pass away, (and this night we shall die as

3. The Last Revelation (The Last Prophecy)

There were none at his left hand, no man amongst his army, the earth has ripped herself open, and birthed from her wounds thick
black clouds which covered the earth
It tears, I see blood in the air, I taste blood in the air, dissected from heaven, cut and stripped of her skin, we let it begin
descending from heaven
An all-consuming cancer, reaching to repent, we will taste hate in its purest form, reching out for nothing,
choking on our words, while we hold our children
No cradle, no son, a mother of none

4. The Last Song From Zion

His shadow floats upon the earth,
Casting a song from the north (upon the earth),
Yeashua weeps a Zion song thy will of man,
My kingdom gone,
You place all your hatred upon my throne,
Your hands from your own path,
Curse the one that has made you,
I see Cain in all your eyes.
I am laying down to go to sleep forever,
I do not hide my face in shame at all,
I do not cower before your blade,
This is what your black hearts pray.
Time moves as slow as the oceans tide,
Neon explosion in the haggard sky,
No sun shall set,
Lest we forget,
Man's will be done,
The last lamb,
The last hope,
The last song from Zion.

5. Live... From The Funeral Of God

Live from the funeral of God, this is the day you've awaited, sponsored and celebrated, he has answered your prayers, corpses have
piled up with your riches, they have spilled over onto the earth, we spit and wear our fear like masks, everything is locked into a
form, (interrupt the feed), it's closing in... the sky is so dark, are men no worse than demons? Are armies not thirsty for blood?
The desire of their hearts has been met, eons and eons, decades of liars, drunk with power atop a mountain of corpses, their arms
and legs fail and they crawl like serpants, to address those who are mourning, live from the funeral of God, there is no reason to
be afraid, everything is under control, we shall miss him

6. The Lesser Lights Of Heaven

The lesser lights of heaven are burning towards a dream, the eyes of mother bleeding, cast their children to the sea
The lesser lights of heaven are screaming in our mind, listening to the chorus, so divine and unkind
The lesser lights of heaven are burning for their son, praying for the presence, that birthed them into one
The lesser lights of heaven, their bodies but a flame, a sky that knows no distance, a cut that feels no pain
The lesser lights of heaven are bending towards your will, cutting through the person, who would rather die than kill
The lesser lights of heaven cast crowns before your throne, dissipate into nothing, we truly are alone
Can we live through this? The lesser lights of heaven

7. In Times Gone Past

I see it in your eyes, the tearing in your heart, as I awaken I learn first, first of dying, and lying inside the ground forgotten,
I learn of love, I learn of terror, I feel the curse inside my body, my God, my God, why have you forsaken me and put this curse
inside my body, we live within a curse and within the divine, we're born and raised to work, and then grow old and die (in our
golden time), strange, cut and burnt then thrown into the tide (I have lived and died), lie beneath the ground, ascend into the sky,
I feel the earth spinning slow, and winding down with the sun, I feel the curse inside my body, running through my veins into my

8. Praise The War Machine

The death of the Omega pilots the war machine
We shall destroy the earth
Rebuild it
None shall inherit it
Blood turned into fire
Made to drink like wine
Pile up the countless corpses and on them we shall dine

We praise you, war machine
You've come to set us free
Run us through your jaws
Carry us off in your claws

Cut away body from soul
A slave freed from his master
Closing the spirit's eye to embrace this earthly tie


666 (The number of man brought upon by man)

The earth it shall burn bright tonight in our eyes
The earth it shall burn right into our eye on this very night
Praise the war machine
Burn tonight

9. Truly, Truly, This Is The End

They say death is an open door
Into another room
Within the city of the dead
(Our New Kingdom)

They say we walk like dreams
Sharing the same breath
Seeing through the same eyes
(A collective spirit)

As we pray on his grave our words fall and decay
The earth it gives no peace, nor does it take away
We all survive the grave
(Unfortunate eternal)

They say that in times past
A king walked in the sky
Until dethroned by man
(Tribe of Judas)

Truly, truly, this is the end
It's not the same
I'm plagued with pain and I can't let go
This is the end

10. I Lay Sleepless In My Grave


11. Psalm Of The City Of The Dead

As we wait here for a sign we are greeted by the end of time,
These streets aren't paved with gold,
You are my everything,
My soul is growing cold

12. Romance Of The Southern Spirit

[Japanese album version track]

Every kiss is a goodbye kiss
And every touch is momentary
Like trying to hold her ghost
Yes she dissapears at sunrise
Some times the past is all we have
I see you in my mind so clearly
A salvation to these tired, cold and searching eyes
We fade, we fade away like dream
We come apart at the seam
Every moment comes to an end
Just another fading memory
She let life destroy her
Move through me like a ghost
No one to break thier blades
No one to cut their throats

All of your words will wash away
My broken heart stills mends
But you could care less anyway

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