Dark Lyrics


1. Betrayed By Light

This is hell, this is life living in a cold black hole.
What is left? Dying in a cold black hole.
Take the knife, attempt to feel.
Drink after drink, try not to heal, and end it all. The time has come.
Down & done. Desperate and in fear. For all men sorrow will prevail.

2. Fuck This Life

One last tear, look into my eyes. Weep at my feet, and follow me as I fall. Feel it all.
Don’t approach me, don't breathe.
You’ll see it all, and this moment you will remember.
My last breath, reaching out to you, only in death will I pull through.
Fuck this life. Only in life will I see your face, and only in death will it erase. Fuck this life.

3. Be My Blood

I am not within, within myself. I am not here, here I lay asleep, asleep in someone else. Hopeless eyes, withered skin,
Who is this man that stands before me?
My eyes blind, I can't stay here. In a fog so thick, all is grey.
I misplaced myself and I lost my face. I hate what fills my shell.
There is nothing clear and nothing is mine in this self-made hell.
I am not here, not within myself, cleanse me, rape me.
Fill me Satan. Fill me father, bringer of light, be my blood.

4. Self Inflicted

Love me. Possess me. Pull me down
Twist my effort. Suck me dry. Contain me. Manipulate and blame me. I am beast of the living. A coward in this war. I exist for nothing. Build me up and destroy me, over and over.
Let me in and defeat me, time and time again.
I am weak, barely living. I deserve nothing.

5. Loved And Unwanted

I want to feel your cold heart break.
Everything I felt was true. You never wanted me here. I am realizing why I should have never, you should have never let me in. pull the trigger. Kill me dead. Go

6. We Are Nothing

Die, for the world is next in line. Die, death is a gift. We are nothing to anyone. Our dreams, dead. Our work, forgotten. Just another. "Was", another "has".
There is no bottle strong enough to numb me, no sun bright enough to wake me. No whore’s dead hands can cleanse me of this sorrow. Die

7. Final Dose

Torch lit and shaking. Bent metal, boiling.
To consume and take me far away from here. Curled up. Belt tight. Veins constricted. Anxiously awaiting to be fearless and warm.
Locked up each night. Life is wasted. Taking it all. All is mine. Tyrant, infect me. True love, protect me. Final dose, give me strength. Clip my wings and watch me decay.

8. Weep In My Dust

Ride, full speed into the night and disengage.
To my funeral, I’ll raise my fist up and ride in the night.
I can't hear you. I can't see you. Into the darkness, I will fade. I can't be you, I can see through the sheep locked in this cage.
If you were god, your own god. If you were god, wouldn't you want to die?
Our bodies may burn and the eagle will bleed, but we won't kneel to your feet. We will all die free.

9. Take My Hand

Tears have formed this river, tainted by the blood that stains.
Dead sun leave me. The pale moon is rising. Take my hand and feel nothing.
Watch me fall and say nothing. Starve me and tease me.
Feed me and leave. Just leave. Please.

10. Shadow Of Murder

I wipe the blood from my hands, and wash the surface of time.
I am left alone, empty and dying.
My choices have made themselves and lifted the weight of all.
These dreams cripple me. The pressure pulls me down.
Free, free at last. Freedom from all my past.
I wipe the blood from my hands, and wash the surface of time.
I am left alone, empty and dying.
My choices have made themselves and lifted the weight of all.
There is nothing to fill this void, and tears still pour down my face.
Free, free at last. For me nothing lasts.

11. Embrace Extinction

I became a slave to myself. I will not prevail.
In your eyes and mine, I will always fail. Eyes deep with sorrow, gaze upon me. Eyes filled with fear, stare straight through my shell. Feast upon my worthless flesh. Drown down in my blood.
Make use of my wasted bones.
Comfort and warmth, pressed against my cold hard skin.
Send me forth into oblivion, just for a moment.
Let me rest. Just for a moment, let me rest. Clouds before me. Nothing in the distance.
There are no shadows cast. Embrace extinction. Not a footprint left. Embrace extinction
My eyes are burning, dry and red, no tears left. None for you and none for me.
I yearn to be beautiful. I died in the mirror. I died in my eyes. I died in the mirror. I died in vain. And what for, life or something better?

Thanks to williamhscholl, jason.lamphere for sending these lyrics.

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