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1. Point Of No Return

[Lyrics: Dablqvist]

Restlessly searching for eternity
An eternity not to be found
As soon as the pages will turn
The image will begin to fade
I’m drowning in a river of lies
Who am I to believe in victory?
After years of patient waiting
I fall asleep no to wake again

Raging through the winter storms
A heart filled with despair
I rise to race my final quest
With powers unknown to me
Challenging my only faith
Questioning the feelings I have left
This is the final time of action
This is the point of no return

Between nothingness and eternity
I see the point of no return
In an unconscious state of mind
I reach the point of no return

Watching the face of the earth
Through the window of heaven
I want to scream in agony
But my voice cannot be heard
Within the eye of the beholder
Lies the truth that can’t be told
Beyond the clouded skies of white
Lies the point of no return

Torn away from what used to be
Determined to be the one to achieve
Enchantment by the way of reality
How everything can turn to stone
What I did and what I’m doing
Is as different as night and day
The only thing I see, which is certain
Is the point of no return

2. Window Of Heaven


3. Mirrors Of Contempt

[Lyrics: Dablqvist]

As long time passes
A blackened shadow rise
In a broken world
In remembrance of the past
Reflection of remains
Seems unknown to creation
Segregation of few
Fills the lines of many

The silence that surrounds
Keeps them all awake
In this time of resurrection
It’s all a give-and-take
They’re trying to believe
That true words are spoken
Those spoken words
It’s hard to believe

The strength of thousands, still hold the eruption
In a world, reflected by the mirrors of contempt
Along the visual path, lies an isle of disbelief
In a world reflected by the mirrors of contempt

Can you see your own reflection
In the corner of your eye?
A shade of painted pictures
All just floating by
With forbidden eyes to see
What’s going on inside?
A ship is built of hope
Built to carry lies

As only light of day is present
In the world, reflected by the mirrors of contempt
Minutes turn to hours, hours into days
In the world, reflected by the mirrors of contempt

4. Dreamweaver

[Lyrics: Dablqvist]

The last step taken
To enter the void
The emptiness in between
Start to fade away
Into the unknown
A landscape yet unseen

I lie, I’ll sleep
I meet the weaver of dreams
I fall, beneath
I meet the weaver of dreams

An image of memories
Float before my eyes
A flash then descending light
What I try to accomplish
I cannot fulfill
A blessing in disguise

I lie, I’ll sleep
I meet the weaver of dreams
I fall, beneath
I’ve never fallen before
The end, complete
I meet the weaver of dreams

I tried to see what I wanted to see
The things that came out of reality
I lose the handles, I let all systems go
I’m waking up but there’s no
Easy way out if this hell that I’m in

5. Another World

[Lyrics: Heder]

The captures animal, the unborn child
Living in an unknown world
An ocean pictures at a distance
Their own world is all they know
Captures by what’s beyond their horizons
Prisoners of their minds
Lack of knowledge makes them believe
Things should be as they are

They live in a world of silence
Surrounded by what’s called universe
Everything’s alright, someone said
No guarantee, just believe in me
Remember the time when it all began
A quiet moment of passion
Far away beyond imagination
A link to higher world, no fear

You’re afraid of what will come
You can’t handle the truth
You don’t know the power of your mind
Ride on the wind out of this
If you don’t break the limits and step out
You’ll never know anything but this
You say you’re satisfied and that’s alright
But from where I stand, it’s all a lie

You asked yourself how you wanted to live
Then you closed the door to your life
Didn’t asked the world what it thought
About shutting both sides out
You’re the one who knows why you’re there
And why you’ll stay forever

There are so many details on the surface
They can’t be seen, they can’t be traced
The waves behave like scared animals
The fear will change them, forever
All this is equal to the human soul
Two waves encounter without meaning
Their paths cross, the separates
The afterglow will always remain

6. Enigma

[Lyrics: Dablqvist]

The sands of time keep running
Through the desert land
Forsaken by so many
To rest among the damned

So many years they’ve wondered
What it turned out to be
A tool for mankind’s hatred
An interpreter of dreams

Saved by an imaginary miracle
Losing track of time
Wishful thinking fills my mind
Enslaved by the hand
That rules the universe
A savior of the sea
Another just like me

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Spoken word of truth
Spoken for the believer
The lonely child within
The lonely child within

Done is done, can’t be undone
In the time of angels
Starvation or salvation
Self-destruction’s overdue
Faith in what they cannot see
Shapes their imagination
Their belief in things that cannot be
Allows them to ignore reality

7. Box Of A Thousand Choices

[Lyrics: Sandquist]

Couldn’t conquer, a lifelong ignorance
Couldn’t conquer, in a worldwide spectrum
Deny me my life, deny me all my presence
You lead me to temptation instead of guiding me to sleep

The voice inside grows stronger
As human limits face away
As long as the abstract hymen stays unbroken
They’re locked up in chains
Inside a box of a thousand choices

How can you earn my trust
When you wish me to fail all the way
How to live without changes
Without lifting that stone of your chest
Time to listen and to realize
It could be sailed forever
And future falls apart
Before it’s even started

Open-minded, now and then
Increased my belief in the gift
A letter from her, the firstborn
Gave me life and a glimpse of a beautiful future

8. Eyes

[Lyrics: Heder/Dablqvist/Sandquist]

Another day, another week
A silent breeze awakes my mind
Fate has once more shown its mastery
I know, but does she care?
Future is in control of today
What future am I in control of?

Another month, another year
Gaining your strength from an unknown source
Command yourself with hatred
The silent man beholds this face
Another breath, another sigh
Searching gives no hope
Another truth, another lie
Faces seem to fade

Synchronized with the outside world
But still helplessly drying out
In a moment of trust and despair
The opportunity lies right ahead

The final solution slowly closes in
The reflection shows nothing but the eye
Radical difference, complete confusion
Fire interferes with ice
The master key will finally open the skies

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