Dark Lyrics


1. Prologue: Nascentes Morimur


2. Kaleidoscopic Inscape

Winding sheet dusty light walls appear faint insight
Grove is asleep shattered lanthorns
Wreath of smoke amidst the wreckage unseen
Where you here with me as it all came down?
Where you too blind to see whither the shadows drown?
Sheltered view a distant strife passage through a passing life
Tenebrous face on the floor up-stretching gaze delirious core
Barren mantles of pining sorrow spread their deadening veils as if it was real
Burgeons of doom grow slowly for tomorrow
Poignant existence - swarming worms you feel
Poignant existence - swarming worms you feel
Swaddle your child dead at birth and cherish your illusion forevermore
Our saviour lived so that we may die
Let's stay here like this
It's like many times before
We own nonesuch bliss
Gargoyles grin beside your door
Made of stone and built to last
They stand tall undying
The grotesque shapes from the past closing fast
Born of memories within
Guardians of our present days
This grim dawn of dying
and as I lay my dreams to grave pale and weakened
I'll be thinking of you

3. Sphere Of Disgust

Your future looms in gloom
Wretched examinate bloom of utter deep decay
Yet another day slips into another night
Where you cannot fight against illusion's tide amidst the ceaseless ride
Constructions whirl and turn
and every bridge you burn becomes an empty space
filled with frozen haze
Speak to me no more, I know your rotten core
We're all alone and die
Reaching for the sky
Your splitted tongue and foolish ways
scream your pathetic being
I'll remain while you're gone
and still you're not seeing

4. Return

On the balcony where you were thought to be
Years ago I carried my burden
Now these times are gone and the things have changed
I have seen the uttermost horrors
On the balcony where you were thought to be
Now I've seen how world keeps turning
Yes, those times are gone and the things have changed
For better or worse - I could ask anyone
Now I'm returning to home of my yearning
Songs I have sung remain this day
Now I'm returning - not anymore feeling longing for you
For I've found my way

5. Datura Stramonium


6. October Rain

The life has fled from your face
This immaculate place where you were laid to rest, all alone
The night is blooming full of emotions storm
Now I'm here for you eternally
You never saw how I felt and maybe nor did I
When you were alive in this pathetic life
October rain washes away all the tears and pain
and you're with me in my embrace eternally
I kiss your naked face, something I couldn't do
while we were lost in life's cruel disguise
The world should praise your looks
I have opened my eyes to see the real you now
They say I'm sick,but this darkness is only apparent
I've learnt to see the beauty
When I'm lost in the night and look into your eyes
I praise the reapers blessing hand

7. Lethean Waters

This poisonlake where I wade
Starving in my desert
Empty room without windows
Forgotten years passed away
Facing nothing, losing everything I once cherished
I tried to reach myself from you but I was wrong
You told me I'd regret it all
Look at yourself now -

8. Merging Into Landscapes

Lost again inside a dream
Not understanding me
Fog descends into my brain
I'm falling deeper now
Walking on alone through the grey
Shattered view escapes my sight
Contemplate just for awhile
I know I'm dying now
Slowly merging into landscapes of concrete and frost
Reaching out for existence inside the sickening sphere
Human experience fading, uniting to nothingness
Inside the nightmareworld, Relentless unfading hell
You may try to drift anywhere outside this world
Torrid flow inside your mind subsides
Connections fade...

9. Dead

I have been dead all my life
and now I know I will never live again
Empty streets follow my way on the road
This dead end that leads to nowhere
I have been dead all my life
and now I am waiting for the second death
Near the end I wished at last to feel alive
But sensation never came
I know the way how to end it all
I know the way
I'm not of kin to human filth
But mirror never lies I must admit
Decline and fall of human kind
Is all I see, all I can find
So fucking many ways to die
Instead of being dead alive
The demons of my consciousness
Lull me to sleep in hollow darkness

10. The Dying Morn

When the dawn of dying cries through the shrines of aeon
Everlasting foul disguise mocked by contrasts disunion
Sudden silence, irresolution appears
All alone passing life
Through forever, tribulation is gone
Your weakened essence has gone out
When the dawn of dying cries through the shrines of aeon
Nothing last forevermore, but the reapers might
Sudden silence, now the darkness appears
All alone passing life
You have fled away much too far
Now it's too late to go on
There is no heaven in the dark
Nor a hell except the one you've lost
Mourning hearts without consolation
We've all failed in cheating existence's fate

11. Epilogue: Nemo Ante Mortem Beatus


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