Dark Lyrics


1. Where's Your Faith Now?

Deny what’s happening
It fuels the rage in my eyes
Give to this pressure
Not for the world
So is this ignorance or blatant disregard
Just fake position it tends to make me sick
And I can bear to hold my tongue
A doctrine failed set like security
A note of self construction
Built up to crumble apart
Leach on social divides, leach on all
In the name of religion just set the standard low
And offer nothing but a cost
To hide in fear and pray for prosperity
What do you really believe in
And what good is light if it hides in the dark
Deliver us from our selves
Deliver us from this fate
Believer is set out against believer
Blood of the saints
Reform the fall
If we are the standard, nothing can save us
Neglect so great a salvation
Faithless will you do nothing at all
Bury your face
And try to hold out for rapture

2. Burn Everything

Burn everything that surrounds you
It will profit you nothing but help to
Tear down the walls that blind you because anything would fail in compare to what the soul will find
You say that life is incomplete yet you do nothing
You say you're searching but I thought that would involve yourself
You better believe you can't afford the price you wager
I never knew the stagnance was a means of active help
What are we hoping we will find what is it that we seek
And was the knowledge held but cast aside for self philosophy
Reform is feared by empty means
Wishing this to last
But then the moments gone, we look away
But not to the sky
Burn everything that encompassed you in this life
Its time to search with ultra militance
Tear down the walls that are blinding you
Hell is not our destiny
All that we have is summed up in one choice
This is the apex of our whole existence
The purpose of all life
Its time to search with ultra militance
Because any thing would fail in compare to what He has

3. We Are The Threat

Proved the case and still wrong
Now the lines that are drawn in our lives
Have been made as a front they war from
They lose
Never back down to ignorance
Never back down because of our youth
Live what’s true
Put on strength, leave dead weight
And carry on
They covet but can not obtain
So in the face of opposition
For pleasures their fighting in vain
A war in members
We are the threat! We are the threat!
In a world of mass confusion
We are the threat! We are the threat!
Standing against the seas
Stand against the rising of the tide
You cant fight the wake when your faith
Has been placed in what will capsize
So lay your head on the block
For your truth, for your God
What are they afraid of
Our conviction, their conviction
I know what and why I believe
If my convictions stand a threat to your life
Then it’s a pipe dream
Poisoned minds hide the fact with deceit
You can not change the past by closing your eyes
So what is sewn you will reap
No truth, indecision, lost conviction
Turning from wrong and right
Exploitation is what they fear
So they take up arms and we are in their sights
Your not standing alone at the front line of war
So be not afraid
For your fear is in vain
The outcome was set before us
Though the opposition comes, we are one
So be not afraid
Persevere to the end
The courage that flows through our blood

4. The Wake

Arise and wake
A call out to you Christian
Soften your calloused heart
Hardness shatters with resistance
This sin can cease to pattern your existence
If you'll take hold of it
This is the day of your salvation
Don't squander those gifts of your destiny
There is so little time to make a stand
This is the dawn of all eternity
Don't ever settle for it's all within our reach
Slumber arose the start of decay in your faith
We step back to the bonds that used to chain us there is nothing now to
stop us
So we are the ones in the way
Fix your eyes to the end and keep your focus
What have we done with our lives
We were meant for so much more than this
A cry out for the new dawn
Arise from fear and loathe
The dawn of our awakening
Arise.... Steadfast

5. Decline Of The Western Civilization

Power to rise above strength, ascend to fall
Tower the world and in one stroke forgotten
Build a great federation up to crumble
Buried alive with the weight of our own doctrine
Just to watch the poles change
The filth prevail over our predecessors
Cut from the foundation
Nothing can stand only move towards its destination
Torn apart all nation
To rebuild anything you must destroy from within
Demagogue, to see the truth in your revolution
What are the fundamentals
To rewrite history this prophesy has come full circle
This is the end of the line
What will we turn to when the state we have formed deludes us
This state is no solution
No moral law exists with out a giver
Cut from the foundation
Nothing can stand only move towards its destruction
Torn apart all nation
To rebuild they must destroy the God of whom we owe our freedom
Relive all that was taught
Before life stops to comprehend what we had
Annihilate in one generation
Natural law thrown to the dogs for unnatural order
This is the end not the beginning
Decline of western civilization
This state is no solution
Where will we turn
Save us
This is the end of the line
This state
It can not save
This state it holds no solution

6. Through Dead Eyes

Dead to the world so now the real life begins
The dismemberment of two selves
Divide what can not co-exist
We gave in to flesh
Just to spit in our face in the end
And the abandonment it left you in
Will break what left of your last will to..
Nothing is how it appears
Deny face value
The hiding of truth to control
You'll see the worlds true state through dead eyes
Only through dead eyes can you see
You're not alone when the realization hits
You don't fit in amongst the living
There is one absolute
You will never survive this life
So the resurrected saves
The resurrected cannot die
We were abandoned by the flesh
Dismember, dismember the two selves
Dead to the world, your life is ending
Possessions what you have become
Drown in life or refine in fire
Call to the living
Call out to all who will be dead

