Dark Lyrics


1. Nocturne

We float among the dismal parade of night bewildered
Between spleen and ideal, tremendous chasms that lie in here
Apollonian harmony, Dionysian demonic grasp
And the night goes on...
Between infinities we wonder alone,
searching for home until the struggle will once cease to be

2. Statues Amidst A Frozen Sand Of Time

Through the eyes of suffering
They've seen it all - the frames of being here
When time draws near and everything is closing
Life has remained the same as it used to be

Shadows are falling onto the plains that always were
Now and then weeping and bleeding again
Towards the nightfall walking in rain that never ends
The hours keep crawlings until the end

Through the eyes of suffering
they watch the end of life now coming
Its icy claws flicker in the dark
When life is through they're coming for you

3. Conditio Humana

There's no words
Just quiet world around that disappears with me
Without sense
The flock of ruin swarms everywhere
With only hollow emptiness inside

You try to speak to me
But words escape to the unknown lands
We're trying desperately to reach each others
But the spaces remain unchanged

Night prevails the sleeping world
While tomorrows become yesterdays on and on
Colours fade from your dying face
And I'll promise to be there for you
When you're gone from here

You try to speak to me
But words escape to the unknown lands
We're losing finally our last hope for living
And at last the pain will cease

4. Aureole

The wind blows through a broken window
Bringing the leaves of autumn inside
As I'm sitting here trying to catch a thought
And try somehow not to cry

It should be easy to start
But day after day it's getting harder
The walls are cracking and it's cold in here
Water comes through the ceiling
But I don't mind

Past are the days when the rays of sun still
Shone to this place forlorn
And this share memory is really painfull enough
To wish they'd never have been

And I'm riding high to freezing atmosphere
Above the lonely clouds
And I will never return
Never coming back for I'm no more

Like brothers we walked the miles through
Unholy land of alienation
Until the dew settled down in the forest
We saw the faces of the dead

I'd never seen what's wrong with me inside
Until I saw the light and knew it was not for me

5. Evershade

I'm alone with you tonight
I can't find my way out of here
The memories we've never left behind
Will come alive this broken night

Through the days where empty quiet rain will pass away
Fading to gray
Wreathe yourself to pale and lifeless bliss
And all will soon be done for nameless grave
I can't see your face here at all
Who are you?

The colonies of useless lives go by
Pleased with their own way to die
Hope is dim and vague in here
Can't even wait the forthcoming with fear

6. Deathbearer

Plae lights are fading for final times in my eyes
For soon I realize I may never awake again
Shapeless figures crying for the dawn
' Cause a cloack of the night has drawn
To make it seem like there's deadends in every way
And the absence of a light of day
Makes the world of a screaming creatures ruin
For a day and night are alike

I saw you there wandering in the fields your final journey
And now when everything just had to go this way
And you're not here with us anymore
I do not know what I should say or do to make it now undone
I just could not know it would remain a last sight
Of you alive

Embrace the endless sleep and let your nightmares go away
When gloom spreads its wings
There won't be another day

I bear it everyday for memories will remain
Struggles within our sight until the coming night

7. Contemplation

Can you draw a line between self and world
And bear it all
For there's dark and cold but you're colder inside
And torn apart
So you're watching the fall of everything around
With your tired eyes
Mocking the absurd from your withdrawn chamber
Where you've buried alive

Sullen seas of emptiness...

Apparently you're free but still chained to the world
Belied with intensions
Take the poison now, let the world explode
And be reborn from emptiness
The only true insight will come after all is ruined and gone
At the final point where nothing is to be undone

8. A Day When The World Started To Weep

A dawn rose slow and quietly from a womb of meaning
Suddenly a barren face of agony was brought to light
And it sang a cry of mankind, heart-wrenching threnody
That grew to immense hights too dreadful to describe
Still we stood with our eyes fixed into the ground
Wishing we could be somewhere far away
And the rain of tears bursted from the skies upon us -
The drowning, while shrieks beyond the centuries
Pierced our souls to the edge of death
The sun became our most dreadful enemy
Our bodies burning, still never dying
Wishing you never were stillborn with us
The starving yearning will be forever
The fading seconds, hours of struggle
The days of anger and years of never
Decades were passed by now it seemed,
'Though we were there only for a blink of an eye
Gaunt flock of mourners were walking slowly
Towards us on our way
Not a hint of a word came back to us
'Though countless times we were asking reason why
Drops of sorrow just fell from wounded eyes
To a frosty ground
Seemed to be we were watching misery of no reason
The sun became a cold twisted mirror
Reflecting terror from thousand moons
Beyond perception, beyond all reason
Shivering with horror, waiting tomorrow
To cleanse our memories, to end our suffering
Seeing it impossible ever to perceive
Momentarily myriad of misery was thrown before our
Suffering eyes
For eternities we've drifted on the seas unlooked-for
And at last as delusion of a lighthouse fills our sight
We witness a loss, running aground for a first time
Must now award the siren's song with drowning praise -
Drifting along vast waters of time, a falling night...
Night fell fast and with storm from a meaningless grave
Tearing all that was left of our hope
Cold twilights cradle became our bleak final home -
The end of all
Our eyes had seen too much to carry on,
But still not enough to ever understand
Why are we born in here
What is our meaning here
Is there anything valueless at all

Juhani Pälomaki - vocals, guitars, keys
T. Kristian - percussion, samples

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