Dark Lyrics


1. Lost Swines

Rot you fucking swine
Acting mindless violence
Forever in fear
Self suffocation
Taking on own lifes
Die for your country?
Fuck you lost swines

2. Exterminate

Killing and exterminate
Darkest thoughts are not enough
Hate we feed are all diseased
Cause of death by all this shit

Feel the darkness depression
Get out from your boundaries you piece of shit
Acting violence just for attention
We don't need to witness your mindless shit
Self intoxication
There is no fucking future your monkey brain
Feel the fucking darkness depression now

Build your hate, exterminate, pitful creep, been abused
Exterminate is what we fucking need
Intoxication for all the fucking deseased


3. Double-Feeding

Providing a fucked up gun
Worthless killings tons of flaws
Elaborate the do's and dont's
Weapon for the killing spree
With a fucked up shit like this
We will be blown by enemies

During wars. Faulty weapon. Asking for help.
You should be fucking dead by then

Stupid step on recovering your gun
There is no goddamn way
You are fucking done

Double feeding
There goes your fucking life

4. Born Stupid

Give it a break it is nothing new
So much hate fuck you
Why the wrath just co-orperate born stupid

Give it a break, broken minds
It is nothing new, fuck your rights
So much hate, lies or die?

A little more competition
What is the harm with criticism

You stupid fuck shall be impaled
Narrow minded shit will be leff to rot

Underground is dead in this fucking world
We do not need to hear your self-believing shit
You should be the one for us to compete
We will destroy you, fuck your thoughts
Who are you to fucking judge me

5. Sledgehammer

Hammering you fucking face
Grinding on your fucking brains

6. So Fierce For Fuck!?

So fierce for fuck1?

7. Dis-Appointing

8. Good Times

9. Freedom To Act

Wait for fuck!? Freedom to act
Greedy corporate whores
Technology evolves
Corruption unleashed
Start the fucking grinding spree

Freedom to act

Suffering shall come from my hand
I am my fucking own disaster

Freedom to...

10. Indonesia

Unite as one
Appreciate, highness feast
Careless fucks, punk at heart

Diy till die, in a 3rd world nation
Respect overloaded, they deserve to rise
Quality humanity is what the world should fucking be

Memories that we had
Fuck the rest, you all the best

You drunken fucks, we shall meet again
Unity once more, grind to the fucking core

Unite, as one

11. Shitlack

12. Condemnation

13. One Round Away

You just need to get a grip
Feel the cold sweat pouring down
One round away in your face
Exaggerated explosive, killing all humanity
Spend the day in fucking misery
Fuck this shit just pull the trigger now

Deafening and suffering, death
Back blast has ruptured my brain

One round away, back blast clear
We do not mess with this bullshit

14. Fuck... I'm Drunk!

15. Operation Grindcore

The political pigs
Consuming mankind's trust

Operation, grindcore

What the fuck were you thinking
Trying to get rich quick
Brain-washing feast
End this fucking horrid machine


16. Rich

[Yeah Yeah Yeahs Cover]

17. Overgrown Asshole

Grostesque ways domination
Heading for a genocide tribal war
From a mindless overgrown fucking asshole
You stupid bastards

Fuck all veterans of war
Starters of inhumanity
Nothing else but born to kill
Risking life abandoned family to death
What an asshole these veterans are

Mental struck by nature
Why don't the just die

18. Blasphemy My Ass

Human error, self caged incubators
Blasphemic whores, frequent masterbators

Mass confusion, filthy horrid fucks
Blasphemous outlook, the stench of evil sucks

Slaughter, engorged the smouldering flesh

Satanic cult, grotesque crucifix
Entertaining fucks,
What a bunch of fucking dicks

Spikes or die, crucified, pussified
Evil for fuck!?

19. Fix Your Broken Mind

Fuck your stupidity
Poser fuck with fashion freaks
Bullshit visionary
Hiding from reality

Terminate at all cause
Speciment of hate

Grotesque breed poisoned our mind
The creators are dead
But the trend is left behind

Blast those fucks, end this shit
Ruptured mind shall be deseased

20. Newkiller Nuclear

21. Uncovered and Proud as Fuck

22. Murder

23. Scum Infestation And Last Song

Scum infestation
Natural catastrophe
Is this what we really fucking need

Squeeling and shit
Trying to be grim
Mindless fucking chicks
All around

Trendy wankers squeeling spree
Fuck your scene, outcast society


Getting caught up in the wrong crowd
Spreading violence future freaks
Wasting away, will it change, cannot be replace
The human waste

What the fuck are you thinking?
We dont give a fucking shit

All the shit we have been through
Timeless act we have made it through
You have not seen the history of us
Going through rough time, innerself decline
The power of grind mind, we still unite
You all can fuckoff now

Time has passed, still standing strong

Time has passed, we have made it through
Stuck in time? Well fuck you
Fuck your views, fuck you too
Grinding again, it will never ends

Time has passed still standing strong

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