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1. [Rave]olution

Rave'em all
Let's shake this place
We play this shit
Headbanger's dance
It's Xe-NONE's style
Hard mixed force

Back to the beat
Back to the base
Feel the force of cyber-dance
Hit the road
Hit the stage
Feel the power - feel the rage
Do it baby
Jump for joy
Move you ass in Twilight Zone
Everybody in the place
It's [Rave]olution - start the dance

Keep your body moving
Feel the beat of life
Keep your body raving
Feel the force inside
Keep your body moving
Feel the beat control
Keep your body raving
Rave it on and on

It's time to free
The force inside
The force to live
The force of life
It's time to feel
The sound and vibe
Update yourself
Update your life

2. Angels

All shut up! Don't break the silence!
The sleep of angels prevents violence
Blades of angels will protect
Golden billion will dominate

Sleep sleep sleep
My fading world
Handmade angels keep us all
Your mad mad life
Angels still are on our side

Pray for peace - prepare for war
The base of human life is these words
Will to live
Will to survive
Will to rule and to divide

Stop right now
Reflect about
What you ll lose when last war start?
Work and house
Your credit noose
Think sometimes: what do they lose?

Angels of silence
Freedom and calm
Angels of justice
Fly one by one

Keep the silence, cold steel Angels
From second sunrise of innocence
Save from pain and torture, Angels
Keep the peace for human race

5 4 3 2 1 Start the Angels

Angels of silence
Bringers of peace
Angels of justice
World is on its knees

3. Digital Fucker A.D.

Burn down horizons
Destroy this doomed world
The only way to power
Your life is a battle front

One step
To glory
Your blood is full of hate
One step
Next level
Do not obey the fate

Burn down - Demolish all
Nothing - Nothing will not change
The right way to self frustration
Start to play and rape your brain

Inside you is rising
Disorder in your head
No brain - no fear!
Let's bring the total death!

One step
You want some fucking blood
One step
Cross fire
Let's start another war

War! War! A real War!
All you need is a real war
War! War! A real War!
You can't stop this anymore
The War external! Inside!
Instead your raped mind
Remorse - For weak
Regrets are useless shit!

Save your mind
Save your life

4. Decay Dance

Don't fuck yourself up
World is not for us
All is divided,
All is sold out.

You can't hide
You can't resist
Step by step
You are in this list
All alone
No defense
You can't stop
This decay dance

Let's dance, my friend
This Decay Dance
No will
No force
To stop this process
Let's dance, my friend
This Decay Dance
No fear
No fate
And no regrets

Shut up! Your voice is
Useless and weak
One man is zero
We all are just meat

5. Collapse

"Life is shit - I hate myself"
Weakness of sick mind
And now you stand beneath the clouds
In ocean of moonlight
Damn this life!
It's obsolete
Eternity will be my grave
I make my step behind the line
This day will decide my fate

Only one step for limits of life
Darkness blinds your forever faded eyes
And someone cries from outside

Love you
I just want to say
I love you
Wake up and go back home
For me and for you
I watch you defenseless
And blinded by light
I want you wake up and
Come back

Feel the snow upon your face
The last flight is very short
Feel the wind of winter night
As mourning heart it is cold
Feel the last pain of your life
You are headless in your grave
Dreams and hopes
Forever fade
In the pieces of your brain

Floor by floor
Straight to the ground
Eleven, ten, nine
Was It the only way out?
Eight, seven, six
Do you want to return?
Five, four, three
Is it for what you were born?
You saw no difference
Between problems and tasks
Sorry, man
Your choice was so fast
Two, one, crush
Did you want to stay?
In the world that you left
You left only pain

6. [Play]station

Start the game
I've made my choice
Fast and hard
No brakes, no blocks
I'm using my mind
I'm using my force
I'm getting the weapon
Collecting my skill points
Freedom to play
Freedom to be
To be the one who is always free
But I wanna be the same
As the hero in my game!
Think like PS to get a new gain!

I wanna think like PlayStation
I wanna you to think like me
One life
One direction
One way to victory
I wanna think like PlayStation
I wanna you to think like me
Your life
Your force
Your way to victory

Life is like a mission
Day is like a stage
A new state of mind
In cyber age
I choose my model to progress
Life is like a game
The same laws, the same rules
Something i have, something i lose
But if in my life
I want to have more
I should play - I should go

7. Amnesthesia

Don't go
I know you can do
It s the last chance for me and for you
It's easier - destroy than built
One step and feelings are killed

I'm sorry
It was my crime
One step over this line
Love tricks have turned to betrayal
No winners at the end of this game

No, baby boy
Tears are not salvation
Know, baby boy
My soul devastation
Just some advice
And try to believe
To forget is better than to forgive

Was stronger than me
I'm loser - as you can see
One hour and no years of love
One hour - again I'm alone

8. Day Of The Dead

I close the door in the morning
Close as it was the cover of a coffin
Look at me for the last time
Last kiss good-bye
I meet the dead
When evening comes

Up from your high school
Down to the grave
Triple work
Like sheep in the cattle
Life for the money
Or money for life
It's your freedom of choice
Until 65
Corporate life
Corporate style
Every week-day you must die to survive
Pray for your pay
What is the price for your time?
You become dead and your life passes by

Day by day
You become the dead
Nothing changes
Nothing is to wait
Day by day
From eight to five
You stay dead
To stay alive

The evening fell down
And you came home
With empty cold eyes
And empty cold soul
You swallowed your supper,
You crashed into bed
My life with you
Is like a day of the dead

9. Slave On_line

No more reasons, no sense
You lose the feelings - lose yourself
Come and get - switch off your mind
Now you are fixed by drugs on-line

Make one move - and you're connected
Brains are digital infected
Something hides and slowly disappears in the dark
You sink in digital embrace
The child of coming future race
All you get is nothing. Slave on line

No more sense No more feel
Is no dream and is no real
You're caught, you're trapped
Cyber life - real death

All emotions should be killed
You become a half-machine
And you get this magic feel
And any wish become the real

No face, no name
Just nick and mail
You don't know -
Who's on the other end
No face, no name
Is it your best friend?
A dusted image
On thumbnail

Slave online
Life is lost deep inside
Slave online
Make your life digital

10. Heaven Awaits

My sons, your life is short.
End of days is near.
Hear my voice, novitiates
And execute my will
A Sacred place for sacrifice
We find the way to God
Take the cure, forget the fear
And save your soul

Pray, my children
Your Father is the only way to the sky
Kneel before the gates of heaven
For the last time

Time will come
Heaven awaits you

This world was created
Not by us and not for us
Leave behind all that you have
I show you the Golden Path
Flesh to ashes, world to dust
In the name of God
I show the holy way for all
Who want to save their souls.

Hey, man!
I see the times
No faith, no gods, no lies
No sinners, no saints
And no religions that fucks your brains

Thanks to chaos_interior for sending these lyrics.

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