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1. Furor Antiquus

Antiquitus in cor de aether
Sum solvi nimios furor
Venio infelix tenebricus aethers
Et in terrae esse formae procella quem
Extintio e destruye vitia.
Nihi quid cum materiae ni corpus,
Pervenire furor repentinae
Facies terram tenebricus
Et inceptae inaequalitae sabrina nigrae
Fluvia noctu diuque generare, av cor de aether
Infero in terrae orae, ruinum aegritudo
Xecotzcovach- Pervenire et exhaurio meus oculus
Camalotz- Incido me captum
Cotzbalam- Devoro me caro
Tucubalam- Contero meus ossis

2. Vuch

We shall re-cultivate our vast fields
Eradicate all insolent plague
With the seeds of ethereal wisdom
Numen of pure fecundity
Itzam Na from the empyrean
Fertilize the aridity of all mudane age
And fill of brightness the landscapes of my homeland
I’ll vanish in darkness the valleys of them
As the 13 gods in skies did fall below the underworlds sharp
The dzules Christian way will collapse in the hands of us
The ones with no water over the head
For the wrath of Naxit Xuchit
For the wrath of Canhel
For the wrath of the Plumed serpent
Dzules subdued I deeply inter the spines in Christ

3. In Deamones Imperium

Trans vastibarum collibum
Sonaritis nostri immortalis cantus
Evocitis essentia cosmican
Quam spectat in spatiis obliviis
Quando mortum vulgarem
Sorum vitarum diarorum
Et trivialis Jesus
Mortum sui vani vitarum
Solum ipsa magis antiquam verum
Invaderet in suis illusibus
Intunct realis erit fallax
Et somnus realis
Solum intunct planos vita
Erit passerint per totus entitas
Et extranum dimensios non afflaribus
Iam magis
Erit ruinae suis futilibus mentibus
Solum intinct
Victoria haberet sederet nostra
Et nostra invocatum
...Super suos vulgarem mundibus

4. Carchah


5. Sac Ibteeloob Cab

As the serpent creeps on the stairs up to her kingdom
As she covers the sun and blind small creature’s eyes
As her world fulfil the emptiness
As her empire submit these lands
As these oceans of trivial daily-ness get dried
As the black rain purify us and vanish them
As the immense pyramids of knowledge gets restore
As a throng of our shadows hoist his name aloud
As the full moon shines in the sky up high
As all the last tribes sing their songs in joy
As unfathomable aeons embrace our past
As immortality open wide his doors
As all race open the gate of dullness
As all our clouds overcast their prose
As all I glimpse is eternal darkness
And as I bury the fallacy of God
The perennial battle against the actual human tide
Must never give up.

6. Sign Of Eastern War

Sons of mythic eastern lands
under the vengeance incarnated
Into the battle were fighting
over the blood red landscapes
United by the light that came over the sea
With fire in my eyes
now the moment commends to take
war prisoners for the holy sacrifice
Opening the sign of the nine lakes of fire
and completing this victory
We proudly walk over the mountains of Hacavitz
watching silently like eastern warriors
the winds of pure black hate
That fills our hearts
Is the sign of eastern war
War in honour of the blessed Gods
Gods that awaits the vengeance
which flows like boiling poison
through the veins of every eastern warrior’s heart…

7. Bolontiku Uahom


8. Itzam Cab Ain Katun

I stand with joy over the top of the Itzam Cab Ain
and glimpse
the final halo in sky
the huge sound of the flutes
reigns all over the immense fussiness
flowers get extinguished
my mat is the only throne
The time will come in which be blindfold the eyes of god
Katun for the darken of his throne
The dawn of our matting and the downfall of the races
The glitter of the serpent by far above the wings of time

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