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1. Drink In The Skull Of Your Father

Dark eye sockets grim sneer
Empty astonishment to the sky
Where's the blue light of your eyes
And the wisdom of your smile
Be my heart a lifeless crypt
Temple of the hate
Mercy is dead vengeance is awake
I'll never forget his words

Oath of vengeance oath of hate
Swore on my father's sword
Like a fever in my soul
A dark demon without rest
Implacable fire burns
It's consuming me
I cannot forget
Until the last breath
The terrible words he said
Drink in the skull of your father
You will drink in your father's skull
Like a tree without roots
Now I am dead inside
But to avenge go on my life
I'll kill him before I die
Drink in the skull of your father
You will drink in your father's skull

2. The Quest For The Grail

You are seeking
The secrets of the Holy Grail
Season by season,
Journey to glory
You are the chosen
One who will weld this blade
And will drink the sacred blood

But resurrected horsemen
Black knights of hell
Brandishing the steel
You can kill them you can crush them
But they'll rise and rise again
You have to face them
To achieve the final aim

You are asking
For the secrets of Holy Grail
Ashes to ashes what's the answer
But it's not the time for truth
So long the way
So short your life

Darkness is escaping
Broken by the light
Won by your steel the roaring night
The light embraces you
And you feel a mighty force inside
You've dared and fought
To achieve the final aim
So tired on your knees
Now you are my friend
The path is still long

So frightful the night
The path is still long
So frightful the night
The inner force the wisdom call
The longest road you have to walk
Greatness you will find
Just if you want

But now lift your head
And rise high your sword
Towards the sky
Throw your battle cry
Face the fate
And fortune you will grasp
Feel the force inside
Victory is by your side

3. Dark Centuries

I was born in another age
In the kingdom of fear and pain
There was no light of civilization
Every dawn might be the last for me

Faithful steel was my only friend
When wild wind of war blew
A bright sword a magic shield
Followed me everywhere

Riding in search
Of power secrets
Through volcanic lands
Fighting of darkness
To break the curse

The seventh sword I stole
And the spell was broken
Furiously I ride
Spreading fire and iron
And the pain around me

Burns the fire of the anger
Rises the fury of the vengeance
Blows the wind of battle
Clangour of steel on steel

4. Mother Forest

In the deep of your heart
I heard a whisper
I feel the silent breath of a hidden folk

Mother forest your life
Seems so asleep in the mist
Of your green embrace

The dying fire of Beltane is caught
In the tender dawn
And the falcon spreads its wings
To the awakening sun
There's immediate life between the leaves
Shining of dew
Here I'm lying waiting for a sign

Still in the daylight
He stands so proud
The king of deers
Is ready for the fight
For the fight...

5. Spartacus

Like a wild beast
You've been fighting in the bloody show
Slave against slave
For the pleasure of the crowd
But now swords and tridents
Are for your tormentors
Never again chains for you
Freedom or death

An army of slaves
Follows you to escape
You're ready to die
For your rights

Freedom is dead
Killed by whip of oppression
Now the iron bites your flesh
Now you can see the tyrant
You're spurring your horse
And are running to kill
But iron continues to wound
You can only fall

Six thousands crosses on the hill
Is the tragic
Epilogue of the only just war
Of all the times

Scream of rage for the free man
He wants to break these cruel chains
A cry of war of the wild man
Death is better than the slavery
So die for your rights

6. Foggy Dew

As down the glen one Easter morn
To a city fair rode I
There armed lines of marching men
In squadrons passed me by
No pipe did hum, no battle drum
Did sound it's loud tattoo
But the angelus bells
O'er the liffey swells
Rang out in the foggy dew

Right proudly high in Dublin town
Hung they out a flag of war
‘Twas better to die ‘neath
An Irish sky
Than at suvla or sud el bar
And from the plains of royal Meath
Strong men came hurrying through
While Britannia's Huns
With their long range-guns
Sailed in through the foggy dew
The bravest fell
And the requiem bell
Rang mournfully and clear
For those who died that Easter-tide
In the springing of the year
While the world did gaze
With deep amaze
At those fearless men but few
Who bore the fight
That freedom's light
Might shine through the foggy dew

And back though
The glen I rode again
And my heart with grief was sore
For I parted then with valiant men
Whom I never shall see more
But to and fro
In my dreams I go
And I kneel and pray for you
For slavery fled
Oh, glorious dead
When you fell in the foggy dew

7. Vlad Tepes

Black smoke is rising on the horizon
Like a falcon you spy the line
Eyes cold as iron of a bird of prey
Chaos pushes at the kingdom doors
Listen to their dark drums
Scanning the pounding of
That bloody horde

