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1. Birthing Sloth

Father's room is dark. In precious time our hearts will be alright. This floor is cold. And I'm afraid I am not afraid of conjuring her, back from the grave. Whose are these voices quickly approaching me? "Your sacrifice is not sufficient. We'll need plenty more before you set your sights to her." Wires are crawling out, struggling at my leg. I hear my brother scream as he is consumed like a burning tree. Not again. Confiscate my arms, my heart. I must reclaim his soul at least! This sudden dream is a distraction. A backwards creature writhed in guts, in puss, in a mass of putrid flesh from which it cannot escape. Locking eyes with eyes as bright as the sun, reflecting off of clouds on such a beautiful day. If only this could be illusive. Frozen by the loss of blood, dragging myself to steel. Inching myself to this familiar body. Painting a seal on this familiar body. All's black.

[Solo: Funderburk]

Time is priceless. This bond is unconditional. I've abandoned limbs just to claim a part of you. Expressing sorrow with degradation, pouring from my eyes. Inhaling blood. Blacking out amidst the futile cries.

[Lead: Vail]

Weightless then, clutched in the arms of a giant man, this dream is surreal. Sailing through the gusts of wind from hell. Weightless then, clutched in the arms of a giant man, this dream is surreal. Sailing through the gusts of wind and the rain.

2. The Deed of Elturiel

I am Elturiel, called beyond the gate to serve. Sylvester Alédoe is nothing but a shell. Sylvester Alédoe has conjured me to protect him through a chasm.

[Solo: Vail]

One thousand years of lethargy botched by one's personal misfortune.

"Djinni" he says, "You cannot oppose the words I speak." As if he thought I didn't know the laws bestowed upon me.

[Solo: Funderburk]

[Solo: Vail]

I've swept away hastily with the obligation in my mind. Instinctively, confidently employing my inner eye to seek out this instrument. To seek out this instrument that he accredits to be such a protector, the redeemer of his own flesh and blood.
I've come to the concealed location of the ornament I am to obtain. Countless amounts of lurking paladins. Countless amounts of age old acquaintances. Disastrously bonded to my master's hand, I must desperately carry out this witless plan. Kicking up dust as I disapparate within arm's reach of the talisman, exposing myself to all.

3. In the Marrow

I am Cimmerian Shamballa

4. A Still Mantra

I breeze as but a spirit uninterrupted, to consent with the Hallifalations Behrathas, Aehnkantos. "I stand before you a fleshless temple from Xzorian with the last talisman, capable of the destruction of Uraitahn. You are more than familiar with our compromise. I've taken apart myself to suit you, now just bring me to my eyes." "Give us the talisman! We've transferred more than you deserve. Eternal life to a doltish man is nothing we've been known to do." The seal inside this marionette has quickly come to wither. My last chance at mortality is to devastate these poisoned lands. "Ohrelae untai, ohrelae." The haze within their eyes begins to solidify. Light attempts to breach the sky. The steaming ground begins to break like a thirsting mouth to swallow up their lives.

[Solo: Vail]

The seal inside this marionette has quickly come to wither. I must depart this broken shell to join the translucent. Uraitahn is but a wasteland.

5. Cimmerian Shamballa

Splintering blistered fingers.Chalk smears cake my body white. Sweat perspiring down my face. Retracing lines to tighten this seal. Clandestinely twining with devilry coursing through the night. My wicked enchantments hurl my body as it's careening through dust. Through dust and light I feel I've made it. As my heart climbs through my ribs it tells me so; the specter shows me so. The darkness surrounding is growing as the specter sheds to begin anew. Within it's body they are glowing on through her. Their faces shine fiercely with such deep sinew. This crooked mystery envelops all space around me as the many faces speak as one. "Why have you come here; what has brought you through? Why have you come here; what has brought you through to my domain!" My body falters. I feel myself begin to crumble as rickety noises force themselves from my throat. I begin to form some sense into an explanation. "I need to see this, to feel this, to breathe! To see, to feel, to breathe in your miasma." "Take refuge in the carcass my darkening soul. Albeit by the force of beauty incarnate, do not release yourself into this world. Here your essence is soluble."

6. On the Horizon

7. Part I - Aberration

8. Part II - Beyond the Gate

9. My Carrion

My transience slept cold, waiting for the gate to open, to release my father; to release my carrion. I've fled across lands of ice and fire, in a striving search for the cryptic scriptures that will restore my soul to it's flesh and bone. Long have I waited to meet your eyes; to delve inside; to steal through your mind; to utilize the plans inside.These pages are false. Where is the remembrance of the city that's fallen; the millions of lives given into the creation of this?

[Solo: Vail]

"Oh young and sightless one, you'll never see. You'll never be as whole as we. As whole as we, as whole as we you'll never be." I've swum through years in dreams of light and dust in my pursuit of solidarity. This cannot be veritable. These writings are too passionless. These actions made are too immoral. So you are here eternal savior, with such a voice so passionless. Oh my warm and sweet familiarity.

[Solo: Funderburk]

My transience slept cold, waiting for the gate to open, to release my father; to release my carrion. Beyond the portal to Shamballa is where it lies in wait with her.

10. The Guardians of Uraitahn

In a distant realm where body and soul divide: "We are the Hallifalacious, the guardians of this whole. In this realm where mortality capitulates, we'll feed for eons upon your temple."
Behrathas, Aehnkantos, cease to deplete from this consumption. Welcoming in all thriving flesh. Become ethereal to wander through Uraitahn. Welcome to Uraitahn, the path between your vale and Shamballa. Become ethereal. Carry on.

[Solo: Funderburk]

Deep within the bowels of the Hallifalacious' waste, the fulcrum of a practiced past emanates within my mind's eye. Escape from eternity is borned in my essence. The key to the light is with the guardians. A compensation of legendary dimensions. "Here in Uraitahn, the path between my vale and Shamballa, I have become ethereal. I will bring you the last talisman."

11. The Talisman

Reside in pentacle; invoke the djinni; be secret, stay safe, keep your name; keep your name! End spoken incantation; smoke appears within the summoning circle to which my voice begins to trail. "Only by my will an assignment is formed. Demon, you are mine!" "I am no conjuror of tricks. No childish necromancer without the intelligence to bind you. So carry out my demands, then at my call return to me. Clandestinely make your travels. Bring me the talisman! "Go hence, fetch me the talisman. I will call upon you at sunrise. Once this next day begins I will have a fortune more than fable."

[Solo: Vail]

I contort my energy to bring this bloody servant back to me. "Have you achieved my demanded thievery? Have you successfully attained that which I believe to be the only key in passing through Uraitahn unscathed?" "Oh yes my eternally loathed one, I have reached and have returned without personal detriment. Your will is great, your heart is strong, but in these actions you are but a breathing carrion."
"Beyond this summoning circle you are forbidden, except for by my will. "I have since irradiated. I feel I've assimilated every single necessity to carry out safe passage through the gate."

12. Eternal Translucence

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