Dark Lyrics


1. Bright Sun

The sun hasn't got any brighter
And the days haven't got any longer
As the time progresses
My heart seems to get emptier
As the day ends with a sad song
I hang my head low
As I walk the world alone
With my feet dragging and my head hung low
As I walk alone in this cold world
Will there be any hope for me to last?
It always seems like I'm going nowhere fast
So as I look to the sky
Only one thing comes to mind
The sun hasn't got any brighter

2. Madre Mia

Madre mia gracias por los dias
Aunque sea que los resto de mis diasseran una pesadilla
Quien desea que estos malditos dias seran una pesadilla
Malditos dias
Madre mia gracias por los dias
I've grown sick of this damned world
Chaos surrounds me
All happiness taken from us
Life has raped us
Fear is taking over
How did things get so bad?
Fuck their love
Fuck my trust in them
Fuck everything that seems right
I hate them
I hate everything
Is the world fucked or am I just fucked in the head?
I really don't know
These bones keep shaking
My thoughts keep chasing
My fears keep coming down
I'm sorry but I can't help but feel this way
My hate keeps growing
I'm sorry but I can't keep drowning
My disgust keeps me going
I'm sorry but I can't stop myself

3. Never Kneel

This land has been cursed
Plagued by famine and disease
The gods are punishing our dynasty
Do you hear the calls of the priests?
The divine wish to feast on human sacrifices
Listen to the screams as hearts are dug from bodies
Watch the blood flow down the temple's holy steps
But nothing has changed
Blood has been spilled
Misfortune remains the same
Conquerors have seen our dynasty no longer be
So we wait for death
It could not come soon enough
Our final breath
Never kneel!
To your fucking christ
As he spreads nothing but filth and lies
Hypocrisy rewarded with a crown of thorns
As the legions of people follow
Legions of people look into the eyes of your god as he dies

4. Fallen

I'm falling hard
Don't worry about me
I'm used to jumping off all the wrong buildings
I always end up face down on the ground
When everything is meant to be broken
Why do we continue with these feelings?
I don't know but I feel so alive
I feel the swelling
Let's just enjoy the moment for it's memories
Let's enjoy the dreams
Cause it's just dreams that I have
I'm falling
Let's enjoy the dream
Cause it's all a fucking dream
I found perfection in imperfections
I found everything I hate
Everything I love
In this

5. Times Up

My body is eating away
There's nothing that can save me now
The more I try the less I progress
Skin and flesh
That's all that's left
Weakened body and low self-esteem
There's nothing
I keep breathing
I keep me breathing
Keep me alive
I can feel it
My time is almost up
The end is near
Each day is a new struggle
A new way to make it end
Each day is a new struggle
Our day is coming to and end
I'm getting desperate and in too deep
Will I make it to see another day?
To see tomorrow?
To see your face?
My future looks bleak and grim
Death is breathing down my neck
Suffering is the only emotion that fills my body
It is what is keeping me alive and breathing
I can feel it
My time is almost up
The end is near
Suffering is on it's way
Today it is the end
Death is breathing down my neck
Suffering is on it's way

6. We Deserve To Die

I walk the town where we once roamed
Side by side in the once stunning city turned black
And the only thing I found was you underground
Now I drown in this bottle
Knowing it will end and I will be on the prowl
Behind the lies we hide
We die tonight
Behind the lies we hide my friend
For both god and I know we deserve to die
I've been let down and I've been breaking down
It is all done
It is all gone and it's dark here and I'm scared
I've been let down
I've been breaking down
Just let me down the rest of this bottle
And I'll be on my way down
Die tonight
I will be seeing you, my friend
In hell

7. Red

Rain blood
May the earth be covered with a blanket of red
Rain blood
May you all die in red
Rain blood
Letting every once of blood drain
Filling the seas and valleys with blood
Avalanches of blood
Crashing down
Leaving the desert hot
Sand soaked in red
Rain blood
Let it all be fucking red
May I only see red
Let it all be red
Dare to see forever
Rain blood
Letting everything bed red
At the end I will stand on the highest mountain
With a grin on my fucking face

8. Obituary

Finger on the trigger
Barrel to my head
Just seems easier if I were dead
I hate you
Left me here to rot
I'm tired of pretending I'm okay
What do I do when everything continues to fall apart?
Questioning how I've gotten this far
Where do I find happiness?
Searched for far too long
I still sit here
Cold, abandoned by the world
Bottle is done
No hope, no fears, no tears
I'm fucked in the head
But no one will notice
Just pull the trigger
Just do it
Life has given up on me
But I won't let death take me
Left with nothing
No path to follow
I hate you
Fuck the world
It's just me now and I'm after you
Nothing will save you
Eye for an eye
Finger on the trigger
Barrel to your head
It would be better if you were dead
I'm coming for you

9. Cold

The world is so cold and merciless
I see it as a reminder of myself
The cold lifeless fluid flowing through my body
I see it in me
Numbs my feeling leaves me with no remorse
For what I have done to myself and to others
Looking into bloodstained mirrors with no reflection
Nothing to dwell on but the thought of causing more pain to others
Just like this cold world
Why am I this fucking cold?
Take me out
Burn me now so that I can feel
No hope for me
Burn me now
No hope for me

10. Spanish Harlem

Llamamos a toda la gente Latina
porque tenemos que pedir perdon?
Por llamar a nuestra genter por no callarnos
en esta miseria por que tengo que pedir perdon?
Por armar me, por aliviar me de esta miseria esto
es lo que yo soy y para mi gente yo voy a vivir
porque tengo que pedir perdon?
Nunca voy a pedir para los Latinos
para mi gente yo voy a vivir
I'd rather die on my feet
Open your eyes
Can't you see?
Can't you think?
Question everything
I'm not sorry for the things I've done
I'm not sorry for the things I've said
I'm not sorry for the things I've said or done
I take the better way
Cause this is all I have left
This is life and nothing can take or break away
Open your eyes
Never giving into the world of sin
I'm never changing
I'll always stay the same
I take the world in my palm and crush it
Never changing and I'm never giving in
Just take the pain

11. Cursed

Let the day of my birth be cursed
Let the day be forever forgotten
Curse this life and this city
Struggling for a breath
Struggling for answers
I roam the streets
Blind with no fucking purpose
Just let it all come fucking crashing down
Why pray on tainted altars
Dear saints hear no screams
Just let the darkness of the night be permanent
This life
Why didn't I die at birth?
This life
Curse it for it's failures
Let the day of my birth be cursed
Let the day be forever forgotten
If only I had died
I'd be quiet
Asleep and at rest
Let the day be cursed
Let the day be forgotten
Let the day come crashing down
Put me to rest

12. Salvation

No longer in your god's hands does your salvation lie
Never getting enough
They won't stop
Ripped limb from limb just for fun
The reaper laughs in the chambers of doom
There is no escape
No escape from you
Over and over hear the screams
In this place you call hell
Look upon the cross
See the three-headed dog
Here is your god
No horned devil here
Only an image of yourself
Play the cards that you've been dealt
There is no escape from the beast
Don't want to leave this world
Not ready to die
It wasn't your ime
Now it's too late
How will you make the journey back?
It's up to the reaper now
No longer in your god's hands does your salvation lie
He has forsaken and betrayed his own
Do what is asked of you and you'll be set free
So much hate
So much love
So much anger
So much hate for the one who left you behind
Play the cards right and you'll knock him off his throne
Knock your god off his throne

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