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1. You Only Make Us Stronger

Motherfuckers try and mess with us
Before seeing what we're all about
Think you'd better open up your eyes
Before opening up your mouth

Bet you've never seen Your Demise
Bet you're spreading the shit
Well look at your life
You're a fucking wasteman
It's time to end this shit


2. Diamonds Are Forever But You're Fucking Not

The clocks been ticking for a very long time
You've tried our patience, in your heart this has died
You just amused us with the shit and the lies
But now you're gone this is something you can't lay to rest

We've come this far
You can only make us stronger!

It's not about friendship
It's the way we want to go
You played us for fools and you fucking know
as long as I live i won't let this go
This is one thing I've always been sure of
One thing I've always known
That will be there with my true friends
A show doesn't end at the end of our set
I hope you'll look back soon and fucking regret the friends we've made
How you moved away, you left our side and made no effort to stay

Fucking prick
You said you tried
But it wasn't enough
I won't be saying sorry
Cos it's fucking tough
Now you've departed the same fucking way
You followed his tracks
Now you're dead to us, so fucking GO!

3. Allow

Who's laughing now?
I've tried too many times to pick this up from the ground
But always found a problem
Always lost my fucking sound
But i won't ever fail in what i love best
I've put my hopes and dreams and my anger to the test
I've failed many times before
Never seen what I've done wrong
And how it led me off course
Let the dicks and the bullshitters in and never sent them out
They've always fucked this up for me and always let me down
I thought that some were real but they lied through their teeth
Don't understand how i'd work so hard and they wouldn't lose any sleep

This is my life, this is my sound
It's what i wake up for every fucking day
Who's laughing now?
Who's laughing now?
I got what i want
And i've thrown you out

4. SAHC2

This is my city
This is my pride
Something that you won't stop
Something i won't hide
This is my family
These are my friends
It's something that you won't stop
We're fighting to the bitter end

No matter what you want me to be
I'm true til death SAHC
No matter what you want me to be
I'm true til death SAHC
No matter what you want me to be

This is my city
This is my pride
Something you won't stop
Something i won't hide

5. Curl Up And Die

After all i'd done for you
No matter how hard i tried
It wouldn't matter to me much right now
If you curled up and died
It's nearly a year on, and i'd wiped you from my mind
I'm so fucking glad i turned you down, than kept you by my side

Still don't know what you put me through
Cos you're a fucking callous bitch
Is it you're thick or just innocent?
Well your purity makes me itch

I know it was bullshit when you were fucking around behind my back
Always leaving me in the lurch and you thought i'd have you back?
You think you're doing fine, well not last time i checked
You're leaving your friends behind, and looks like your life is next
You know it's bullshit, what you're about
I've no respect for your way of life
Cos you're a down and out

6. Fuck Everyone

If you know me by now, you should know the way i think
I'm not a totally arrogant cunt but my attitude fucking stinks

I always mean what i say and do but these are my opinions they're not the truth
I just open my mouth and let fucking loose
You can think what you want, it's your choice so choose
Don't expect me to change my ways
With these foolish thoughts is the way i'll stay
Even if your advice has a logical path
I'll just point my finger and fucking laugh

You're talking over me and say i do the same to you
I have no respect what you think, so what would you expect me to do?
You fucking hypocrite
You think you're something great
But this ironic bullshit is my disguise for hate

I've made up my mind
I'm only telling you once
Maybe you'll soon find out i've been the prick you always thought i was
I always say what's on my mind
I'll only tell you my opinions
Not the truth.

7. The Joke's On You

The joke's on you
You're hiding at the back of the room
Now i'm coming out to find you
You made your last mistake
You pushed me way too fucking far
How dare you fucking doubt me?

If you're putting your shit above the things that count
Then your days are numbered
And you can count me out
Open up your eyes, and try and find something in life
Instead of sitting around
Chatting shit to my friends

I value the things i have
But they don't mean everything
They don't mean half as much as friendship means

I'll fucking find you
Of that I'm sure
Fucking take me on
And i'll assure
That you won't come back for more
I'll fucking find you
Of that I'm sure
And i won't stop
Til your blood's on the floor

8. Doesn't Seem Ideal

The thing that pushes me harder
Is the fact you don't believe in anything that I stand for
And you'll never try to see why I live my life this way
Why I'm different from you
I don't mean to spite anyone with anything I do

I keep my head in tune with the feelings in my heart
You always come around
Why not trust me from the start?
Cos it doesn't suit you this time, and doesn't seem ideal
At least I'm making a difference, and this change is fucking real

The things I say, the things I feel
Why can't you support what doesn't seem ideal?
Break out your mould
Break out of the same old shit
My life is everchanging
You'll just have to accept,
I'm fucking proud of who I am, there's no changing me
I'm proud of what I've become
And this is the way I want to be

And once again you change your mind
It's funny how I can see from your perspectives
But you've no time for mine.

9. Hole Hearted

I still don't know who the fuck you are
Been disputing that for many years now
Still don't know why you've come this far
Still trying to be friends with me
What's the point in pretending one thing?
Then making a fool of yourself to us
Trying to please every hand that feeds you
But double standards is another fucking story

You never meant a thing to me
And now you're making it worse
You've changed so many times, I couldn't stand you at first
Now you're talking as if you're my friend
But you've already left us behind
I know for sure you talk behind my back
I've got proof from my best friends
You've made your life into more of a joke
Hand over heart
I promise you now
I wouldn't care if i never see you ever again
I still don't know who the fuck you are
Been disputing that for many years now
Still don't know why you've come this far
Still trying to be friends with me.

10. Gutted

Slit open your throat and piss down your neck
Tie you to my car and drive til you're dead
Break into your house and set fire to you in your bed
When you get out cunt, better watch where you tread
Cos there's hundreds of us who are after your head
We'll come down on you like two tonnes of lead
You've fucked yourself over and you better regret
We'll end your life for you there's no need to fret
You're fucking dead
You fucking cunt

It takes quite a lot to crush my family
A sight that I guess I will never see
It's not as if we do as we please
But we stick to the rules and get justice you see

And don't ever think you'll get away
Take more than 15 years for us to forget
We'll take you down when you least expect
Break your face, break your eyes, break your legs, break your neck
We never expected this, it's what makes it worse
Your time is waiting for your ride in a hearse
When i see your face i just know
that i'll burst and explode my first on your face,
and crush your brain to the dirt

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