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1. Save My Life

Save my life
Save my life
Let these tears be our secret
You and I
You and I
Once we were so close
Save my life

My soul / feels empty
I'm drowning in my tears
It's pain / I'm learning
My heart / is aching
Got poison in my veins
In hell / I'm burning

It's all / or nothing
I'm asking you to give
Let live / or die
Everything / is better
Than this silent lie
Say that / it's no lie!

I need you to save my life

Save my life
Save my life
Let me feel you breathing
In your hands
In your hands
Is the heart of mine
Save my life

2. Vampire

Dark are the streets, gloom's creeping out of the walls
Dirt comes alive and all the neon-lights call
Demons and fools and a lady of black
She's of the kind nighttime-insomniac

She sees the prey and she's aware
The times are hard but she don't care

She's a vampire
Desire darker than black
She's a vampire
Reach higher, no turning back
Her wings are curtains of the night
She knows no wrong or right

Dead are the places where this goddess has been
Cold is the skin that this creature has seen
Her universe is an ocean of blood
Her dining table the cradle of mud

She sees the prey and she's aware
The times are hard but she don't care

She's a vampire...

The night is blind, the mistress she is calling you
To be by her side forevermore
Follow her until her thirst is sated
An immortal lie, heart blood

Can't help yourself, she's got you paralyzed

So would you kiss the sun goodbye
And give your life to never die?

She's a vampire...

3. Beware

I dress myself in black
In black from head to heels
I take my promise back
Cause you don't know how it feels

No, you don't take me as I am
No, you don't want to know at all
Who is the face behind the mask
I'll be the one who'll make you fall

Beware! Beware! I'll be the one
The one to take you under

I hate the light of day
I'm happy when it rains
The stars shine on my way
But the memory remains

No, you don't take me as I am...

Beware! Beware! I'll be the one...

I am the night's revenge
I've got a soul to sell
And yet a fist to clench
So wait for me in hell

Beware! Beware! I'll be the one...

Wait for me in hell
I'll see you in hell

4. Emotional Man

Watch my poster on the wall
View my pictures on the magazines you store to have them all
Let me be your guiding light
Be the salt inside the wounds of your most ordinary life

Come closer - what you want is what you see
Desire - but you won't dare talk to me

So pure a lie - a hymn for the emotional man
So clean and shy - get it while you can
And yes, what I am is not what you see
Your interest's somewhere else
Your carnal longings make you all the same

Writing letters, sending mails
Offering me your honest interest in what's inside of me
No sins on your mind, of course
Pretend to intellectualize another wasted girl resource

You tell me - you knew what I need
So sorry - for the hypocrite I feed

So pure a lie...

Just a number in a game - you tell me I had a name
Creation of an industry - and not what you might think to see
Glorify an icon's shrine - whose image of me is not mine
Not to save you from your mess - tell you you may kiss...

So pure a lie...

5. Salomé

They call for me
Dance Of The Seven Veils
I have no choice
I'm nothing if I fail

Lonely Salomé, Dancing Salomé
Veil for veil away
Villain and prey

The first veil falls - illusion
The second one - innocence
The third one follows - pride
And four was my way back

Losing my dignity
With every move I make
I'm losing it
The veil falls

Freedom was long ago
With every step I take
I walk away
From this veil

Singing Salomé, Naked Salomé
Veil for veil away
Villain and prey

If there's one thing left to see
That's of interest
Then it's in my chest
The seventh veil is me

6. Only For The Stars In Your Eyes

On a train to Neverland
We are riding hand in hand
We are chasing unicorns
And elves
Chinese dragons guide our way
To the dawning of the day
We will give a promise to

Only for tonight
Only for the stars in your eyes

We are crazy, but who cares...!
To our heaven there are stairs
If we want it to be like
And reality is just
An illusion that we must
Soon return to, yes, but not

Only for tonight
Only for the stars in your eyes

Hey, Give me what I need
Hey, you are what I want

Only for tonight
For your eyes only

Only for tonight
Only for the stars in your eyes

7. Firestorm

Close to the flame
Behind my eyes there is a beast
that longs for you
Calling my name
So if you're brave enough to risk it
follow me
Into the firestorm

Have you ever been inside a flame?
Did you ever play a burning game?
Would you do what I want you to do?
Do you like the way I'm burning you?

