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1. The Dweller in Darkness

Deep in the desert he wandered
Three thousand years to this day
The land of Egypt was filled with ancient lore
Of the dark king who rules on his way
The great magician and leader of the horde
Of things demonic and decadent

All where amazed by his grace
Nameless was he the Illusionist
Seeking obedience he tortured everyone
Who dared resist the Intrusionist
He lit the stars in his eyes and one by one
Enchanted kneeled and malevolent

Praise the dark son of Azathoth!
The faceless god of the Bloody Tongue!
Don't fail to see Nyarlathotep
If he comes into Providence
I'm still shuddering at what he showed
He's the soul of the Outer Gods,
The black heart of Yog-Sothoth
And he haunts one for hours afterwards

(The dweller in darkness who rules with his magic)

2. The Church of Stary Wisdom


3. Dagon

The sun is falling behind
The hills I see through my window
I feel my time here is clearly running out

And as I write these last words
My thoughts are too dark and horrid
As I recall my adventure
I'm reaching out to all mankind

During the war
When my ship
Was held captive
I managed to flee in a boat

No land in sight
Just the sky and the Atlantic
Desperately seeking for a shore

Sleeping from exhaustion in the sea
Dreaming of the seabed underneath

One day I woke up and was sucked into a slimy black mire
It seemed like the seabed had surfaced somehow
A vast marsh of black slime was spreading beneath my feet and
Dead fish were rotting under the blazing sun

I crawled into my stranded boat in fear
I stood still – there was nothing I could hear
The vanished sea had only left behind
The rotten stench of death that filled my mind

The night fell and I felt secure to explore this new land
To seek water and food and the means to escape
Once again but this time not from men but from madness and death
And from things that should not walk this earth

My eyes got used to the moonlight that saved me from falling straight into a Stygian chasm
And across I could see a stone mass that was tall as a building and carved with shapes older than man

There a beast emerged right from the depths
Just like a hellish god

One-eyed serpent face, it bowed its head
And made a monstrous roar

Next thing I knew I was lying in bed and
Around me where sailors with a doctor in charge
Their ship had found me adrift in the ocean
And they'd pulled me up
A sorry body dressed in rags

Still I wish all these were just a dream
A grim delusion stillborn in the sea

But when I turned my palms towards my face
I saw dark stains of tar marking my fate

4. Sarnath

Sarnath, great city of the ancient realms
Wonder of the world and pride of men
Mighty kingdom and a pilgrimage in Dreamlands
Your walls were built on death your towers on despair

Sarnath the day they marched across the lake
Frozen were the hearts of all your men
Frozen waters holding death onto their surface
For the stone-city of Ib the end was then at hand

Nothing was spared of the archaic Ib
Except a greenish stone idol
That was resembling Bokrug the great lizard-god
This the young warriors brought back as a loot
A sign of dominion and power
Night it was set up inside the great temple of Sarnath

Taran-Ish the high priest cursed the ugly lizard god
When the sun rose he was dead and the stone idol gone

On the altar he had written a sign
Of the city's impending doom
When they found him fear had widened his eyes
Which reflected the crescent moon

Aeons have passed and the vast spur of land
Around the lake was all conquered
Sarnath grew mighty and learned in the kingdom of men
A thousand years of prosperity, wealth and success was its king
Everyone gathered to honour the rulers of Sarnath

All the fools are celebrating
While the dark lake is awaking
From its depths their doom is coming
Dead lights shine the utter warning

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