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1. Reveal Your Shape, O Formless One


2. Of Aching, Empty Pain

Twenty years I've wished
To know my place
A hunt for peace
An endless war

Still I ran toward
The throes of death
'Til I felt the warmth
Of her chest

I heave and sigh
And reach and writhe
’Til at last I’m home
And can see her

She looks at me with
Screaming eyes

Calming motions
Gentle sighs

(I am lost), lost
Lost in untold pleasures
(In secret worlds)
Where once we dwelt

Enveloped in her fire
I no longer feel the pain

(Here I’ll stay)
Swaddled in her blazing fire
(I shall remain)
Swinging, swaying
Where she is

Dancing in the darkness
Tempted by her touch
Screams impale the silence

Running carelessly into the fray
Who can make the willful stay?
Can you tell me, what did she say?
That she’d give her life away?

And though I know
Days are dark and filled of woe
May your countenance never show
What the child inside you knows

O ageless fount of youth
The heavens for you sigh
Reveal thy shape, O formless one

For ages have I wandered
For aeons have I cried:
Walk with me, O Winged Mother

She looks at me with
Screaming eyes

Calming motions
Gentle sighs

(I am lost), lost
Lost in untold pleasures
(In secret worlds)
Where once we dwelt

Enveloped in her fire
I no longer feel the pain

(Here I’ll stay)
Swaddled in her blazing fire
(I shall remain)
Swinging, swaying
Where she is

Twenty years I've wished
To know my place
A hunt for peace
Decades of war
Still searching for a soul

I hope you know
I hope you’re there
Where dreams at last prevail
Where fear is met with laughter
Where promise cannot fail

I hope you know
My heart is there
In the damp and misty air
Where still the scent of morning
Hangs softly in your hair
I hope you know
My heart is yours
My angel of repose
My only fleeting solace
Of this aching, empty pain

3. Of Gods Bereft Of Grace

Release your hate.
Revile your pain
Lay down the weight
Crushing your soul

Oh, the well lit halls of my home
Painted by polyphony

May I find some peace;
Solace in this harmony
Built from broken, nameless sound

Colors unseen
Cast from their mouths
Halls once well lit
Dampened and dim

Have you grasped the infinite?
Can you feel the weight of eternity?
Mocking, mangling,
Smothering you with hands that never shake

Reveal to me
Those glorious wanton days

At last I feel
The truth is gripping me

I can scarcely draw my breath
My soul is drifting toward
The valley deep within

Melt my heart o music.
Let flow your stream,
Resonant chambers of rage,
contentment, passion or fear.
Life to ever-sleep.

For only you can strike us with your magic.

4. Of Strength And The Lust For Power

Redeem thy misspent time that is past
And live this day as if thy last

Do you remember the forest before dawn?
When you and I were impetuous and strong
Forming worlds and making legends with our thoughts
Dreaming boldly with a strength that can’t be taught

Leave this place
You are not welcome here
In light of what you’ve done
Oh, my tainted son

How welcoming
Just like the Father who
Resented me from birth
I am not your son

The strength you seek
Is buried ‘neath a reeking corpse
The death wrought by your dreams

I beheld the great Stone city
Bastions of marble rose gleaming above the clouds

I only seek to restore what wisdom was lost;
To champion those who must remain…

You think me mad
My mind twisted and cruel
I admit, my sins belie my goals
But the madness is your own

The power is limitless...
Don't you know? We could bring her back!

One day I know you will let me soar
And then you shall watch in excited horror
As you see all of the terrible things that I do
And you realize, it is only you

I, as well,
Longed for that wistful gaze (I was never meant to know)
O, to know
A father’s warm embrace

I, as well,
Longed for the fresh sea air (All those years I never thought)
I had thought
Somehow I'd make you care

Within me
A bestial entity
Is in control

Destiny no longer belongs to me
Corruption takes its toll

5. Walk With Me, O Winged Mother

Warm drops of petrichor
Stream from the trees
To the forest floor

Try to find me
In the morning mist
Neath the canopy
Where once we kissed
Where I am held by evergreens
With their oaken eaves

I am where
The scent hangs in the air
Where I drank the dew
And met your stare
Where you can sleep amongst the leaves
Dream of simple things

I should have followed you
O, the warm, warm forest floor...
Where I'll dream no more

