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1. Geomagnetic Erosion Beyond the Fields of Horizontal Solar Eclipse

periodically change of orientation
terms of the respective positions
magnetic poles reverse their positions
Magnetic Pole Shift
great erosion
world into turmoil - complete catastrophe
extend deep into the Earth
outer core of molten iron
ranging million year hiatus in the Cretaceous Period
several hundred thousand years
magnetic field vanished altogether
the horizontal orientation of magnetite material
in the sediments and lava flows
melting core fluid in the magnetic flux
outer core of the Earth forming a chaotic system
out of the chaos arising periodic geomagnetic reversals
effects of sunspot activity and solar wind conditions
inhabitants is considerable
fatal changes on lıfe conditions
solar highs and lows in the temperature cycles
frozen world torn into pieces and absorbing by dark outer space

2. Cyclical Sado Nature of the Planets

great circle parallels to the morbid horizons
deadly orbit around the Sun
Dark energy - Dark matter
into the unknown
supermassive primaeval chaotic black hole
large strength of the electromagnetic force
transcending and cryptic insights
unphysical infernal solstice
surface point of no return
absorbs all the light that hits
reflecting nothing
centre of Sagittarius
sound of grinding sub-atonal frequencies
Cyclical waves and torturous poundings

3. Unearthly Existence

enslaved between dimensions
captured lifelong into the humid cosmic dungeons
dead remains devoured by blinded rats
rotting in depths of obscure caves
restless suffering enearthly existence
dissolving faces of pestilence
horrid layers of tartatus
downfall of withered inheritance
vanished bodies through devilish paths
life sentenced desease and depressions
continuous neurotic traumas
drowned into lifeless swamps of hellhole
life is faded away through dead-end of the unknown ancient earth
total darkness consumed the pitch blackened nightfall

4. Massive Particle Transcendence Indepths Through Wormholes

an eternal black hole
negative energy density
quantum foam hypothesis
open by a negative-mass cosmic string
cosmic inflation radiation stroms
unequally connected with mass analysis of electromagnetic field energy
quasipermanent intra-universe wormhole
bridge of depthless different universes
melting universe becomes invisible in the center of the schwarzschild wormhole
light that has fallen into the black hole has no mean
maximally extended end time
creation of the early universe
violation of the averaged null energy condition
deadly radiation waves spreads
disperse after traveling through the wormhole
total black point mood
abstract aspects of lıfeless lıfe
eternal solıtude grey of desperate falling

5. Minimalist Isolated Lifeform

Drowned into deepness of Abstract life
unforeseen daylight at the end corridors of life tunnel
suffocating atmosphere of inner cosmos
collapsing neurosis
detestation overflow
nausea to worthless mankind
rejection and ignorence to normal life
absorbing life energy
exhausted morbid dilemma and world of depressivity
lonely isolation to outer world
eternal cold misantrophy
mental dissappear
exit from life
horizons of grey mourning
autumn despair falls on shades of twilight
awakening into own funeral mist
reach the faded afterlife

6. Swallowed Into the Shattered Dusk

Depth is not far, descent is short
life under zero level
insensitive human form
Crack sounds spiral of noises
Absorbing all planet energy
Non-physical forms of chaos
Above the inferior human life
Monumental collapse, evaporating slowly
Defining the Virtual trance
reincarnating the inner ego
center of the cosmos
endless boundaries of inner god
astral cycle of death and rebirth
reborn of the consumed flesh
lost essential dignity
nonhuman birth
Chapter in collapsed existence
Chamber of blackened Silence falls
suicidal depression under winter hypnosis
Descending to eternal obscurity
uneartly magnetic vacuum transforms to soulless existence

7. Inharmonious Frozen Sunlight Over the Cathedral Neptune

infinite persecution of Solar System.
swallowed hemisphere possessed a Great Dark Spot
torned into dust molecular outer atmosphere
absorption of red light by the atmospheric methane
remains obscure illumination
home to trace amounts of carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide
interaction with ions in the planet's magnetic field
deposited from external sources such as meteorites and dust
frozen morbid equinox
hallucinating view of the cathedral neptune

8. Descent Into Obscure Nihilism

Agnostic morbid beliefS
scattered moral values are abstractly contrived
Assert that morality does not inherently exist
Mood of despair at a perceived pointlessness of existence
nihilistic epoch of mental plague
decaying aspects of modernity represent a rejection of theism
emptying the world of human existence
nothing has meaning
The complete destruction of all meaning and all values
tantamount to suicide and mass-murder
diving into the silent meaninglessness
dissolution leads beyond skepticism to a distrust of all meaning
confidence to pessimistic philosophy
our existence has no meaning
ultimate departure
will to nothingness
life turns away from itself
sign of strength
a willful destruction of the old values
self-dissolution of humanity

9. Fall Into Sinister Spheres

All lyrics and music by Batu Çetin

Thanks to batucetin for sending these lyrics.

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