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1. Continuum Shift

Until the last light goes out in the distant night
My greedy thoughts won’t let me rest
Ere the letters have spilled onto the white
This affluence of emotion bursting out of me

Now I feel what it's like to lose daylight by the hour
Unable to make sense of the bane of this sordid generation

If all else fails, I shall claim the pathos of my sacrifice
For this play is set so far beyond all logic
But my will in disregard of order is yet to be broken
I’m not giving in to the harrowing surge of apathy

These words are shaken from a restless mind
Fathered by virtue at loss for life
By a fate set in motion

Their rapier’s gleaming blade pointed at your heart
It‘ll show you fear in a handful of swirling dust
For I wish my words were free in the onset of your denial

2. Telltale Notion

In time these majestic doorways will crumble
Insidious faces carving their names in stone
Desperate not to be forgotten, a token of their vanity

Nothing but a little lamplight in the coming storm
To digress is emptiness
No perspective and no greater matter at hand

No, this is not the end of the world
But you can see it from here
Awaiting it in prospect of expiration

Slow-motion progress led by time-lapse machines
An eclipse so sudden, yet crawling in on us for ages
To cover up this deceit

The air is filled with the smell of fear and distress
It is all too emblematic for this lasting state of emergency

A cause so vain, admonitions born from guilt
Living in a constant crisis, we're all caught in a loop

This is not a tell-tale notion
This is fiction, a mere equation
Until one day you see with unclouded eyes
the genuine rapture of human nature

Sometimes I feel like the end of the road is just one step away
Yet it is only another chapter to be told in time

3. In Kingdoms Of Rain

They said we don't belong here
Only dreaming our lives away
So let all dreadful feelings subside
And sustain the loss while suffering
It is all just a means to an end

So while these days hardly pass by
This is all that is left of us

And so we returned home
To a place where the rain never ends
To find shelter in this sorrow
No, I'm not worth a single tear you cry
Cause there’s nothing left to say but goodbye

I feel so broken and old, oh so empty inside
Throughout all these misspent years I've lived
All those wasted years yet to come
The veil of conjuration slowly wearing thin
For hours on end we ran
And now I can feel we're just losing touch

With tired eyes I see your smiling face
Slowly closing my eyelids to shut out the blight
Suddenly the world I sense around me feels so black
As we're drifting apart by time I still linger in the wake

Without words
And without screams
Without meaning
And without heart

4. Damaged Beyond Repair

A mere fallacy leads to despite
Obliteration of matters and feelings
A blurred border you do not dare cross
A forgotten sanctuary you cannot claim
The smoke of neglect slowly disperses
Emitting submission to the society

Questioning all that is given to you
That gathering swarm of bliss ebbing in no time
It's the end of that promising road
It has come, your final end of days

Enclose an extending dream of emptiness
Lose your way, redefine your patterns of life
Unfortold promises will lead into oblivion
Your weak heart damaged beyond repair

Burned out spirit, still smoldering in the dark
Forever to be kept in this desolate state
Your gleaming skin chilled by steady rain
Slowly dissolving into the chaos of evocation

It was a simple blink that turned day to night

Pathetic, frail
Broken and defeated
You cannot live

5. Beauty In Passing

The world ends with you, or so I thought
The forfeiture of light and darkness at hand
Moving on past rupture takes courage
For I've yet to see beauty in passing

A weary heart held captive
Where a distant memory of you still remains
Now in clear sight, right before my eyes
I see you drift away, cutting ties with the earth

To no avail I stand in shackles of your departure
Henceforth I scream to the sky
No peace for your shattered soul
For your journey has not come to an end
You shall find your place of destination
Beyond the confines of this world

You did wander where nobody dares to tread
And threw yourself upon a frail tether
To smother what was left of life
To feel a sense of closure in the palm of your hand

Slowly leaving hold of your faint notion of venture
The lucid rain steals away the remainder of my torment

For now I see beauty in passing
For now we see beauty in passing

Did your voice ever tell of delights
For there will never be another waking hour in these eyes

Yet there is still more day to dawn
Arise my ravaged heart don’t you fall aslumber
Walk under groaning trees and open skies
For you dare not stay too long where shadows fall

6. The Outer Rim

Tear down these walls we built to protect
And withstand the need for resentment
During the advent of all things to come
Feel the friction of converging thoughts

Forming into emotions, bringing us to the brink of our senses
A charade of deduction we cannot grasp

Meet me at the outer rim, at the end of consciousness

Perpetuate those emotions, divulging all which defines us
A contortion of spaces escaping far beyond our perception
A systemic error of being giving birth to all of our actions
These alignments now falling apart

In order to break the barriers we once set ourselves
We are now passing the outer regions of our minds

