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1. Shrouded In Filth

2. Aborning

Awoke with a vicious grin in the phallus entrance, hard from the mother's cries.
Your infant's hands are gripping flesh.
Dying sweating storms, writhing on a gurney, dreams of pleasure burning off in sheets.
No time to sedate.
This harlot must be seen at once.
Protrusions rising from the skin underneath her gut are wearing thin.
Now as your belly is split apart a voice begins to whisper, "I have come for the light."
Arisen in shame, shrouded in filth, his starry eyes meet hers.

"I was borne by the serpent's spleen, in the bearing queen.
I was borne by the serpent's spleen, carried in the bearing queen.
What a sultry world God hath created, showered with our pensions never earned.
What a sultry world God hath created, showered with our pensions never earned.
Fire rains down from the north, carrying plagues and shedding skins.
And thus the beast will lead his minions through the seas.
Covering all of the lands.
He's got the world in his hands.
Solace is all that he is seeking.
Provisions nourishing the son of fallen kings atop of the highest tower in hell.
Solace is all that he is seeking.
One of these days you'll make it through without gouging your eyes out at my sight.
Awoke with a vicious grin.
I am the son."

3. Before The Rise

Lo, here I've fallen with my claws deep in your back.
And with a surly swing, I'll collapse your neck.
I've waded through barren nights, procuring latent sins, without overwhelming myself in such shallow standards.
Lust in patience is beginning to hollow my very core.
Through the thick of the trees I can sense her emotional aura.
Envisioning the waltzing daughter gliding with vacancy.
Consequently this embellishes a feeling I've held in seclusion for an eternal perpetuity.

[Lead: Funderburk]

Amidst the sky is where I lie, biding my time in the still of night.
Bidding to catch a glimpse of your gleaming face, uncontrollably I am sweeping towards you without a sound.
Distress begins beating through your chest as you awake helpless.
Clutching onto such a porous glance, I can taste you on my lips.
I must justify myself to you through gnashing teeth, with the rest of my hidden from your eyes for your succor.

[Solo: Moore]
[Solo: Funderburk]

Whole and swinging in this sanctuary from her feet.
Lust in patience is beginning to diminish in the air, as we breed.
I can see that you're reclusive, with me inside of you tonight.
Tears dripping down your beautiful face just disgust me deeply.
There is nothing more that I can do.
You know of me and I can't have you.
If I cannot possess you, this sacrifice will suffice.

4. Preservation Of Immortality

Here at the break of dawn, I wait secluded from occurrences that stand foretold.
Hesitation devastates me, while the reek of you empowers me to defy my immortal humanity.
So set in stone with these rulings, I can't deceive my father's regulations.
No matter what the lure, I must hold back my strength.
I mustn't bear my teeth.
Inflicting my infectious persuasion to create a wall between us, only failing.
I have but one alternative.
I must exclude myself from the torture of your fragrances.
Wallowing in my hopelessness of self-control amidst your presence.
Fled through the forest in an instant, to take refuge with the genus in the north.
I must salvage myself.

[Solo: Moore]
[Solo: Funderburk]

Here, at the break of dawn, the weeks have passed as days.
My blackened eyes grow weary.
To concede that the words of the prognosticate are truly set, to be an entry into eternity anew.
My hungry eyes shift from black back to gold, as I give myself vigor to face my future.

5. Fetal Consumption

Shaking hands with his left.
Giving you his filthy ring to lay your courageous virgin lips upon.
Feeling so unworthy in this holy matrimony between a brother and a sister.
Caligula said, "Drusilla, we will bring on the fall of this Roman empire."
Caligula and Drusilla conceived a child upon this erection forced by Zeus to bring a destined dawn.
I will guide my hands inside, to desecrate your uterine walls.
So serene is the second that the heartbeat failed God.

[Solo: Funderburk]

I slipped past the guard.
I carried her remains through the fortress like a thief in the night.
Squandering all the promises you made to me, with the blood of our child.
Wake my love.
Where did your luster fade down these desolate paths of our fate?
I cannot revert to a soul bent on sanity, where the walls of my life corroded onto me.
I will guide my hands inside, to desecrate your uterine walls.
So harmonious was the second that the heartbeat fell with God.

