Dark Lyrics


1. Garland

In this godforsaken bitterness,
I rest with my hands on your hands,
As I am mislead.

Now I dream of dreams everlasting,
Of an uncursed world with dreamland sky.
How I bleed in this social wilderness,
I grow old without the promised beauty.
I grow old without the live that I dreamed of.

Hold me tight,
I don�t want to leave.
Pull me tight,
I don�t want to die

2. The Real

Take your instruments of war.
Burn down your stars.
And create a whole new sky.
Before everyone discovers your lie.

All the fuckers that cast their spell.
And wished for me a bitter hell.
I wish to thank you for your words.
There is nothing more to hurt.
Not your evil and your wicked heart.
Could kill the truth in my honest art.
Nothing else can strike me dead.
Only the creativity in my head.

When the fire is at your feet.
Not a knife thrown yet and you already bleed.
Preachers of reality,
It is all but real I see.
Oh watch over my head,
Cause the bitch of live went mad.

3. Grace... Murder... Divine

I�m breaking down, I�m feeling down, feeling down.
Take it out, take it out, burn me down.
Murder my face, and kill my soul, just let me go.
And mark my name on this monument of grace.

Forget the tears, forget the years, I�m going down.
I�m out of control, a burning soul, all alone.
I�m in here I can�t get out, I�m all alone
Murder my face, let me go, let me go.

Forget the tears, forget the years, I�m going down.
Take me out, get me out, take it out.
Murder my thoughts, clean my soul, let it go.
Mark my shame on the monument
For those who died in flames.

I�m sick of seeing people cry before my eyes.
When explosions make them die before our eyes.
When children die before our eyes.
All their homes, blown away, before their eyes.

4. Billet Doux

Yet once beloved silencers, came to perish.
To enamoured hearts of eachother.
With darkness and night in their wings.
They bring silver tears in the eyes of lovers.

And on that sickly quiet evening,
The devil came to kiss his face.
Deceived him with a terrible presentiment.
And wrapped his heart in lace

How their hearts were one.
How they deranged eachother, with seductive flames.
They made sacred songs out of heathen deeds.
A forever legend bares their names.

It�s so cold without you near me.
I�m so alone when your not here
As I long for my beloved angel,
Release me from my solitary fear.

5. Chaos Spectacle

Oh night deceive the day with your fabulous whores.
Don�t leave us here for one day more.
Send me your greatest sons of war.
To bury me.
As I dreamed of a world forever dark,
And city�s burn through brutal wars.
Where our gods turned out the evening light.
And forever banished us.

On this stage where they hung our beloved pride.
Where the faces of morality have died.
A hall where sons of harlots dance.
On hallowed songs.
You can sing your tunes and hymns of war.
Spread the hate and connect the pain.
As we will sever it again

As I walk through the valley of life and death,
It�s only one thing that I regret,
It�s the way that the gods have left us all.
Left stranded...
There is nothing here but pain and hate,
And a little spark that we call god,
But it�s just for keeping us from not going under.

6. Red

Leave me alone, as I gather my pride.
And see the holes that I forever hide.
I think I�ve seen you in your darkest disguise,
For I am blinded.
I hate the light of your brutal eyes.
I hate the mask on your face that never cries.
I want to burn your face.

I feel the dragon that lives under your skin.
I feel the frost on your heart of sin.
You sucked my hope an dispatched my fate.
So immoral.
A celebration for the separated.
A wicked kiss for the love that died.
As on the cross of disgust I paint,
With my blood our lie.

Once I thought you where sended from our apathetic gods.
Yet now I know that a much darker kin grew your shade.
But be that as it may,
I love you still with my darkest hate.

7. Black Heart

I feel standing, remarkable.
Blessed again, it�s to late.
A dark incision, I�m flammable.
The darkest years,
Scattered dreams.

The night she�s calling.
The thing we started will get us back.
Watch the moon falling.
It will draw me a name.
A face of black hate.

Black star, let them bleed.
Shivering flames.
Black heart, sacred fiction.
Shrivelling my flames with rain.

To see the point and look what�s falling.
Stumbling expecting, I look strange.
Remedy, luxury, tragedy,
Made me free.

I seek your eyes, to excuse you in dreams to come.
Fail to me, and become undone

8. Dark Moon Generation

Hate in unknown eyes,
Executing my trust.
Your humiliating words suffocate me,
Remove me and kill me.
Dark wars enslave us.
Nothing peaceful for us no more.
As we stand here, like always.
All alone.

Spirits stop tell these lies,
Give us our wars.
Don�t leave us herewith nothing, useless.
We lift our hands up for something peaceful.
So don�t leave us here.

Lent to me your heart.
Met me bare your pain.
I�m your saviour today, trust me.
Now insecurity takes over.
Without a word of hope they have left us here.
Fallen... dying.

9. Child

As I see you here a sleep,
Arms wide open your eyes a little weird.
And a shivering on the rhythm,
Of the deeds of a very old man.
I want to heal this life in which you have been,
To wash away the things you should not have seen.
To shoot the bastards in your head.
As I forgot that you are already dead.

10. A Dance With The Insane

It was night in my head and they were coming.
To reming me of the sin that I am.
I was glad and my head felt funny.
I was glad cause you died in my heart.
Al the things that I sad and I did and I felt.
It was all because of you.
It doesn�t surprise me that you don�t understand me.
But don�t laugh about me cause I�m sane and I�m here.
My vicious mind is melting.
Cause I can�t swallow this terrible hate.
Cause I see you laugh about me.
Don�t you fucking laugh about me.
Be the one, be the hate that I wear.
And remind me of it every day.
Cause I will swallow this destructive knowledge.
I�m your trust, I�m your life, I�m your god.

It�s the pain that I don�t want anymore.
It�s in every second I live
And I feel so black inside.
Cause I�m glad that someone died.
(Cause I am glad that you fucking died)

11. Monument

Its not a dream, from witch I fell.
But I know I�m here.
I know why I�m here.
Not a dream, Liberty.
I have one soul, or maybe more.

A million thoughts,
Are flashing through my mind.
And the energy is killing me.
I cannot breathe.
And there�s nothing to hold on to,
But you won�t have to.
To where we fly,
To the end of reality.

Here I am,
Here with you all.
I know we all died,
But I can feel your warmth.
Now take my hands and see,
All the things you should have seen.
To forgive the bitter sins,
With all these bitter tears.
Not far away from me,
Closer and closer it gets.
The pain you feel, Is the pain you wear...

No more we shall cry,
In the lap of our own disguise.
Who will perish from this earth.
But never from our hearts.
For only they have won,
Who are named on this monument of peace.

�What I want I have,
I am heaven as you are mine.
I am god as you are mine,
You are my god,
I am yours...�

Thanks to s.wessels for sending these lyrics.

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