There's no need to be afraid of this
Let me melt you with my dragon-kiss
Let me walk with you the firing line
Put your burn onto the heart of mine

(I. Will. Burn. You.)

Yesterday I had a flaming dream
We were swimming in a lava stream
We were watching an exploding sun
Counting sparkles until they were gone

8. A New Age

ll Bells ringing, it's my wake-up shout
I know the way out
It's five past twelve, we'd better run
A new age has begun

Hush, little darling, don't you cry
I am your favour
I am your answer, I'm your light
I'm your saviour

Oh, I know where we're going, I hold the key to our fate
Let's face a new morning before it's too late

See! A new age has begun
I will get you
To a time of brightest light
Empty is my name and I am right

You think your life will bring you down
Just clean up your mind
I am enlightened, I have come
Just to lead the blind

Oh, no tar and no feathers with answers so close at hand
I'll drive you to madness, but that's what you want!

See! A new age has begun...

I am the insect inside your mind
The buzzing noise that you can't find
Over your shoulder, inside your head
I turn the switch from good to bad
Material saviour with bank account
Glad for the bliss that you have found
A VISA-master, cards up my sleeve,
Appreciate what you leave

See! A new age has begun.

9. The Wind And The Ocean

I am like the endless ocean
Carry dreams to distant shores
You are like the wind that moves me
Whispering breeze and roaring storm

Azure is my garden
I grow some seaweed on the ground
I sleep and dream of naiads
And of the sunk ships that I found

I am like the endless ocean...

Through the rough sea's current
My blue heart's drawn to your caress
I'll give you salty kisses
How do you like my glittering dress?

Seawards, seawards
Sail your vessels
Human plaything for my waves
Seawards, seawards
Sail your vessels
'Til my seabed is your grave

I am like the endless ocean...

10. Sisters Of The Light

Follow me through the night
We are sisters of the light
We are daughters of sin
We are laughter in the wind
Follow me through the night
We are sisters of the light
We are wild, we are free
Through the darkness follow me!

I am here to break the silence and
I want you to be the voice of mine

Follow me now

Follow me through the night...

You alone, you can let time stand still and
You create the missing element

We're the fires of hell
We're the deep rough sea
We're the stormy air
We are we
We're the ashes of time
And we are banshee
Through the darkness, sisters,
Follow me!

Follow me now

Follow me through the night...

11. Sleeping Dogs Lie

Night falls down and soon we're all alone
What do you have in mind, guidance of the blind, I feel lost
Lost inside this maze of shame and sin
A taste of sweetest wine, addictive yet so fine, I want more

The conscience says no, all senses yell go,
There's too much at stake this time
The more I deny, the more I commit to this night

Don't tell me what you feel, don't tell me what you see
Close your eyes and stay behind the scene
Any alibi will be one step over the line
Do you feel my pain, do you share my fears
So right even if I die tonight
Will I pay the price at the edge of time?
Let sleeping dogs lie

Time stands still, the room seems frozen now
Two creatures moving in a game of lose or win, right or wrong
Step aside, loosen this stranglehold
May heaven's fires burn the point of no return, sensual thorn

My head's spinning round, waiting to fall, fall for a secret desire
Too far to starve yet too close to breathe in this lie

Gonna make your sleeping dogs fly

12. On My Way

I'm on my way - to the places only you have seen
So far away - show me places where I've never been
Come touch my soul - you're here to fill this life of mine
Take my control - this Midas touch is all divine

I am your light, the keeper of the flame
You are the night causing sweetest pain

And I feel it is real - nothing I can hide inside
A spirit took me back to life again
And I see it is real - forgotten's what I used to be
A new born soul, I'm on my way

To where all dreams whisper your name
I'm yours to take - made in heaven, not in vain
In your dark eyes - lies the suffering of my pride
Look at my tries - to fight this longing I can't hide

You're what I need - got me out of mind
You will take the lead - forever, I'll be blind

And I feel it is real - nothing I can hide inside...

Once I thought this could not happen
Solitary, my soul, now gone astray

And I feel it is real - nothing I can hide inside...

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Thanks to rayzdogs1984 for sending track #4 lyrics.

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