No time for reason
No time for mercy
Between the fire of war insanity
Only pain in the clash of two worlds
Caught in the storm of the rising hate
The triumph of blind fury
Crushes all the mortal men
So you will fight again

Like a dwarf with a sling against a giant
You can't show mercy when he bites the dust
There's no light of hope in your heart of stone
Because there won't be a better time
Cruel man you've spent your life
Burning killing and destroying without remorse

So leave behind you the forest of pain
Made of thousands victims of hate


8. The Dream Of Maxen

Let him dream on his golden shield
Let Maxen Dream
The Lord of Lords, the King of Kings
So in dream he can follow the river
Rising on the highest mountain
Until the town
Of the thousands towers

When a ship made of gold
Is waiting to sail far away
To a wonderful insland
To a strange castle
Le him open that gate
So he will be in a great hall
Full of light
In this light he'll find
The shiniest jewel

Her beauty he saw in a dream,
Sad sleepless nights
But the time to awake has arrived
Then he'll walk the road
He saw in his dream
To reach his love
And his doom

The twilight of a world
Now has just begun
Let him open his eyes
Mighty lord
In your hand
The broken sword of doom
In a dream you saw you've won
Just till the morning comes

Dream, dream
The deeds undone
But reality will come

Dream, dream
Your glorious days
Your empire a memory in a song

9. La Chanson De Roland

Silence everywhere
The time before the end
Now I am alone
The blow of my horn
Will not break the calm

The cry of the steel,
The sad wail of farewell
The black stone sparks tears
Of anguish in the air
I struck ten times
But the blade I could not break

Oh my sweet Durendal
Born in the deep of the sky
Clear and white against the sun
Please forgive me
I cannot leave you
In unworthy hands

A merciless ocean of hate
Ready to overwhelm us
Only a good death
Remains for us,
Remains for us

If no strength can't destroy you
Invincible sword
Then I will lay on you
And finally hide you from enemy eyes

I strike and strike again
My dance of death in battle
I strike and strike again
Sing for me when I'll be dust
I strike and strike again
My dance of death in battle
I strike and strike again
This sword I cannot break

Darkness begins to fall
And a veil of blood
Obscures my sight
A last blow in my horn
The delivering of my soul

A gloomy moan
Across the mountains
The sound of a glorious end

Wings of archangel
Merciful refuge
There I'll find the rest I need
And in the songs of echo will remain

10. Vae Victis

The town is still burning when you throw your sword
On the scales
You're like the Lord of Hades
Breaking up in the world of light

Awful warrior of chaos
Came from the fog
Of the unknown
With your creaming horde
Of embers of hell

You bring here the terror
You bring here the hate
Destruction and sacrilege
They'll never forget

This is written
With the fire
For hundreds
And hundreds years
Until the wings of
Will be dipped in the blood
Of your breed

Ancestral fear of chaos
From the deep
Of their hearts
Now you are here
Bringer of death

Eternal battle of giants
Eternal battle of gods

Darkness and light
Order and disorder
On fight

Vae victis vae,
A thunder your voice,
Your sword on the scales
Vae victis vae,
Iron for gold,
Humbling exchange
Vae victis vae,
A burning defeat,
An oath of revenge
Vae victis vae,
Unforgettable fire,
Unforgettable shame

11. Ithaca

Dark clouds
At the end of the world
A gathering of shadows
Lost between sky and sea
A life without course
Pushed somewhere
By the wind
The body turns,
Turns to bronze
The heart turns to stone
And the journey seems
Without end
You know
There's a vindictive
And cruel god
Envious father of Cyclops
Along your way,
Your way home
Only a gust of his anger
To shake the seas
To crush the wretched,
Wretched life
Of a little mortal man
So the journey seems
Without end

Sometimes the fear
Slowly slides in your veins
Don't rush
The journey at all
You have to listen
To the sirens song

The last landing place

Lost in the immensity
Of universe
Underneath stranger stars
Maybe flat silence
Maybe roar of thunder
But hold firmly the helm
And dream of home

Beware the gods
Astonished by
Your mortal life
It's challenge to them
Never be afraid
May be flat silence
May be roar of thunder
But the course is written
In the net of fate

Vanni Ceni - Vocals
Mario deGiovanni - Guitars
Salvatore Oliveri - Bass guitar
Lorenzo Giudici - Drums

Ross Friedman (Ross the Boss) - Guitar solo, Piano
Paola Bianchi - Female Voice
Daniele Bicego - Pipe

Thanks to Mimir, harvychrgr for sending these lyrics.

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