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1. Lord Of The Wind

The wind blows strong
Whipping the deck
Black swan of sea fly on the waves
Thunders and lightnings
The dark prophecy
“Bows to the west!”
Said a voice in me

Don't ask me to live in the fear of death
Don't ask me to die on the screw
Better to be food for eagles somewhere
Better to die with the sword in my hand

Lord of the wind
Take me where the sun goes down
Lord of the wind
Over there! Over there!
Lord of the wind, lord of the wind
Take me fastly
Oh lord of the wind

[Repeat 2nd verse]

[Repeat chorus]

2. Under The Sign Of Odin's Ravens

Under the sign of Odin's ravens
Among the flags the wild wind is screaming
And the forest of steel
Shines there, shines there

The hissing cloud of arrows is like
Black deadly hail
Obscuring the sky
Whisper of death
Whisper of death

Behind the shield still we stand
Waiting to fight, then you can
Hear the voice of my sword
Forged by the dwarfs

Follow the sign of Odin's ravens
The raging horde without cravens
Restless heart, restless blood

But if I fall on the battlefield
Merciful daughter of Asgard lord
Make me fly to the sky
To the hero hall

3. Hussard De La Mort

No thoughts about tomorrow
Just the pleasure of the flame
In this night of starlit sorrow
Say a wish without shame

Wine and songs until the dawn
Because we cannot sleep tonight
Sing until the chill is gone
No rest before the fight

Thousand fires in the dark
Thousand lives on that side
In their hearts war leaves same mark
Fear and sadness to hide

Tomorrow we will turn the sky
In the horrid vault of hell
Like a wind of steel we'll fly
Sabre strikes hate's like a spell

Spur your horse towards the fire
In a challenge with the death
Shake the ground in a roar so dire
Glory sound, the thunder breath

Hussar de la mort, never wonder “why?”
Hussar de la mort, dark sister by your side

[Repeat chorus]

4. Ride Of Templars

Riding and flying on the wings of storm
Under the shadow of the “Beauceant”
In the solitude of this sea of sand
Steel may be a good companion

Templar knights come in the dawn
Like a white storm of blood thirsty birds
Breaking in the enemy camp
In a whirlwind of swords

Twenty two against one thousand
Cutting shields breaking bones
Furiously hammering in the bloody mist of battle
Under the red light of sky

Black and white, darkness and light
Death and life, pray and fight
Cross and crescent, evil and good
All this called “Baphomet”

Feel the sweet caress of the warm breeze of dunes
Hear the wail of wind through the mountains
The vision fade away
On the red hot sand
So close your eyes
Son of the northern mist
Awake the knowledge
Light on the torch inside
Man came from over the sea

[Repeat chorus]

5. Innoxia (Vercingetorix)

You can see the silver eagles
You can hear the marching legions
Let fall your sword in the dust
Cause it's time to close your eyes

The sacrifice of your life
Is the only way to survive
For your people, the Gauls, you know
It's the twilight of your age

Then go and meet your doom
Covered with your flashing steel
Ride through the marching legion
Shine as a god

But your name will be written
Forever in the eternal stone of legend
Forever you will ride on a wind
On the ages and the centuries

[Repeat chorus]

Before Caesar you will fall
King of the barbarians
So the Gauls will survive
But no mercy for you, only death
Without honours you will die

[Repeat chorus]

6. Wrath Of North

A flight of fire dragons
And awful storm in the sky
Were the dark omens
That announced the disgrace
The ride of many invaders
Was like the scourge of god
Came to punish
All the human sins

In the darkness of this age
There's no light of mercy
Deep is the abyss
Where the world has fallen
Oh lord save our lives
From the rage of the steel
Came to punish
All human sins

Fight, fight for your life
The northern giants came here to prey
Fight, fight to survive
But the Odin's crows,
The Odin's crows
Will fly away

Cry, cry your battle cry
The northern giants came here to prey
Cry, cry for your life
The creaming hordes you have to face
Cry, cry your battle cry
But the Odin's crows,
The Odin's crows
Will fly away

7. King Of Crows (The Dream Of Ronabwy)

You came here on the wings of a dream
In the heroes age
Little man of a future breed
Sleeping on an ox skin
Two armies are fighting
Before your unbeliever eyes
The crows and the dragon
Best warriors are falling
One by one today

