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1. Terranean Wake I - Tide Of Terminus

An ocean without end torn by the clouds of storm
A distant sight doth freeze my blood

I saw the end
Shatter the dawn
The earth undone
Search in my eyes

As I run for my life
Sea and the skies collide
A shardstorm of the hourglass
Then deepest silence fell

Je vous mets en garde contre la fin annoncée
nous n'avons qu'un jour, tot au plus. Pourquoi
n'entendez-vous pas? De corps anéanti et d'esprit
brisé je l'ai perdu sur de lointaines falaises
Ea malgré tot, mon sermon apporte la divine
vérité épouvantable.

[I warn you against the announced end
we did a day earlier than. Why
do not you hear? Body and soul destroyed
I lost broken on distant cliffs
and even earlier, my sermon brings divine
terrible truth.]

I saw the end...

Vangaurd pariah
For the end to come
Shunned by my kin
Driven through the storm

Le néant s'est approché de trop prés
Hier m'appartenait, demain á la mort
La dévastation est mon salut

[Nothingness approached too close
Yesterday was mine, tomorrow a death
The devastation is my salvation]

2. Terranean Wake II - The Second Coming Apart

Mountains of ages
Part to reveal a scar
That was forever here
And will to never lead

The rupture has come
Crown of parasites
No broken silence
Just breaking apart

We grew into the skies
On forgotten grounds
That shall tear down
Our monuments of sand

The rupture has come...

Grenzenlos das meer des flehens
Am ende der zeit
Geboren aus Wüsten der seele
Und wartenden jahren,

Blind suchend in weihioser nacht
Der Irren Wiederkunft -
Wie wasser aus stein
Nur mehr ein ewiges nein

Es war alles falsch

[Boundless sea of supplication
At the end of time
Born of the soul deserts
And waiting years,

Blindly searching in ???? night
The madman's return -
As water from stone
Only an eternal no more

It was all wrong]

3. Terranean Wake III - Fear Is My Temple

I know no light
And no salvation
I can't remember how to live
I knew before
Now there's nothing
It blackens all

Fear is my temple
Crushing down
Burning me alive
Beyond all hope

I will not run - what for?
I bring my own darkness
Can't bring myself to look at the sky
I know it's no longer there

Est-ce la voie que j'ai choisi?
Tout n'est que noirs marécages
Et toutes ses sombres eaux
Ne pourront me sauver du bûcher

[Is this the way that I have chosen?
Everything is black swamp
And all its dark waters
Can not save me from the pyre]

Fear is my temple...

There dire corridors
Go right through me
My endless prison
Always, me

4. Terranean Wake IV - End Of An Aeviturne

We were waste monuments
Blind vermin and deluded kings

We rise: We leave
Our shattered reign
Undone: We leave
And leave no trace

Forever we never had
We had grain we threw away

Le paysage se désagrége vers le étoiles, s'étirant
comme sortant d'un sommeil millénaire, comme
une feuilie immense dans les mains d'un dieu
que nous n'avons jamais eu. Et enfin je vois...
nous fûmes trop fous pour voir.

[The landscape disintegrates to the stars, stretching
as post-millennial sleep, as
???? huge one in the hands of god
that we never had. And finally I see ...
we were too crazy to see.]

Our fingers fail to hold on
To any morsel nothing shall last

We rise...

Nothing matters given time
Our fleeting towers blink of any eye

There is no atonement
No sense, no revelation
Our Last farewell
Into oblivion

The Doommonger ‒ All instruments (except drums), Vocals
Sepulchralis ‒ Drums

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