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1. Elitist Death Squad

Bound and gagged, awake to a state of confusion.
You don't understand, how someone could do this shit to you.
There's no fucking way, we were gonna just let you talk shit to us, to our fucking face.
Now how does it feel to be less of a man?
How much are your fuckin' scene points worth now?

In this worthless game of acceptance, there's no contest cause you've all rigged it.
Now all hope is lost, a shallow line's been crossed, the futureless and dead, lay at your feet and hands.
You will learn to speak to me with respect or you'll be my slave, you can't spit lies and blasphemy we'll fill your mouth with razor blades and glass...
Razor blades and broken glass.

2. Running The Gauntlet

Swallowed whole, into this false sense of security.
I knew it would rain, like the gods had opened the flood gates.
My heart is racing, is this finally my reality?
Deep breaths, I'm searching within myself, his face like stone, cold hard and lifeless.
The crash, the burn, struck down, my flesh.
I've reached the end, dim the sky, expiring alone, was never in my mind.
My resolve: die.
I suffered endlessly to get this far, no one to make my choices no one to hold me down.
Please blade strike true this night, remind me of what I've become.
My rightful place in time, this crown is mine!
Cold steel rips sinew, the grass stained red, his bones are shattered, he breathes his last breath.
No remorse for his soul, this was my fate, I had to see it through to the very end.
This is what I was born to do: his self made grave.
I'm forever indebted to this legacy.
Taking what life he had left, I discarded his body and left it to rot.
My breath in the morning mist, has never been so pure.
I'm dreaming of a new life.
I am... complete.
Of all the things I have despised, once again... I'm alive.

3. Suffer Thy Nemesis

Sell yourself short and walk away from the best thing you ever had.
I'm here to tell you, it's not where you're at.
Life's full of regrets the biggest choices that came to pass.
You live your life, your decisions effect this knife in my back.
This fucking knife in my back.
What happened to honor?
What happened to family?
I've lost respect for your face, leave my fucking sight.

I'll pick your face up off of the floor and beat your head into a pulp, as you lie helpless, you reach up for my hand.
Does it look like I care?
I remember the sting you left on me: the pain I feel betrayed.
This time I'm done with your bullshit.
Regrets (are) eating you alive, anxieties that you hide, I bet you're better off dead and I have no remorse.
The maggots on his corpse eat through his flesh, to end your suffering: hold your breath!
Devoured: by lust, devoured: by greed, devoured: by lies, devoured: your life.

4. Erasing Your Existence

My love for you is nothing but a myth now, I have died over and over again for these fucking emotions.
Sacrifice is what is bleeding my heart, why?
Won't you reveal your whole true self?
Reputation of lies, legitimate accusations of you, a testament to the strength of despise in an elaborate plan to execute me through you.
Your face won't haunt my dreams, your touch won't burn my skin, your voice won't deafen my ears or belittle my being because now you're dead.

I'll remold this life from nothing, I will arise to a new plain of consciousness above your own pathetic life.
I've found a true place in this world.
I am stronger now, I am beyond all of your fake ambitions my soul burns with the new found strength of solitude.
Now that I no longer drink from your well, I've grown stronger.
I AM stronger.
Now that my blood's free of your poison, now that my heart's cut from your strings: my pulse is harder.
I've grown harder.
You once said: I was your everything.
Now you're my nothing.

5. The Economy Of Excess

Grave, I first saw you alone.
The time I feared has come.
Feasting at the feet of the dead, you've lost your way...it never ends.
You sleep inside of your hollow shell the sun chose to grace you again.
It's just another day to pretend, another way to fit in.
you fuckers, you're in my way, you play my game, you claim my name, you've lost this day.
Behold the truth has set you free.
Crushed by the weight of this monster, this beast, named reality.
Your broken power subsides to my destiny.
You've been consumed by your lust, you've been consumed by your greed.
I've strived forever, all alone, in this hell.
Completing the transitions of life: the truth has set me free.

6. Forged In The Flames Of Malcontent

Constantly fighting self mutilation in a battle of self control, seeking answers and forgiveness finding patience in my soul, but my patience was blessed, by a martyr and with a kiss.
From the degradation of protagonists fueled by everything I wish I could express.
In my forgiveness for everything I can't control, learning to accept my defects, learning to exert control.
Unlearning all the old resistance for something that I never even knew I had.
Learning to create a defense for something I've become: forged in the flames of malcontent!

The weapon is within disseminating everything I've known and creating ways to change habitually the rituals I see withholding my true self.
I feel trapped in a world of endless regret, strung along and on and on.
This regret strung my life along.
From failed relationships: sacrifices had to be made, I reached within and opposed my innerself to overcome fear again.
To discover a sickness solely so deep in my soul that I can't see and uncover genetics, forcing me to be, something I can't be.

