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1. Resistance

I won't allow it. I won't let it happen. This weakness will be strengthened.
Take away this battle. Let our fire burn within. Purify. Purify. Don't
release your hand from me. I must surrender, must lay it down. What's to
gain from my selfishness? What will I promote, and what will be pushed back?
My hope must rise, strength come forward. Linking my hand in yours. Let your
chains uphold me. I won't break the bond. No more will I remain the same. My
God has ever loved himself in me. I am convinced. I must stay.

2. In Loving Kindness

We are the new creation, the old has gone, the new has come. Reconcild us to
Himself, through Christ Jeasus. We will be free, forever knowing what will
become... of us. Thank you for the cross. Trusting in the balance has tilted
me towards righteousness. Lifting my spirit once again, sinking not in my
functioning. Striving to tell them the truth. Inhale, exhale this is over
and over again. Looking for tomorrow forgetting about today. Striving to
tell them the truth... Dying, dying, dying, dead. Through prayer and
sacrifice into all the earth, with love and understanding. Now I look to
importance, standing here steadfast, to renew the spirit within me. Do not
cast me from Your presence, or take Your Holy Spirit from me.

3. Endure

I will endure. It will endure in me. Until the end, forever. I will endure.
If we continue in these ways, rebellion bends towards hatred. We rise up for
our cause, and forsake the outsiders. Where is this love, this
understanding? Who will stand? What will break down. if this uprise of self
is left to reign? This age screams for a standard to uphold, and an answer
for the questions. The wavering of beliefs lead to destruction. Nothing
remains constant to its origin but the unchange faith of Christ. The one
stable since creation. Thoughts have come, and theories have gone. Nothing
has lasted through resistance. But who can deny, who can dispute the faith
that's been throughout since the foundation of the beginning? It has always
ben and always will be. Forever. It has been proven. It shall remain. This
faith has stood the test. It persists through the conflict. Through the
revolt against its ways, nothing has held true like this. No other has
revealed such strength. The roots run deep within. Entangling around my
rock. Never letting go of this truth. The power that has sustained me.I will
endure in what I believe and what I believe wil endure in me...

4. Growing In Grace

He is God, He is God. He is God, He is God.
He is with us, He is God. He is with us, He is God.
In His purpose I will stand.
I've been renewed by the Maker.
In His purpose I will stand.
I've been renewed by Him alone.
Been made by the Maker.
Been bought by the Buyer.
Broken by the Breaker.
I'am His. I'am His.
In His purpose I will stand.
I've been renewed by Him alone.
made by the Maker.
bought by the Buyer.
Broken by the Breaker.
Iam His. Iam His.
In refuge and strength,
ever present help in trouble,
without fear.
As the nations uproar and the kingdoms fall.
He lifts His voice-melting,
He is with us. He is God.
He is with us. He is God.
He is with us. He is God.
He is with us. He is God.
Been made by the Maker.
Been bought by the Buyer.
Broken by the Breaker.
I'am His. I'am His.

5. Foresight

With open arms I'll be held down by the Spirit of God. I refuse to turn
away. By the world and its lies. Everlasting words like water that fllows
through my heart. As the wisdom runs deep within. Forseen throuh my savior.
The completion has been done. With wisdom and truth inside. No reflections
from the past will come, and there will be no misconception. That would turn
my faith away when You are not with me. I will lift up my spirit to be with
you. Life the endless maze will not be so narrow. Soon time will not have to
wait. For soon I will go against what awaits me....

6. Ps.77

I cried out to God for help. I cried out to God to hear me. When I was
distressed, I sought theLord. At night I stretched out my hand, but saw no
comfort. I remembered you God and I groaned; I mused and my spirit grew
faint. You kept my eys from closing. I was too troubled to speak. I thought
about the former days the years long ago. I remember my songs in the night.
My heart mused and my spirit inquired.. Will the Lord reflect forever?. Will
He never show his favor again. Has this unfailing love vanished forever. Has
his promise failed for all time. Has God forgotten to be merciful. Has the
anger withheld his compassion. Then I thought, "To this I will appeal-the
years of the right hand of the Most High. I will remember the deeds of the
Lord. Yes I remember Your deedsof long ago. I will meditate on all Your
works, and consider all Your mighty deeds. Your ways oh God are holy. What
God is so great as our God!"

7. Exchange

Revelation, unknowing has been taken. Why had I waited so long? Refrained
for this love. Never open to the hope He has. How could reject this? He was
calling my name. Searchin for me. I always turnd away. Not anting to believe
I have a need for Him. Feling this emptiness. Not knowing he could fill.
Drowning in my efforts to find comfort. I searched and strived for the
answer. But every step I fell and the earth crumbled underneath me. Now I
found this rock.This stable place. The pain has gone away. I place my hope
in no other. My heart, it cries, it toils inside me. Wantin all to have this
life. Wanting all to know this love, but I'm reminded of my turning. Closing
my eyes. Running the other way, but I've decided. I open my eyes to find
more than I was looking for. My mind screams. Knowing this is for all, but
not all I want I've found. Now I found this rock. This stable place. The
pain has gone. I place in no other.

8. In These Times Of Silence

What else is there. After the slipping away. When everything is silent, and
nothing is around, alone. Looking dep inside, Hearing the echo of my soul.
Noone can know. In these tims of silence, these times of seperation. I find
there is a voice that rises up. A peace that brings my tears. A comfort that
no one else can offer. So why do people turn away? Why do they look
elsewhere and base their self on opinions? When the truth is so evident that
this God of love is so constant. When everything is gone. Destruction and
storms. My Jesus stands to help.

9. A Simple Reminder

Hoping to scratch him. As we bleed to death. As we have a shepherd we do not
want. I run on a treadmill that never stops. My reflection in the wading
pool is dirty, and I'm sickened. It hurts. I'm sick of repetition. An
illness, spreading. Blinding my eyes. Erase my thoughts. Cancel my
subscription to the things of this world. In heopen eyesof delivereance. I'm
color blind. Waiting to see. Wanting to finally say no and walk away with a
smile. Time after time my call is game over; But again and again this cancer
spreads. Bleeding and spitting guilt and convictions. As Ilay in this pit of
defeat... (Once again to strive.) To beat itout over and over. So worn. I
will defeat this. Workedover. With intention to kill. To watch Him die and
smile. At His dismay. His pain. My deliverance. My cleanliness a giftof
freedom. My walk purified. My peace given by God.

10. All Else Failed

(A throne in Heaven sat empty for 33 years.) Why? For what do we strive that
will bring us closer. No human deed will show us approved. For two thousand
years we've chokedon our efforts. Only tolay down and die. Things change,
and things stay the same. Through allthese trials I cannot compose myself.
Till there is a time no heaviness fillsmy heart. I canot ompose myself. So
in all this, there must arise a plan. A strategy to subdue the schemes. For
generation upon generation God retained a silence that shattered the hearts
of men. And for a season, all else failed. There is no other name, given
among men whereby they might be saved. In all these years when men crawled
the earth choking on his tears, no composure, nor completion reigned. No
self righteous cleansing. Leaning on the strength of self or another man...
No human effort can bring holiness or even the strength to stand. There is
no explanation for this reasoning. The only thing in life that is constant
is Jesus.

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