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1. MMX

With all our hearts, we write this for ourselves,
For anyone who cares and anyone who listens...

2. Miles Away

The beat went on and I just stopped,
My hands are tied but my heart was not.
You let go of me, to hold on to better things.
In a world of Someones, I just wanted to be no one.
Live my life on my own, selfish I know, but who would even know?

I'm not one to be screaming Fuck The World.
But muttered under long breaths,
There's no life I would have rather lived.

Immersed in my own regret,
Smoking myself to sleep,
I will never sleep because sleep is the cousin of death.

If I could change myself I would be a better man,
But I just hang on to the boy inside,
I'm never happy with myself,
But living for the downside is far too easy.

Alone, alone, so alone,
On and on and on.
Times have changed and I've changed perception, but I still remember.
Alone, alone, so alone,
On and on and on.
Being so heavy-hearted
Fleeting days remind me of how I used to be.

3. Scared Of The Light

I gave up on you, like I thought the world gave up on me,
I hope you know that this is for you, the worst person that I ever knew.
Scared of the light and sun deprived, and you think the world owes you;
You say you sing the blues, but you've never stepped foot in my shoes.

I've never been so blunt but Fuck You.
Petty words are all your worth.

I won't pretend that I didn't feel the breaks,
but I wasn't counting the cracks.

‘Brothers till we die’: truer words were never spoken.
Let me drown.

I never thought I would find myself being the scapegoat,
and that you would find it so effortless
to make horses drink water just because you led them there.
Cromwell Road will remain so fucking cold,
and I will never place my feet there again.

I hold this hate close, closer than the most.
I leave you behind.

4. Life Of Luxury

[Featuring Mike LTA]

Home is where the heart is, but my address is in my suitcase.
I carry my world in my hands around this world we live in.

I'm letting go of everything I used know, diving headfirst all alone.
I wouldn't change it for the world, cause this is the only thing I have come to know.

I left my love by the sea, slowly you're drowning ‘cos of me,
But just know I will be home.
Like passing vessels in the night, slowly we sail by,
But just know I will be coming home.

My eyes are wide, and I cannot sleep,
My body aches, and my mind is weak.
My coffin shakes, but I'll keep living,
I'm so scared of what comes next.

I'm just another stranger in a city I can't remember.
My bed is where I lay my head,
This is my life of luxury.

5. Teenage Lust

Falling down, falling down into the deepest blue,
The world may be delicate, but it's still so fucking cold.
Being so young, not wanting to die old and alone.
Will you make it through the night without choking on half-baked words and inane flattery?
Being so scared feels so fucking perfect.

Breathe in, breathe out, keep your heart on your sleeve,
Every day wanting to give up on the world,
Living your life waiting for someone else,
The best part about falling in love is before you even know it.

Falling down, Falling down, so hold your breath,
Prepare for the worst, cut your losses.
In the perfect word this would all be so real and you would be this charming man,
In a perfect world this wouldn't be so fucking hard.

You never want to look in another direction
Cause she is all you want see, and all you can think of is you and me.

That's teenage lust, mixed signals and heartache.
But that's growing up.

6. The Kids We Used To Be...

So this is the song I write for everyone who I never forgot.
The kids we used to be are all dead, gone and forgotten.
Black eyed boys and bright eyed girls,
Friday night love and Saturday morning regrets,
Summers came and went, but the love never left.

So let's bring back the best years,
Nights spent hanging out not giving a fuck, being down on our luck.
Some people say that best friends stay same, but I'll prove you wrong.

Sticks and stones never broke our bones,
Standing outside our homes watching the sun come up,
5am never looked so beautiful, and feeling beaten and jaded never felt so good.
I can't wait for tomorrow to come around.

I know I can still hear the singing from the basement and I know you can too.
The smoke still rises.

7. Get The Fuck Out Of Little Rock

1 2 fuck you

8. Like A Broken Record

When memories are all you have, all you really have is nothing.
Hanging on to "how it used to be" and "better days".

How can you say that was it,
I'm guilty of this to and afraid to admit
Nostalgia is a broken record and I hate its song.
The days have passed, it's time to carry on.
Nostalgia is a broken record and I hate its song,
Never neglect those times, but remember the new ones.

Stone beaches and drunk love that was my life,
But that was 2005.
I still remember every sight, every smell, every girl,
every fight and every night owning the streets.
But now it's over.

So pack it up and live for today,
The kings and queens of my five years dreams are all dead to me.

I know this is all true because I'm guilty of this too,
But don't hang on just to hang on.

So you drink to forget and love to regret.

9. Shine On

[Featuring Mike Hranica]

Goodbyes are meaningless when you know it's forever,
Endless nights were closing in, never knowing that was fucking it.
I don't believe in God, but I still feel you so close,
A mother, sister, lover taken away to young.
All roads may lead to here, but they shouldn't end so soon.

So shine on, shine on, never forgotten and only missed.
I couldn't bare to see you in deaths arms,

Watching the life being stolen from your body.
The mind is dying but the heart stays strong,

In the end, you let go,
In the end, you gave up,
In the end, I said goodbye.

10. Give Up, Get Dropped, Lose Out

The seaside vultures are swarming as their heroes return home.
They consume off the popularity they might gain.
False praise and fake smiles.

You watch from your closet, your clothes so tight,
And the girl on your arm is just for tonight

Swallow up the false friends, idle chat and cheap drinks,
For tomorrow is just the race to see what’s in next.
Suck the dick of what gets you noticed,
But ‘noticed’ is just another tagged photo.
These seaside vultures ruined my town, my old friends and my ex-loves,
I never want to go out again.

Give up, get dropped, lose out.

11. XO

My brown eyed girl, all alone.
You've been so low, all alone.
I would like to know you,
Rather than have known you,
But I really fucked it up this time,
Two years ago you made me think I was beautiful,
But that was you.
Late calls are never enough,
Writing blind notes to a love I can't see,
This is the life you live with me.
Together we will live forever,
Cold and blue, that's me and you.
Her blue eyed boy, all alone,
He's been so dejected, all alone,
He ruined the perfect love story,
Yet the end hasn't been written,
But he really fucked it up this time,
A year ago he promised her every thing would be okay,
But that was me.
Together we will live forever,
Cold and blue, that's me and you.

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