Persistence, relentless, futile, everyone will die alone.
Resistance, merciless, exile, everyone will die alone.
Can we get through this?
(I don't wanna die alone) can I see through this?
(I don't wanna live alone) reaching acceptance.
(I don't wanna live alone) accept existence: everyone will die alone.

7. Gorge

This is a thing of legend: I've made my own, you won't control my destiny.
Die for yourself and no one else, don't be fooled cause they won't stop.
Deadly fires, you're burning alive.
I've got nothing else, I'm not the one to be controlled.
My face pushed down, I rise up to one knee, my eyes deceive, yet I still dream!
I found my god in this bottle, destroyed my fears now there's no turning back.
Goddamn this fucking place, I had no chance to cave, these walls are closing in bringing back my pain.
It's all so untrue: how your pride killed my faith.
The biggest lie ever sold, is now a household name.
I've risen from the dead to bring back my own heart.
This is my saviour: my one true friend.
Lies and deceit abundant, I'll break your fuckin' neck.

8. 539

Born into this world I had no silver spoon, my brand new flesh was a life unscarred.
I wanted nothing more than to be like you.
The admiration of the time, savior in my mind.
You could walk through walls (with that attitude).
You could do no wrong ( like your subtle grace).
It's no longer there (you've fallen away)!
Confrontations of rage and frustration have eaten the soul you once possessed the light has lost its luster for now black is your heart.
Your tears mean nothing, your pain is justified.
You're fucking hollow: a corpse looking for demise.
Use your so called vice, does it help you to decide?
A fake for all to see: your true identity

Destroyed my way of life, humiliate this trust.
Rotting in the ground I can no longer ask why.
Exploited all these thoughts, this innocence is gone, purified through violence.
I wish you were never born.
But now you're dead: you're fucking maggot food.
This claim denied, I've become more, more than you.
Life, this pain brings me to life.
I feel that pain tonight, the pain that taught me the truth.
Relived for ever each time I close my eyes.

9. The Cleansing

Shattering every part of me, I can't believe what I'm hearing.
Her leave from sorrow has left me standing: alone, desperate the hours commence.
I know the angels brush her face as I stand here in circle of confusion.
Tell me everything, I see suffering.
Pain, she lived in pain.
Safe, she was not safe.
Breathe, I could not breathe, dawn the darkest dawn.
Lost (forever).
In my heart forever, in my thoughts forever.

Lost control, things just aren't the same.
The change, has left me shaking.
Everything in life has to say goodbye, everything in life has to end sometime.
All I know is what you've taught me to be: this dream won't fad I'll keep it alive with your memory.
Right now, feel this (pressure).
Use your (mind).
Fuck the (cause).
Have no (fear).
Beyond this there's nothing else: feel the waves come crashing back.
Beyond this there's nothing else: sand at her feet now turns to black.
Silenced for eternity: you live through me.

10. Consume The Destroyer

Caught in two worlds I keep chasing this dream.
Am I awake or am I asleep?
It's hard to decipher.
So many choices: irrelevance.
You have to stand for what you believe.
Am I alive am I half dead?
Constant monotony cuts through my head.
Grasping for the future, letting go of the past.
This pressure has consumed my soul and left me with nothing less.
This feeling of uncertainty, break away from this comfortable numb, use this feeling as fuel to escape these chains... these fucking chains.

I haven't really felt alive in such a very long time, but with this growing rage I've consumed the destroyer.
The end is near, I see the light at the end of this tunnel and the guilt rains down, I do not fall.
My fate will carry me.
Now I fear the uncertainty.
Doom crashes down on shelter.
Doom reigns supreme.
Doom kills high hopes.
Doom feasts on me.
I have bled the weight of the earth and it seems a long mile.
They will get what they deserve all in due time.
I have overcome all restraints and those that sway me, will be laid to waste.
No (not this time never again).
Never again no more (I won't stand in line, never again).
It's over!

11. All In Vain

Your being makes my skin crawl.
The friendship we once had fell apart like the empire, you've lost everything.
Integrity is a luxury you no longer possess.
How many more times do I have to hear these random confessions of self loathing acts?
It's a very weak attempt at trying to be me.
Are you so fucking naïve to everything around you?
When you look in the mirror do you see me staring back?
Or is it just a figment of your lust?
Can you tell I'm not amused?

I have no sympathy for the weak, if the weak can't help themselves: quit your fucking antidotes.

Believe in the golden rule, the rule you've turned to lead.
Sick of the same old story, suck it up and be a man.
Nothing revolves around you, who the fuck do ya think you are?
This fake bullshit has caught you off your guard and it's showing more than ever now.
The hate built up inside you is ripping you apart.
Everyone that surrounds you is wiser than you thought.
There must be a separation for I've grown tired.
I've tried everything I possibly can.
I wanted to help you, but you don't want my help.

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