Dark Lyrics


1. Terra Incognita

[Music by Xaon, lyrics by Rob Carson]

Midnight sun
Forever shines
Terra Incognita

A cold tempest arises. A storm so terrible and unforgiving
I am drifting on dark waters. Where have I awaken?
I can decipher blue silhouettes on the shores. Creatures as old as the ice
I can hear their voices in my mind. The gentle giants are calling my name

I am Fueled by Hyperborean blood
Ignited by the North Wind

As the mist clears up, the cold shores unveil themselves
And what appeared to be a forsaken land
Revealed itself as a paradise

The sun is shining on the blessed men of this faraway land
Riding the Aurora Borealis, I've found my Shangri-La

Beyond the North
Beyond the ice
Beyond death
Our life
Our happiness

We sit on top of the world far from our festering land
Our old life is nothing but a distant nightmare
We are home

My body transformed by Hyperborean blood

The curtain falls all is dark
The midnight sun long gone
Was I not awake?
Have I drifted to an astral plane?

The fruity trees have withered the North Wind blew them away
And I burn in agony nothing is as it seems
It was nothing but a dream

2. On the Nature of Flights

[Music by Xaon, lyrics by Florian Jacot-Descombes]

Year after year at the top of this tower
Close to her runway I fell silent on my knees
My face trembling so rapidly
That I didn't need to loosen my mouth

Everything opened inside me, everything opened and cried out

To all the absent ears see me fall on my knees
Free myself from these wicked winds. Memories that don't deserve to be

And I cried 'Mercy'. Have mercy upon me..
Skies adorned by Her breath.. Have mercy!

They told me to get down on my knees..
Please! Have mercy upon me!
Even if Fortitude crowned my heart
Everything starts feeling weary

Maybe nothing is built to satisfy us eternally
Maybe we're nothing but pieces of cloth
Born with fragile fibers and the deadly winds only distend
The numerous holes that we wear. Like the robe of Saint Sebastian

I covered my face in ashes. And I'm left wondering on the nature of flights

If Yours truly walks humbled and blindly. If it too often limps
You will not understand where I'm going to dance...lightly.

I left leaving them. They didn't need to lose themselves
Along her splendid hair, I felt them dying and losing all desire

They will not understand what I have to do
But I'm sure that they'll burst out laughing, when they'll find me under the greenish skies.

Skies adorned by my breath have mercy! Let mercy spread upon my sleep!

I will finally be at the bow of this fleeing ship, filled with plebs of faces with no future
Flowing down this slippery shell whispering. Is there a land beyond this great ocean?

3. Khadath Al Khold

[Music by Xaon, lyrics by Florian Jacot-Descombes]

I laid my head and my body raised through the many holes of my room.
I was faster to gain this freedom than the little flame hanging from my ceiling.
This Thin Light had the chance to suffocate, to stop breathing
Before the coming of this chilling Wind, the arrival of this soundless Breath..

Can you hear the voices of Khadath Al Khold, coming to rape you again
Can you feel the pain as the story unfolds? The Drift will turn you insane

It was a ground so green and so free; a winterless haven
They whispered to me: that the Old Ones left their lands
in order to come and drink a nourishing wine,

As appealing as Blood filled by the Sun's rays!
On this land life slithered slowly
Rejoiced by the caress of the grass they sang, for the black birds.

Like the two crows, they brought me back,
from the shadowed edges of my memory,
the noble and forgotten contours
of this drifting country.

Sliding on the blue blood of the Earth
On the numerous rocky Tops, covered by fine white gold,
I can see the towers sheltering the worrying faces of the Watchers.

Disturbed by the different colours of the Horizon.

As a hot knife slicing through butter,
These voices have pierced through my brain.
I learned that their dances
and their crazy feasts continued throughout the day.

As the darkness rose its aggressiveness,
They would dance oh so Passionately;
And when the blackened bile, that oozed from Khadath's Walls,
contaminated the Sky, the torches were raised!

With Fever, we mock its Shade!
With Fever, They mocked its Shade!
With Fever, we mock its..... Shade

4. Frozen Shroud

[Music by Xaon, lyrics by Florian Jacot-Descombes]

During the third night, the oldest voice
Whispered some fearful words to me
Their Laughs, their dances were the only answer..

When the little children were frightened by the strange
And grim sculptures by the main Gate,
Facing the way paved by cold stones,
Towards the old city of Kadath

Who remembers these tiny and strange jewels
Forged into the Gates of Kadath?

When the hearts carrying
The noble crest of audacity wandered behind the Walls,
They couldn't hear at the same time,
The Wailings under their feet, floating near their hair.
Walking into the belly of Kadath
I don't really know what was the most loathsome..
The Houses had very small windows
And their owners wore Cloaks full of strange scriptures.

Who remembers their legendary trees
That concealed the warm beams of the solar star?

These gloomy and mighty trees, like two aerial snakes,
Twisted around and seemingly married
To the numerous guard Towers.

At night, in the streets,
The only lights came from
The many hands of Kadath's townsmen

Their rings shined with a mad light,
A cursed light that we can find
In the depths of their eyes.

A cruel Ice wave swallowed the landscape
And closed the Children's eyes.
It must've been the words of a mad brain

The complaints, the weeps have been running through
Kadath's streets for a long time.
The Earth has eaten all of these Sounds

On these silent bottoms,
They were half Sleeping.
The words were clear for Them.
In the middle of these small Towers,
The Orbs turned pale
And Their answers... hit Vinland's Shores.

All these faces are erased
I am scarred by the Long Sleep
When I open my eyes
I'm surrounded by cold walls..

