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1. Blockhead Fuck Off

You ran away from the brutal truth
This is not an escapade
Blindly ditching everyone else
Leaving them with misconceptions

Why is everyone being so fucking concerned with this fucking shit
We are back, erased your convictions

You're dead
To me
Fuck off
Blockhead fuck off

2. Hollow Roots

Unity all these years
We've been casted away
Thrown away
Covered up by motion blur
Never to return again

Outcast by people who initially had our backs
Judging us with fatal words fuck your roots
You can have it back

Sickened by all the fucking politics
Too much words too much fucking bullshit

No point of venting for this fucking long
But the damage has been done
We're not giving up
We are still standing strong

3. Exit Fear

Woken up by voices in your head, panic sets in you
Paralyzed from the neck down, cold sweat running through
Words start lurking in controlling you

Eyes start turning white, body began to move
Fade off fear fade in smile, consumed with unknown manic desires

Killing spree, body counts, accomplished
What have I turned into

4. God's in His Heaven

Crashed down, dead inside
Soulless, ready to die
Somehow the contentment I felt
Lifted me to ignore death's fucking ride

Placid fades, came crashing down
Kept asking myself why

Why is this happening to me.
My life came crumbling down just when
I thought everything will be just fine
I understand but it just had to happen
My life my sentence my path my goddamn grave


5. Oblivious Mess

Ignorant towards everything
My realization
Moronic oblivion

Here he comes
Obliterating you
Unworldly fucking mess

6. Descending into the Unknown

The great desperate sufferings
Can't you see we've been brainwashed into believing
What is best for our souls again and again and again
Holding their hands
Falling down slowly
Descending into the unknown

Shocked dread cold fear

Stolen truth
Fucking broken hopes again

7. Dead Wrong

Again with the false assumptions
Fucking cut it off already
Still with the false assumptions
You're fucking dead wrong

8. Fallen into Disuse

Clouded by reality
Horrid darkness struck by lightning

Sudden glimpse of desolation
Realization sets in
Forgotten, you're disposable

You have been abandoned

Forever longing
Accepted by the masses
Fat fucking chance

9. The 1st World Syndrome

We are the victims of the fucking spoilt generations
Overpowered by these brats killing old populations
Greed and breed fucking naive dismissing attitudes
Defeated by these fucks, helpless utter poverty

Perverse retards, no sympathy, pig-headed
No empathy
Defeated by these fucks, helpless poverty
Fucking cowards

Badly off, destitute, outcast, prosecute
Badly off, destitute, outcast, execute

10. Shallow Standards

There is nothing you can contribute
Settling for half fuck thoughts just to get things done

Just oversimplified

You are not capable to perform an analysts of our society

The insignificant

Starry-eyed, wide-eyed, artless, half, fucked, facile goddamn bastard
Distort, rushed, view of humans personality

I don't need you to justify what's right

Shut it down

11. Fake Moral Machine

Grab a hold of these bastards
Pretensions fucking benign
Unavailing mentality

Fake moral machine

Remove your fucking mask
You are all the same
Saw your goddamn truest form

12. Forced Siege

Forced, no escape, left to rot

Forced to be taken from your family
War fucking preparation, no escape, dominate

Serve your time, trapped and caged
You have been surrounded
A decade with mindless militant

Suicidal exit path
Selfish thoughts family lost
Cork and triggered sets you free
Time has served, now wait and bleed

The broken man is free

13. Take Aim

Can't you see the enemy within?

Standing right in front of you
The ones that drive you fucking insane
Open your eyes and really see
Who's your real friends enemies

Take aim
Locked in
Triggered, headshot

Fuck you bastards that got in our way
Disrupting friendships, scum in a closer range

Die you bastards, deserve every pain
Here's one for all, I'll take you to your fucking grave

Be fucking gone

14. Still Irrelevant

You're still fucking irrelevant to me

15. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Grind

Apprehension of the countless mistakes
Trying my best to sink in
All that was fucking lost

Memory erasing procedure activated
Blissfully ignorant towards what's been said and done

Truth discovered, doomed to repeat the same mistakes, better off fucking dead

Wake me from my tired life
I have bled once too many times
Should I resort to violence?

Truth discovered, doomed to repeat the same mistakes, better off fucking dead

16. Compassion Is Dead

Why give in and apologize, I am fucking done
Don't expect me to fucking budge
There are no words to die for
Head strong with my bullshit
You are too weak to fight me

I'm feeling numb beyond control

I clearly disarmed of all control, all remorse were left behind
Distorting my fucking values, I will never reconcile
The sins are fucking mine to keep, my redemption is there to find
Now watch me fall from grace smiling while tormented and set ablaze
I succumb to this fucking pain, I count on no one but myself
Living life hanging by a thread, I'm the evil undisguised
Dive into the burning flames is what you ask from me
I'll gladly dive down head first and save my fucking pride

17. Buried the Sun

You've sacrificed my life
Downward spiral to the same old nothingness
Constant grab holds with your relentless self-consumed
You've dragged me to your fucking hell hole, buried the sun

Numb and caged down similar spirals
Collapsing inner selves, rupturing minds
All hope is gone
Non-existence pathway you brought to my life

All hope is gone
You've dragged me to your fucking hell hole, buried the sun

18. Defaced


19. The Face of Disgrace

20. Outworn

Get the fuck out

You still don't get it do you?
You're still wearing the same fucking mask
Head strong towards the abyss
Deceptive fucking casualness

Degradation of your creation
Blew my fucking mind
Your blurred illusions
Killed me one too many times

You drive me up the wall
Straight face emotionless
Extreme fucking annoyance
This shit will never ends
Wake the fuck up you bastard

The outworn collateral fucking lies

This is my last straw on putting up with your outworn bullshit lies
I had enough with the indirect fucking abuse for decades
I am mentally drained from consuming your dead fucking words
Physically numb
It's time for me to go before I start grinding my flesh to the bone
Keep your fucking words and bury it with you
Your fucking time is up
I gave you too many chances, endless, unrepentant
This is what I get in return? Just plain mind-fuck sufferings
Racked with pain, miserable, fear, outrage
This is the end of me, longing for the end of you
Here are my last fucking words
I wish, death upon your existence
You are forever obsolete
You are forever fucking dead to me


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