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1. Harrowing Winds

Lost in the translation of these whispers
Spinning around in my head in a vicious circle
It's all I hear it's all I see
Telling me everyone is my enemy
Dissolving the passion that runs through my veins
With every passing hour my identity divides and regroups
Thoughts carry through distressed trails
Diffusing into a doleful calm
I sense the hatred has finally consumed me
Drifting in the still smoke that clouds this dim lit room
A thick film that coats these dirty lenses
Shaping an atmosphere of discontentment and spite
Through the fog a distant shadow awaits
Foretelling the harrowing winds to come
Lost in the translation of these whispers
Spinning around in my head in a vicious circle
It’s all I hear it’s all I see

2. Malaise

The night grows old beckoning this indifference
Suffering an overdosed feeling of resentment
Like a needle filed with grieving rage
A supplement of synthetic wisdom rising from the grave
To breech the barrier of a thousand words I so adamantly spoke
Those vows were the threads that stitched this heart together
The hymns of defeat echo through my nervous system
The choir chants as I fall to my knees
"This isn't what I wanted
This isn't how it was suppose to be"
This oath I betrayed has left a cold that lingers
Numbing these frail bones
Like an infectious scab my wounds cease to heal
My livelihood is the currency for these cheap thrills
My pockets are empty
I've sold my sensibility to keep these withdrawals at bay
Pawning my ambition for a solace that never stays

3. Looming Sigils


4. Ongoing Dissension

I lingered through the night
Pacing unfamiliar streets
Counting every mistake I've made
Neglecting those I love and destroying all I've worked for
I replay every act of desperation
I re-enact every chemical inhalation
As my lungs collapse my life flashes before me
I thought the shapes would fall into place
I was wrong
Solely to blame
I should have rewrote everything
All I have left is a guilty hatred
Aimed at all who surround me
This defeated demeanor
Stemmed from my hauntings
Brought a cruel insight to my isolation
Questions dwell on my conscience
Has my seclusion run its course?
or will I die under the mountain?
Was it for sympathy?
or a test of my indifference?
Sullen face and somber eyes
Cold hands and unforgivable lies
Can I ever change?

5. Endless Haze

Frantically confrontational
An endless haze
Presumptuously inebriated with hate
Edging closer to our fate
Conversing with subliminal dismay
Subtle intent to betray
Inconsequential blather
Imposing will that doesn't matter
Locked in disdain
No solace to gain
Who will be to blame?
Who will wear the shame?

6. Lured By Knaves

Your glass house will shatter
Into pieces on the floor
Fragments of false hope and mindless guidance
I sift through scattered shards of truth and deception
To rebuild from this agonizing waste of time
A waste of my fucking time
A double-cross shake hiding a knife behind your back
Your eyes wandered everywhere else but wouldn't connect with mine
Only seeing what lies in the foreground
Never gripping the essence
Held up by strings
So superficial
We were outliers victims to your pompous league
How dare you try to take this away from me
This wasn't the start and won't be the end
I hope it leaves a constant ringing in your ears
From all the ones led astray by your hands
Lured by knaves
Misled from disinformation
We've been lured by knaves into stagnation
Your foundation is built on lies
The only lesson to take from this is to never trust someone like you
All the stones you cast
Thrown back and shatters the glass
I sacrificed my very being
In hopes that this would all be worth it
Halting my life to pour everything I had into this
For you to throw it out like some sort of novelty
The terror will find you
Your structures will collapse
Only seeing what lies in the foreground
Never gripping the essence
Held up by strings

7. Forlorn

My hands and feet are numbing
As I walk down these unforgiving streets
Spitting out smoke as I scurry further down these avenues of regret.
I feel cold inside and out and lonelier that ever before
I can't recall when all the ties were severed
Nothing but a hazed memory
All that is known is I'm shackled to this misery
Nothing but a pocket full of fire and an unworthy mind
Roaming these wet alley ways drenched in all the tears of my regrets
I'm shaking in this moonlit sorrow
Yearning for a warm embrace of hello or goodbye
But I wander unnoticed on these unforgiving streets

8. Larkspur

Restless irritation
Shallow resuscitation
A sour taste sets on the tip of my tongue
Anger held deep within my lungs
Chapped and cracked skin
Weathered from the piercing wind
Hands withered and cold
Too worn to hold
Lost in the dark endless forest of yesterday
Haunted by every hollow claim
Yearning to rest my bones
To find a place to call my home
Wandering in the pale moonlight
Longing for these wings to take flight
Running towards the forgiving dawn
To learn that everyone and everything is gone
Everyone and everything is gone

9. Amber Glow


10. Into Bloom

There's always an ambivalent notion as I drive away
A second guessing of myself
I step out of my state of being and into these sights I had only dreamt of
Until now
A chance to say these claims with a louder voice
For reflection and growth
To see the world and what it truly has to offer
In a new and inspiring way
All these constants
All of these amends
Left in the gravel we walk through
I've finally escaped to an isolated comfort
Where green blankets the hills and clouds meet the mountains
I can finally breathe in
Lifting the veil that infringed upon my compassion
When I exhale the regrets and restraints I tried to evade for years were gone
With every icy gust of wind I breathe in I exhale more of my cold composure
I claw my way into the belly of my dreams
To run away towards something rejuvenating and redeeming
At the turn of the season I shall flee
To sacrifice my home and wake up to the sounds of moaning freeways and singing streetlights
I'll trade my routine schedule for voyages to destinations undefined
To leave a trail of blood and sweat on the interstate
All to evade the stagnation I call home
An opportunity to bloom

11. Cease To Exist

There was a confidence i once possessed
An ever lasting unity
I foolishly believed we shared
Stowed in the memories you've forgotten
In the space between the words that remain unsaid
The time invested was just time wasted
A stepping stone in a garden you never watered
Rotted roots and wilted flowers
Your arrow sunk low when I let you shoot the apple off of my head
I fell to my knees gasping for life and you turned and faded into the distance
I called for you but my voice was just a faint echo mixed in the wind
A subtle murmur through this void
Left alone to die
Decisions made in vane
It's as if I never knew you
As we cease to exist
I feel their wasn't a moment I missed
Would I say the same for you?
Could you say the same?

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Thanks to stevendelarosa13 for sending track #4 lyrics.

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