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1. Your Roses Will Burn

I admit...
I've walked with sunrise consumers,
Destroyers of beautiful dreams.
A rose selling class,.. banishes,
Breed fear amongst the frail.
Burning,.. the flames will burn your altitude.
They murder pride for money and even souls for more,

They who call funeral visits a time wasting whore.....

I regret...
Souls being stabbed with my knifes of a kind not yet banished.
Invisible, yet not invincible.
Still awake I was put to sleep.
Greenhouse salesmen made my heart weep deep,
And made of me an evil angel who eats your frailty for greed.

When revolutions are calling, you'll be the first ones hanging.

Yet awoken I bring flames upon you in your nightmares.
Upon you a storm for you and your kind.
Fuck you, and your kin,
For they are also damned by blindness.
Fuck you, and your class,
Seek for thyself another life for we are eating it.
We'll eat it away.

2. We Pass Our Bridal Days

(Our marriage?
You promised me warmth, peace and Harmony,
And what do I get instead of the wars and the lies.
Everyday since you spoke of leaving, taking the kids.
Oh, may god forgive my comparisment of you as a Harlot.
Till death did do us part?
You will never see me again, I'm gone, goodbye)

Oh, matrimonial gods of romance,
I took refuge to your throne.
Deceived by the light of your heavens,
I passed my bridal days.
And I collapsed in a forlorn paradise.
Through forgotten fields of remembrance
As the moments of harmony die,
We cry with Ebony hearts of grief.

(They spoke of loyalty before god.
But not gods appearance could bless their lie.
The stars in number, the day's they cried.
Alone at birth, alone they died.)

I move through a murdered Eden,
Under a forsaken sky.
Where our mothers enjoyed our birth,
While they should have cried.
I revolve from need into passion,.. Hurting.
Hurting stubborn passion.

Enamoured spirits dance,
They suffer eachothers enthralment,
In a forever lost existence.
They tear our souls into disharmony.

Tragedy and tears are kings in this world
Day by day... We live to leave.

3. The Art Of Grief

Oh life, forgive the tears that I spend for them,
Fire runs through me as I find myself cursed with you.
These uncontrolled emotions rest upon my shoulders.
When evil human beings turn their views at me.
My shade,
I am in pain
They have banished me,
So I'll banish them....

(Death, the liberator)

I mourn about.....
As I see people move away from life, hand in hand with light.
Serene emotions, the beauty of death.
As the monarch of silence invites me,
Every form of silence becomes sound.

(Me, a visitor from the other side)

Greet me as I visit silently.
I, immortal with a dead heart.
I have become your kingdom.
I haunt to become your sound.
I am not lost.
I'm just no more around.....

4. Frailty Thy Name Is Woman

It's raining now isn't it.
Dark wet rain,.. forever.
The sun is gone isn't it,
It burnt out together with you.
Your hand is gone isn't it.
Gone from me.
The deed is done isn't it.
Done with me and my heart...

So fuck it, let it wither away,
Those days mean nothing to me now.
So fuck it, let it die away,
Leave me alone with my dreams, you frail bitch.

You stepped away, didn't you,
Away from the passion flames.
Your soul is gone isn't it.
It moved away with the games you've played
In This.., A farewell poem.
Frail hearts made bleed another.
But then again I spoke to me.
Oh, paralysed me... I'm free.

So fuck it, let it wither away,
Your names mean nothing to me now.
So fuck it, let it die away,
Leave me alone with my life, you frail bitch.

(Cupido's lie)
Over there they've died,
Our valentine angels.
Aggressive souls chasing every heart,
And to starve it beat by beat.
Now, there they lay with broken wings.
Never to fly again...

Fallen..... fallen.....

We threat romance for wounds,
And wounds for scars.
And we will remember these wounds,
As wars we will never forget.

5. Against All Gods

Before you preach and rape our thoughts.
Hear our appeal against all gods.

On this stage to many wounds were delivered
By tragedy players in lovelorn flesh bound.
Brought forth a tragedienne with bleeding wrists,
Desperately seeking for wounds not yet found.

Bought forth now an angel, crusader of light.
A dark bearing knight for heaven to fight.
This infinite soul, wrapped deep in his grief,
Yet he gave up his Christian belief

Oh come forward men of religious lies,
Show us your face, remove your disguise,
Not to heaven but to those on earth.
Against all gods, against your word.

Our sons have died in your Christian wars,
To bring bible words onto foreign shores.
Not wine as blood, but blood as wine,
Now the Catholics fall, our souls will shine.

Oh god hear our cries, and stop these wars,
There are humans who have lost their faith... in you.
There are children who have lost their lives... for you.
There are angels who have lost their wings... for you.
And what have you,.. in return,.. for them.

And now the time has come for you,
To make things right...
Here on earth...
For us...

6. To Certify Your Eminent (Billet-doux)

Yet once beloved silencers, came to perish.
To undo enamoured hearts of eachother.
With darkness and night in their wings,
They bring silver tears in the eyes of lovers.

And on that sickly Quiet evening,
The devil came to kiss his face.
Deceived him with a terrible presentiment.
And wrapped his heart in lace.

How their hearts were one.
How they deranged eachother, with seductive flames.
They made sacred songs out of heathen deeds.
A forever legend bares there names.

Its so cold without you near me.
I'm so alone when your not here.
I long for my beloved angel,
Please release me from my solitary fear.

In Silence...

In that night I slipped away
To a land beyond our dreams
Where nothing will ever wither
Where nothing ever dies
When I heard you ask me where I was
If I could still see you alive
But believe me I see you still
I feel you still

Through the flowers and the trees
Up to the hills where you can see
The light of eternal peace
I’ve never knew for sure
If we should live after we die
But here I am in this land of magic
Here I am

All those moments when you are hurt so much
I wish I could talk to you
Standing next to you like a shade
In that second before I died
I knew we would meet again
And until that day we’ll be alright
While I’m waiting for you in these heavens
I’ll be alright. I’ll be alright. I’ll be okay
I’ll be alright

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