..White and Clear as Ice..

5. Zarathustra

[Music by Xaon, lyrics by Rob Carson]

When the time comes and slithers around the singularity of existence
Will you do it all again or finally break your chains?

Am I tied to this fate, a destiny carved in black stone
An eternal recurrence, the universe's backbone
A metaphysical realm, lost in translation
The beating heart of the cosmos. Immutable repetition

As I gravitate towards impeding doom
The celestial bodies shriek
Chiseled over and over by the aeons
In a spectacle of illumination

Nothing feels real
Nothing is real
There's no room for redemption

Feel the oscillation, see the stars realign
Is this reincarnation? What is the secret of time?

Zarathustra tell me the secrets of the universe
Zarathustra what are the pillars of the circle of life

How can I be tied to this primordial bound
Biting my own tail like a bygone snake
How can accept that I have no control over my fate

Force yourself into loneliness
Leave it all behind
Follow the Phoenix, follow the stars
Circle back to the beginning of time

An Empire decays and crumbles to the ground
All is ash and fire
We live to see the cosmic balance reset itself
We live to see the end of time

The trees are burning to the ground. The river blackens the world is lost
The fallen have awakened into the night. The earth is coming to an end
Lose yourself in the wheel of time, wavering in the depths of space
Erupting from the eye of the heavens, the circle of life starts again

6. Broken Anchor

[Music by Xaon, lyrics by Florian Jacot-Descombes]

As I gazed into the eyes of the greenish skies
I finally fled
It happened on the second try
But here it was the first time I was denied
The control of my actions, the command of my path

Before the first time there was a dying blue ceiling
Crushing our foreheads, preparing them
For the coming of the night
Bringing and sealing above our heads

A black lid of iron and sorrows
A black lid humid and repulsive

To make sure that no one will have
The courage to escape

She knows how to bring us to our feet
She lies to us night after night

Alone in this amorphous darkness
The city lingeringly unrolled its confused
Mass of hair, fragile souls wander in the dusty roads
Searching for destinies which will never fulfill themselves

They roam in these in finite radiant strands
Blind and tied until the first morning lights
They wander until the city awakens
And suddenly passes its comb through its dying hair

I hoist myself on top of the towers
And become part of the crown of her eyes

I can still hear her screaming
When she flew away
Fleeing from the walls and sealing the tombs
Where the agitated arching bodies crumbled

When she finished speaking
The hours spent without her mentioning
It was nothing but a worn photo that she was holding
In front of her eyes as behind

All her traits were calling her, screaming

7. I Writ My Hopes

[Music by Xaon, lyrics by Florian Jacot-Descombes]

A ferocious gaze thrown at the fleeing reefs
Won't bring peace into our hearts
The blade is lost, the tears are on their way
But the imbalance is already obtained

When the sand turns blue from your tears
The waves, suspended will crash
Close to your body shining like parma leather
I rolled before sailing away

Hopes and blabber rise on the bridge
But all this water, all these waves
Monstrous surroundings tirelessly entwine
Behind the curtains of our cabins burnt by daylight

This light and water will pierce and rock our souls
Until we lose track of the years spent in the slam

Crystalline spears will create as they pierce us
Murmurs elevated through the cloth

All this fabric is nothing but the fabric of our hearts
And the tip of these spears will unroll the strings with great painful sluggishness

Everything sounds fake
Even our flee through the faraway winds
Appears in its entire falseness
Our escape is nothing but the other side of this hand
Tightening our shriveled organs in terror

When the night will fall by our side
The yellow shield sinking and abandoned
Will grow its staggering impressions of splendor

Blending with the merciless elusive colors
That our intertwined souls will lose on the ocean

Among this nocturnal and glacial wind whipping our red cheeks
This absence throbs in the cloudy void of our lives
While the pale drops start flogging the blued spaces
In front of the shadows created by the rain, my eyes, betrayed, suffocate

8. The Wounded Gods

[Music by Xaon, lyrics by Florian Jacot-Descombes]

These pills helped me confuse thousands of dreams
However, this one refuses to give in, to accept,
To bend it's head over the crumbs and under the pestled rain.
You, like a little voice, under the yellowish skies

I can see your thin shadow flying above me
All was so quiet, my dear, before I heard your words.
Aimless! Endless journey!
And Distress can be heard everywhere.

I can see your sweet lips vibrating like two wings;
The same way as when you tried to trap me
A blue dragonfly was sleeping on the red curves of your mouth.
The warmth can hardly come close to my heart,
Since, I saw your tongue

Vibrating, spelling me your defeat.
You told me what to know about the concept of Beauty,
The blinding, binding beauty of Gold,
The last gift of a wounded god,

Shining Sand is the only component, you said,
Of the Devastating Gold..
And I laughed.. I laughed.. In front of my mirror,
For the first time this year.

Your lips are so soft
Your tears so sour
Don't come back if you are lost

Your old smile looked like
A wounded god facing
An empty temple, silent and blue.

I dream of knowing the secrets of these loquacious flowers
When I walk, stoned, on this green wet carpet
Perhaps, it's really my fault, if tonight,
Pills can't help me, anymore..
If these dreaming hands are so violent that they send me,
Floating, near the temple's stars.

Your tears were so sour
But your face didn't scare me.
Crawling all around me and you,

All alone in your celestial funeral.
And these wounded gods,
Bitterly, counting and chanting about their bruising

Crawling all around us..

Crawling all around me
..and you,

I can see your thin shadow flying above me
All was so quiet, my dear, before you spoke to me.
Aimless! Endless journey!
Alone.. Going nowhere

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