I felt the outstretched arms of Death
Reaching 'tward my heaving chest
But in the Orchard I was kept
Safe within that thorny crest

Though through the mist the Reaper crept
Row by row, ’til none were left
There I slept amongst (the leaves)
Held silently by evergreens
With giant, arching, oaken eaves

I slept and dreamt of simple things, so trifling
Of wishes whispered silently
Of when I saw her through the trees

O dreams are real until we wake
Beneath this curtain’s heavy weight
The chains of sleep I cannot (shake)
Skies may thunder, Erthe may quake
But never could they from me take
Her tender spirit, the one for whom I ache

6. Through Caverns Old And Yawning

What a friend
What a friend
Has Torment
Found in me

My chest, my chest
A cavern
Wherein he may dwell

My eyes
But shadows
My mind, my mind
A void

Unable to escape
This vile, vile

I shall remain
Purposeless, purposeless
Without thoughts

But what a friend,
What a friend
Has Torment found in me

7. Through Chains That Drag Us Downward

So, it must be true
Few are worthy of its weight
Few are meant to know
What the ancients knew

And fewer, still
Dare to test their will
Few possess the strength
Timid and tame, but I

I would return this race to its former glory!
I have seen the crumbling face of our gilded past;
Wind-worn monuments , of a more glorious age
Mock us with their unchang’d stare

How can we know what wonders came before us?
I long to feel that power which lies dormant in our blood

As they assembled, this gleaming precipice
Reaching high, above the clouds

How many lifetimes would I waste
Trying to reach its top
Clutching its edges, higher still
Grasping at the hair-like roots
That grow out from the cracks
Only to swipe through the open air
And fall again and again
What sort of creature am I?

So I bear this burden
I suffer and I grow
I grow in vision and in fortitude
(I grow with the fire that is my soul)
With the fire that is my soul

I’ll teach the world to speak in truer tongues
To ever strive for better days
I’ll let the visage of this mangled form
(I'll teach the world to strive for better days)
Teach me the value of each day

To spend the full force of our energies
Advancing towards a new and glorious morning—
The genuine life full of vibrancy and meaning—
This shall be our aim.
Let us marshall our motivations
To align with such a high and worthy cause.
Let us set new declarations
And discipline in our lives.
Let the value of freedom
Run through every crevice in our minds,
Through every thought and every action that we choose,
Through every monument we erect
Through the long days and long marches
That lead to our highest selves and (highest) contributions,
Through all the hopeful dreams
Born from a liberated soul.

8. Toward Truth And Reconciliation

O, the biting pulse of my memories
Gnawing the roots of my pain
O, the icy tendrils of the past
Striking my heart with a cold, whipping chill

O, the mountains’ moan,
The cackling of the crows
Singing the forest’s refrain
Winds whistling through
My deep and wooded home

But I am deaf to the sound
The sound which has no name

An Ode to the Feral Heart
The wild one who roams

Without shame or guilt or fear
God and Man at once
The king without a throne

His spirit strikes you with wonder
His words are thick with truth
Like heavy drops of amber
That cloak the oaken bark

He is the one who came before
In whom all powers lie

Flowing from his fingertips
Those warm and gentle streams
The current running ceaselessly
Through trees forever dark

And when you see him standing tall
He speaks her words into your heart:

“I know the place
Where memory sleeps
And secrets hide
It is not far
Or hard to find
Or too ancient to recall”

Heaving my chest
Gripping my throat
Sleepless, senseless
I cannot speak

But the tears stream
Warm, and heavy
With the weight of
What I must do

O, my Brother, what have you done?
What have you and I become?

Can you count the links, one by one?
Of the chain that you've begun

Chains of hate for each man you've wronged
Chains that hold forever strong

They will follow you where you go
As their weight forever grows

Open the gates, O forest keeper
To lost and ancient gardens
To higher climes where few might stand
To souls distant and dreaming

In deep and wooded forests of my youth
The sound of hunger rises
The sound of a glinting blade
The sound which has no name

Reveal thy shape, O formless one
Of aching, empty pain
Of gods bereft of grace
Of strength, and the lust for power

Walk with me, O winged mother
Through caverns old and yawning
Through chains that drag us downward
Toward truth and reconciliation

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