Answer my call for in the light we shall thrive
Come again to your senses
And set the impending inception of change

7. Temporary Loss Of Reason

A longing deep inside like a smoldering fire
Only to be suffocated by circumstance and relation
Its smoke taking your sight, blinding your eyes
Slowly your anticipation of the future is leaving

It winters within you, nourishing on your pain and distress
Until one day it eats you up from the inside

Cast aside all useless trappings you wear
And wallow in this euphoria for a moment
For soon this sensation will cease
And rationality will regain control

Set again, the perception is sinking in
Free for but a moment, bound for a lifetime

A smile on your lips and the taste of blood on your tongue
Ever so slightly you give in
To the apprehension of consequence
Weary have you become, tired of these iron bars

Suddenly the flames are growing higher, swallowing the cinders
and burning up the surface, your very substance
Bursting out, your thoughts dwindle and instinct takes over
resulting in a temporary loss of reason

Adherent of devoid the defeat turns into a rancid emotion
To give birth to another impulse of rapture
Over the years and through the tears
These feelings will fester
Until the growing despair sends out sparks again
“For all good things are wild and free”

8. Antibiosis

Hauling the nets of death
Hoisting blindness from the deep
To feed a billion mouths who do not care
Who will not stop or dare

Devastate an environment formed a million years ago
Tearing a hole into the planet
After decades of decadence, centuries of exploitation
there is not much left

And who are we to break the chain
Who are we to reign what cannot be reigned
An upcoming extinction, our world's demise
And as the waves arise and engulf the kings
There is still no clarity

Open up the depths, enlighten the abyss
To realize what there is to come
As they rise up, we fall back

A collective mind lingers in eternal darkness
And they look up to see the surface
Shades of the unsuspecting enemy

Harvest until our very end
The sea sharpens its armory
To give up what it created long time ago
And drown mankind in nothingness

9. Luminary Ghost

Time bending itself out of shape
Merging with nothing, so nothing remains
Coordinates shifting, dragged out of sight
Devoured and deleted

A violent anomaly defying existence
Disabling recognition to swallow all information

A glitch in the grid of reality
Like a ghost, remnant of a luminary

Rushing towards the threshold of entropy
Soon clad in darkness, enduring till the end of time

But a shadow remains of all ontology
Only a radiation aura, reverberating
Density growing beyond all proportion
A singularity in universal equations
Opposing to exceed the limitations of gravity

Rushing towards the threshold of entropy
Soon clad in darkness, enduring till the terminal state
Until all mass has perished in blackness
The ghost will remain, feeding on roving souls

One last circumnavigation
Dissipate at the event horizon
Torn apart by the tides
Drifting, shifting
Time will end right here
Space will end right now

10. Riven

A faint clap of thunder in the distance
The Net Sphere long separated from reality
A droning sound humming in the levels below
All authority cut off from the hub

A calamity wrecking havoc in its wake
A gravitational discharge echoed through the hallways
Breaching a path to escape this endless maze

What is life to us lost in these endless mega structures
We’re pilgrims on our way to the edge of the unknown
Towards the rumored end of all

Builders randomly expanding the city
Beyond extinction of mankind
Millennia of uncontrolled growth
Resulting in a Dyson Sphere at grandest scale

Cancel the limiter to reach the surface
To see the void beyond with our own eyes
A testament to the human spirit
For death may not be our only freedom

No way to restore the lost world order
So we flee from this hostile place
Leaving a realm welled up with black tears
Reaching out far into space

An act of heroism, a final act of grandeur
All the odem drained, all the hours used up

11. Overture

[Bonus Track]

Set out to claim what fate is rightfully yours
May your screams send out ripples through eternity
As you're cast into the pandemonium of life
Thrown into the wild sea you don’t know where to go ashore

The struggle against embitterment may never end
Rancor giving birth to a sense of desperation
Those once halcyon days forever gone
Black despair is but an overture to what is yet to come

Having lost your way in the dark
You’ve yet caught but a glimpse of the abyss
For little do you know about the end of the world
Until you see it crumble one fateful day

Shipwrecked and stranded on yet uncharted lands
Stumbling through the unknown you have to prepare
For the worst to come your way
This might be your last call uttered with dying breath

They say childhood is over when you know you will die
Spending a lifetime in misery leads not to closure
But to animosity which we all claim our fate
This is the sad truth of those who set their sails

Alexander Otto – Vocals (lead)
Erik Gaßmus – Guitars (lead)
Henrik Tschierschky – Guitars (rhythm)
Leo Wichmann – Keyboards, Ambient
Tristan Wegner – Drums
Konstantin Voßhoff – Bass, Vocals (backing)

Thanks to jadefalke for sending these lyrics.

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