You play a chess game
With the life of your men
King of all the kings
Listen to the king of crows owein
Or no one will remain

Your hands turn to golden dust
The chessmen of that foolish game
The battle is over
And now you are aware
Of your insanity

[Repeat 2nd verse]

8. Stone Giants

The stones rise in the foggy plain
Laid by giant hands
Gave us from a mysterious age
Silent witness of the ancient rites
Creatures of hell or mortal men
Who was the creator of this?
Whim of giants of human force
Only the ancestors know these secrets

Mighty stones for the gods
In a timeless place
Hymn of giants for the gods
Sanctuary of light

The stones are the dark message from the past
Laid by giant hands
The song of wind blows in the night
Voices in the dark

Sacrifice to the gods
Bloody cult in many tales
Holy place for many cults
It rose in the name of the bright god of light

[Repeat chorus]

9. Black Conqueror

The eyes like fiery embers
Smoking nostrils and flowing mane
Untamed steed of hell
Sent by death
This black mount as fast as wind
Will lead you to eternal flames
So furious you are riding
Black conqueror

Fly like arrow
Through valleys and plains
On the back of the demon horse
Towards the thresholds of the hades
Is the dark conqueror end

Through your kingdom you are flying
You are trying to pull the reins
But the beast is stronger than you
Mad race to the burning chasm

[Repeat chorus]

10. The Cave

Foggy is the forest where the idols are of stone
And eternal is the silent where the force rises on
Here in this cave of knowledge force and wisdom I will get
So my ashes fly on the wind of northern lands

Eagle by blazing eyes will be my silent guide
Until the day when the army of just will triumph
Red dragon will sweep away the howling wolves
Usurpers go back to the shores of your land
Thunderous is the night and stormy is the sea
The spirit of the flame will show me the way
Of the dragon I feel the talon
Of the dragon I feel the breath
The king of all kings tonight will be born

Messenger of destiny
I will be tonight
Sent to make our kingdom
In the eye of time
Once my doom I saw
Cruel price I have to pay
Thousands diamonds of pain

A sword and a sceptre in his doom written much time ago
The sands of time will never wash away his immortal name
The ancestral forces of universe will guide us to victory
So spur your battle horse and fight the good fight
The fire clouds of the sunset will rise on the battlefield
The silence of death is going down so gloomy
Victorious the weapons we raise to the sky
The cruel tyrant is dead but I wait for tonight

[Repeat chorus]

11. Thermopiles

Sky without stars
In the house of Hades
Nevermore sun
In the realm of shadows
I know my future
I know my doom

I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid

Doom is written
In their number now
River of bronze
Flowing down the horizon
That is my future
That is my doom

I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid

[Narration: the Oracle of Delphi from “The Histories” of Horodotus]

Oh, Ares! Bitter god of war
Fatal to the men, here I swear
They will never see our backs

Oh Zeus! A last look to the sun
Not yet hidden by the darts, no doubt for the choose
We'll be like oaks in the storm

And when the smoke of our pyres
Burning on the battlefield
Reaching the sky
Then you will know
Which was our doom

We were not afraid, we were not afraid

12. Iron Shadows

Dark was the dawn and biting was the air
The strong wind of death blew in the snowy plain
While the warriors of two tribes
Were waiting to fight for their lives

Hard were the times and cruel was the price
To pay to survive in this dark age
And so blew the deep battle horns
The sharp iron drank blood without rest

They fought as the lions, against the hungry dogs
They died like men, on the blood stained snow

In the fury of battle born a son of king
“Victory” was written on the book of doom
His father game him a mighty sword
And told him: “You always trust in this faithful steel”

When he grew strong as the storm
He went through the world thirsty for vengeance
Until he found the wicked man
And the strong wind of death blew again

They fought as the lions, against the hungry dogs
He won like a hero, on the blood stained stone

Vanni Ceni - Vocals
Mario deGiovanni - Guitars
Salvatore Oliveri - Bass guitar
Lorenzo Giudici - Drums

Nadia Lauria - Second Voice 
Deathmaster of Doomsword - Backing Vocals
Greg "Heavy Load" - Voice of narration

Thanks to Mimir, harvychrgr for sending these lyrics.

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