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1. Eternal Winds Of Nativity


2. And Gaia's Wrath Of A Thousand Forms Of Vehement Torture Will Be Brought Upon Ourselves, The Self-destructing Human

Fear nothing but your thoughts
They shall corrode and manifest
A programmed cyborg, without a thesis or worth
Your body, is not worth the mass it takes
Insanity, self destructing human
Passage of time lost with the mind
Look deep inside, your cancer runs through your spine
You believe in all your lies

Such torture and mental collapse
Now drink the blood of your slit wrists
Torture, mental collapse
Now drink the blood of your slit wrists

Taste what you've always wanted

Enigmatic confusion
No use for earth, Valleys of Sadness
No use for life
Pitiful Human

3. Our Star-guided Journey To The Realm Of Neverending Life

I rise in vengeance
Sent by the spirits of fallen allegiance
Your flesh is worthless in this life (in this life)
Deviant of what you call life

The waves wash the blood ashore...this silence speaks
Creatures of the night inherit the land,
Soak it with the blood of our enemies
Let it be known that we are true
We shall divide the strong from the weak
At last...we can be free...
This guided journey shall bring us to almighty plains of existence
I raise my sword, and plunge it through your soulless heart one last time,
Reunited with death

Balancing the tables of life...I spit on your corpse
Foul rage streams through our veins
Cold...No emotion

Eternal wisdom from this never ending life
Passed on through ages of the throne
This night is ours...foretold within our past
Scriptures which tell the fate of many souls

4. The Fountain Of Ageless Growth, Lifeblood Of All Who Doth Bear The Spirit Of Gaia

As i kneel down to take one last breath i see....
Reflections in the mirrors of my epoch
My eyes now close to no longer see
Transcending of new growth and truth

Amongst the valleys of the long lost spirits i await the release and
find myself within the realms of mass alone

A world beyond all thought and time,
The throes of memories wither away
Great absolution at last.....
My soul at rest to wander free
The stars above our souls, containing the parallels of life

Of ageless growth and lifeblood of the spirit
At one with essence, REBORN!!

Nocturnal Visions Entrance
Nocturnal Visions Enchant

Ageless pleasures, renewal of subconscious desire
Ive tasted death and lived a life of dissolution and hatred
Forever waiting for death to save me from this hell

I close my eyes devoid of light I am your emptiness
So take my hand Ill guide you through the dark into the other side
Ill take away your pain, you no longer can shed your tears
Together we can taste the fruits of resolution so pure

All that we've ever learned is false and underlying
True knowledge lies beyond the grave....the grave

5. A Mythological Anticipation Of Omnipotent Immortality Enshrouds Our Vicious Conquest

Strike down, upon the unwarned swarm
The full moon lights the sky above
This wretched place shall burn into the night
We will enslave

ATTACK!! Spill their blood amongst the land
For Odin we shall fill these graves
Hear our battle cry

Engaged in combat
Crusade of Bloodshed
This blitzkrieg will not end until everyone is dead

Our hordes have travelled across the ocean wide
War and hatred in our veins they will speak about the pain that we have
offered to our lord in Valhalla
Where we will rest in our next lives
Release the fury of our siege, they will taste our rage
The sound of steel through flesh is divine
To the drums we march onward strong

We march across the land to conquer those of unbelief
Our flames illuminate the night sky
Hearts filled with honour, towards our homeland to the north
We are the Norsemen

Through the gates, descending onward
The final strike is in initiation
I can taste of defeat
Sever their heads and hold them high, impale them onto pikes
Their blood shall flow unto me with great ease

Starfire burning high above, guiding me into my fate of life or death
I take my place....wherever i may lie I know I'm free
No pain as i am killed
In battle I've fallen, my mortal end has come
In afterlife Valhalla awaits the arrival of my spirit
Brought by the Valkyries to fight yet once again amongst the gods of the North
....of the North

6. With Northern Twilight Resplendent, We Follow The Moonlit Path In Search Of Habitable Lands

This battle you have lost
Your blood on my blade shall be smeared upon your face
A butcher of skin known for such pain..and suffering so pure
Warlords of death, the lords of this land
Taste our steel, dethroning your king with unlight
The stars shine above, illuminating the trail of death
This path that we walk, a memory of all that we've slain

Blessed by the Gods of war and death I inherit the instinct to conquer
To conquer.....
Eyes of hatred open wide...
Commence the legions of Northern onslaught
Retreat in their eyes...end their lives
Cut their throats....Let them Bleed
Taste the unlight

7. The Paralyzing Human Fear Of All Which Is Essential To The Cyclical Nature Of Earthen Prosperity

Feed my hate
Repulsion divine

Abomination of surreal resistance
Trampled under foot and swept aside
Embezzled morality has degraded all thats left and all hope to become
one inside

Hate, lies, within these lives
Inherit their loss of fallen abandonment
The rains of fortune shall wash away their shadows
Leaving no trail of them behind
Kill, conquer, destroy

Fading of memory, collective thought is lost
Yet still I dream of constant murder, and suicide
The dark will rise to shatter all that breathes
Beings of light will be torn apart
Ignorance of truth

8. Soon Enough The Capitarmageddon Will Arrive, And With Death Shall Come New Life

The visions of the chaos take form inside
Devoid of such light, tasteless as my soul
Embrace the coming of the end

I no longer feel a soul inside
Ive wandered to find nothing but stale corpses of life
Truth gnarled as the roots of empty words entwine in my thoughts
Witness the death of the earth.......

The winds of plague take me with salvation
Free my spirit of unfilled desire
I stand alone......

My eyes are blind to see the light
Its faded away into the darkness
No hope..the death of this earth
I look to the sky, I am home

The years have passed me by and all i have felt is pure hate
Reopen the scars of my flesh, remembrance

9. A Bloodline Of Immortal Passion Bestowed The Harmony Of Man And Wolf

Alone I walk amongst the graves of fallen life
This empty silence haunts my soul
For I shall be at one with the insects of this soil
My flesh apart of the ever-withering cosmos
I am the last to stand amongst my fallen kindred
Extinction of my bloodline awaits

Realize this pain takes new formation
I cut my flesh to feel the pain of my ancients
Traditions of life, the origins of my wolven brethrin
We shall live on, Eternal as the oath to die

We are the sky....air and earth the seas of life
When the moon cascades its light upon my flesh
The transformation of unearthly powers shall commence
One of the night
The legacy of our bloodshed shall never die
We have hunted man since the dawn of time, and no one can take that from us

We are the night
Thieves of all life
The forest awaits, our home so valiant and true

The thirst for blood proliferates forevermore
They multiply, the halfbreed souls we've taken
The bloodshed of innocence so pure
Procreation of carnal life shall not subside
I bow my head for its now time

We are the sky...air and earth the seas of life

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Thanks to archaicnorth for correcting these lyrics.

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