7. The Great Opiate

Feed on society
The world as an object whole
The souls of the living
Mass communicate drugged
Rebuild the fear again with hopeless dreams
To manipulate the hope
The sense of reality has succumb to emotion
So we urge toward the glass
Turn to this media like a moth to the flame
Power to control
Control the masses
Marching toward the shores
And they lead the way
Pierce the heart
Pierce to the seed of it with a string of addiction
Bought in cold led to these false ideals with the thoughts of greed
This is not what you feel
The truth is reality
Over extend the senses
Numb the mind
Numb for the feeding its our lives they bleed
Fear our souls
Fear the reverse of the great opiate
Glory we hold to the creator
Beyond partitions, beyond common tongue, to depth of our being, who will fight the wake
Power to control
Control the masses
Marching to the shores and they lead the way
Feed on the world a whole the souls of the living
Not what
This is not what you feel the truth's reality
In the thoughts in the lives that have failed we hide ourselves
Try to find our way
Search for purpose without any end
In the thoughts in the lives that have failed
We hide ourselves
Try to find our way
Know for certain your eternity
In the fear in the pain that is felt
We hide ourselves
Who will fight the wake
Fear the reverse of the great opiate

8. Cry Of Lost Children

All have been forsaken
Who will stand up, fight for our tomorrow
I will take the hard stance
Still shining bright in this desolate black
All have been forsaken
So coalesce, league of the first born
I will take the hard stance
Still shining bright in this desolate black
Some thing is after me
Search and destroy all the lives of the past
And of my generation
We are all the enemy so chose your battles well
Opposition will only betray us
I rise above for the city of lost children
Valuable hearts are forgotten, torn, torn
If I back down for your fear of my conviction
Then we all lose not the battle, war, war
Embrace the one who will stand for us till the end
All are forsaken by the world
We though forgotten are not alone
League of the first born
Darkness surrounds will it swallow you
Or take his hand and we will rise to our feet
Who do you think is going down
When you stick the pistol to your face
And say its pointed at me
So I will stand for all the broken ones
For all the cities, the lost children
Weight of the world is pressing down
But I will press back
I will press or martyr
Darkness, violence, bleeding, lost, fall
We are all
Still shining bright in this desolate black

9. Because The Flesh Is Weak

[feat. Vincent Bennett]

To know the truth and yet to struggle so
To walk the straight line
We place the stones on which we stumble
This is not destiny nor is it trial
Free will is yours to make
So unmask your wrong
Slipping away, a compromise and fall
You stand for nothing
I will stand for you
So keep the edge
Let your convictions never dull
Because the flesh is weak
One life drug free
Search the graves for hope
What did you think you'd find
Not a short fuse that was lit
One for the road
Its your last goodbye
Unforeseen fate of the backslid

10. Fallen Sons

Fallen sons don't believe the glow is lost
Slipped away into outer darkness
Shadow fell while the sleep had you close your eyes
To the will of this adversary
Live this life for your self, turn it over to sin
Never weigh the cost
It will only help to refrain
Reject the thoughts of a peace
Of a compromise
Torn between so don't mourn for this life
Own all that is free to accept the cost the will made is the bind that seals us
Self destruct when the poisoned mind can not think soon to realize who was the cause of all our pain
Strength wont hold out for long
Every ten out of ten that grips to his life loses it in the end
Strength wont hold out for long
Every town out of ten
Break the crutch that cripples, not the edge
Crush the lies and deceit, turn from he who maims
To deny rebirth suffocate the flame, broken promises made to revel ones trust
Abused freedoms the slaves of our own lust
Hard way down is the path when the pride we appease doom is on the rise
Doom will smash the pride to regain self destruction at hand, poisoned minds can not Think don't believe for one moment you won't fail
Destroy yourself
Fallen sons don't believe that the glow is lost
Destroy your self
Don't believe don't believe that the glow is lost
As we destroy ourselves...

11. Salvation

Another modern life
Just a crash course to oblivion
Preview a battered soul's fall
Drowning in the struggle to the surface fades away from
Sight shifts to accord with
Morals won't suspend the dead weight of the sinking
Salvation wrench the soul
Step back into the haze
Or let new life unfold
Eternity, every
The gravity of the unknown
Darkness takes move again
So comes the power to oppose
All will prevail who are under
Another modern life
A wretched life sad and unworthy
A doubting soul
Who can stand in my way
I can not fall one life for all
Steal and destroy
You know I've come for this
I'll rip his soul from him
And I'll take pride in it
Observe the end it's just begun
I'll bruise my heel but crush your face
Alpha Omega
If this is real let me cease to be
If this is real then let me decrease
Holy, so who am I to trample Him
When every moment is a lifetime
And only death is sure to come
Holy, so who am I to trample him
A beauty beyond our highest sight
And only death is sure to come
Death that's sure to come

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