6. Mephisto's Will

All of the elements are filled with black, consuming my body.
My preceding visions fade to white and that's when I hear shrieks.
I smell fire engulfing all of those slain before me, with their souls slashed apart.
The weaker discarded, towering above I feel their feet brush my hair.
Virgins grinning slightly as they crawl across the molten fields dripping with sweat, bringing rotting phalluses near.
Here to satiate you as you're hemorrhaging.
Set forth almighty futures.
Release your almighty sin.
The falling of the sky barely tells the end is near.
Mephisto murmurs in my ear:
"Light has fallen my child.
A new day is dawning, as I'm ever spawning serpents that slip down my legs."
Barely brought back to life.
Visuals of the supreme dimly lit in bearing my assassin, as I fall into truth.
Frustration sets in while I'm forced into this escalation.
I'm slipping away into a distant reality, where my sights stretch higher than the clouds of God.
Disgusted by this constant trepidation, I kneel upon these golden steps to heave.
Christ calls "Behold! My crown is dawn!" while the angels flock the skies that burn.

[Solo: Funderburk]

How unexpectedly, swaggering in my invincibility.
Laid on the fall of this retribution in the deficient city, I stand hard.
Emerging from those luscious pearly gates, saint Peter begins to cackle,
"Inside you're nothing."

7. Deplorable Miscalculations

Swept myself away, from the troublesome future I have bestowed upon you.
Cast myself away, from the grips of your demise.
Waiting impatiently for this insufferable pain to subside.
As I walk these barren lands to hide my insecurities, I confide in nothing.
The nourishment won't take me far away from the constant memoirs of you.
Waiting impatiently, for this unbearable thirst to subside.
Ripping through the branches as I sink my teeth into flesh.
Drawing life from the slow (from the weak), sustaining myself.
I cannot withstand a lack of procreating life within the barrage you're allowing through your gates.
Our fold remains to be alleviated.
Swallow the pride of the stand that has forced itself through this brace.
Condemn this need (the wanting; the crave) that dispossesses me of my absence.
I am so loving.
I can be gentle.

[Lead: Funderburk]

Now the sun is streaming pathways that lead against my will, where it's revealed that this was my gravest mistake.
What they told me was erroneous.
What they told me was that you had left this world.
Waiting impatiently for this insufferable pain to subside.
I'll take these legs into a lair of unending flame.

8. Final Devourment

Surfacing from the foul abysmal depths, be at rest assured she will sing to the world in a sweetened harmony, without a falter in her means.
As I bear witness to the flood that's justly pouring from her shawl, I know that soon we will swoon in the wrap of her staggering grace just simply melting from her breath.
She is poisoning us with regret for feeling comfort instead of dread.
She has got the lead and she sees it, lifting her arms.
And just as we turn our backs to flee, wretches tail her out of the sea.
Coiling the running that shapes the flood, where the burdened visions take our hands the blood will fall.

[Solo: Funderburk]

Higher forces please intervene.
Stagnate this army and their queen.
Opening up her chest, exposing prodding ribs.
Swiftly gaining on our tracks, we're wearing out.
Atrocious has become this night of apathy.
Not a cloud lays low to cover me.
Its apparent that our flesh is the destination they'll be feeding on for days.
No one here lives to scream, no one but me.
You sing the song.
We shed the blood.
Taunting us from the girders, our bodies have become the flood.

[Solo: Moore]

We have become the flood.

[Lead: Funderburk]

9. VI: The Exodus Of Autonomy


10. VII: The Descent

As I stand on the edge of the rising tide I am overcome with beauty.
There is a fleeting feeling that takes my legs to fill my lungs with all of the world.
Gulp by gulp the serpent dreams, to decimate my burning wings.
Oh how he effectively detaches my burning wings with a faulty sense of valor.
Lust in the molten soul, here in hell where the visions sing and the streets are paved in coal, I will see you through your feats.
I will save you, a prodigy that's feeding.
Withstanding bows of me.
The breathing of the waves blocks out giant whispers.
I can feel the trembling of the earth in the way that she moves.

[Solo: Funderburk]

Rest in the folly he said.
Cross all of your fingers and weep on.
Cauterized with the poisoned in the deepest of boughs, I will stand proud by you.
I will see you through your feats and I will help you grow.

[Solo: Moore]

11. VIII: Everlasting Damnation

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