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1. Blind Faith

With just one word "shit" you're calling the world
Your own life you're calling the same
You hated your school for its boredom and fear
You preferred your friends, a match and beer

You're a fan
You're a fan

The stadium has shaped you, taught you to drink and swear
To quench emotions with aggression
You should give it all your thanks every day
Now you're good enough to have your own Heysel
You're a fan

You're strong in the crowd
When you yell out loud
There you can feel safe
A part of the wave

Dirty stream of scum is flooding my town
Brainless morons playing everywhere
Everything around is slowly falling down
To resist them no one would now dare

You're a fan
You're a fan

They're chauvinists who kill you for their club
Anarchy allows them to act
There are more and more hooligans around
Soccer stadiums are their playing grounds

They're fans
They're fans

Down the drain every day
Drinking beer all in vain
That's the life that you want
To like you? No, I don't!

It's a spark of war, it's an evil source
Always dreaming to conquer the world
This is fanatism, kills humans in us
So prevent it quickly if you can


2. Liberated Woman

You are scribbbling trash, just wasting your time
You'd better do some business and make some more dough
All those books of yours are only catching dust
I'm fed up with you, this day is my last!

You're telling me you're honest, full of self-respect
Nonsense! That's all rubbish, one day you'll regret
These children and this home! Oh, I'm bored to death!
I'm still young and pretty, enough with this mess!

All day long
I'm listening to this crap
Feeding my money-box - this is my woman!

I swear and curse this hour when I went to a bar
Just to have a few drinks and there I saw my star
Really it was a moment, we chatted for a while
We made it in a bathtub and now I don't know why!

My dear little daughter, your mother is so bad
She only cares for money, she's acting just like mad
Money ruins love, and love has ruined me
Remember this, my girl, if not, you will see!

One cannot all day long
Just listen to this crap
I'm leaving now for good - tell her that!

3. Inclined

We are so inclined to tell these funny lies, stupid lies
Lies exhaust your mind, filling you with fear, turning mad

I have killed truths myself
Some of them killed me in turn

Cheated for my tender heart
Nurtured with the kindest evil
I am clad in truthful lies
Falling face down on the drivel

Every second many mouths repeating lies to make them true
I'm alive, but is it me?
Is this my face? - I cannot see!

You really cannot live without lies, pretty lies
Without them it's poison, a madhouse of thin cards, playing cards!

4. My Home

To live at this place you must be abnormal
It's land of pathetic fools
There's lots of mystics and pathetic clowns
My home has no stable rules

Dirty kids are playing with bottles
From their old man's cheapest booze
They must drink with him when he wants it
When they don't then all hell breaks loose

That's my home, that's my world
Stink and trash, bitter taste
I'm a victim of the gang rape
They chased my mother, she couldn't flee

Can you tell me why I was born?
What is the aim of my life?
She could abort me but she was afraid
My future would never count

Just to give birth is no big deal
That's what they once did to me
This house is a boat full of suffering
Drifting in the sullen sea

5. Drifting In The Sullen Sea

Sullen faces passing me
Nothing can make them smile
Time has broken the thread of hope
They're striving to live their life

Examine this sick mechanism
Who's who? What's the game?
The constant stress is blocking the brain
Wiping out your face

Look! It's a wreck, nothing but a wreck now
You must live - tell me how!

The frustrated mob crowds my paradise
Willy nilly, I'm sinking as well, drifting in the sullen sea

You wanna know what's the taste of life
Come and have a look at my paradise
I'll give you my dough to live on for a month
You will try the taste of our life

Yes, it's a face, boorish Poland's face
Its kitsch is dressed up as style
Myth of our mission that may save the world
Should not stand this last test

I wanna break free from this trap
Suck out the poison for good
Impotence is clipping my wings
Pouring salt on my wounds

Yes, the death has wrecked all your birthday plans
Your future has lost its sense, lost its sense

The frustrated mob crowds my paradise
Willy nilly, I'm sinking as well, drifting in the sullen sea

6. King Of The Animals

There's rush in our forest, heat in every den
We will choose the king tomorrow, the best that we can
Dreaming's a good idea but it's too trivial so
Animals try again to choose the lesser evil

How long is it going to take?
Who will sometimes give us a break?
All the claimants fighting again
Now they promise, lie as they can

You wanna sit on the throne? - it is easy!
You don't really need to be wise
Do like he did, lots of howling
Lots of sweet words for the crowd
He is the king og animals

Worse and worse in our forest, heat in dens again
King who promised paradise is getting rich himself
It's a tradition here to give the rule to scum
And then to hate them madly for all that they have done

He's so strong and that's what we need
Shout like me if you want a career
Don't protest for you have no chance
King's already started his plans!

In this forest king howls a lot
Gives sweet slogans to the happy crowd
He is the king of animals

7. Freedom

Your head is burning, a new potent gift flows in your blood
Gift of oblivion, all this world of yours is struck by flood

Freedom does not go along with drugs
Only morons don't believe it
It's deadly shit, lethal crack
You'll be dead soon if you need it

Look at these people, always roaming to find some warm nook
This is their heaven, the narcotic madness of their look

What's the price they'll pay for this
For those blissful gorgeous visions
Death has put his money into them
On the most compelling reasons

Always looking for new feelings, sinking deeper down
Human weakness has its triumph, and now you're out

Your will can save you, so don't break it with the first big shot
Go straight ahead, otherwise your mind is gonna rot

Drugs will never free you from the stress
Only morons don't believe it
You don't know what hunger really means
Crack's no good fun, so you should leave it

Always looking for new feelings, sinking deeper down
Human weakness has its triumph, and now you're out

Freedom - but you have it now all wrong
This is freedom - just listen to this song
This is freedom - but it doesn't care for you
This is freedom - it's your freedom

Freedom - but you have it now all wrong
This is freedom - just listen to this song
This is freedom - but it doesn't care for you
This is freedom - it's your freedom

8. Black And White (Part Two)

Power corrupts, it is strong like a drug
Every day you take bigger doses
Clergy loves it, knows your weak spots,
It is God's right to profit from them - you will pay
Your conscience is dirty and sinful again,
The priests are nagging and nagging
Nothing's allowed, all you do is sin
So pay your dues and you'll be O.K.

Black n' whites hold power over souls
Politicians working for their goals
They're stuffing you with their old crap
You have fallen into their black trap

At school, radio and TV venerable priests
Have been constantly washing your brains
Watch for wonders, work, pray every day,
Thought is sin, so don't think, don't think - go to church!

God have mercy upon them, make them humble,
Give them brains and some manners
You're not in their hearts, they scare us with Your wrath,
They claim they were chosen by You - is that right?

Wanna have respect in my small paradise,
So become a priest in this hive
Workers and drones their everyday toil
Will put you on your tray and you'll have it all

9. Enterprising Man

Hi, I'm Spaniard, they call me this name
Hotel is my business, all night all day
Wanna buy some dope? Pay and it is yours
Wait a minute - I will get it in a while

You fool, you will soon be sad
Bye, bye, he is getting mad

What? She is rich, got a house and likes sex
I'm coming right away - hey you - where's that?
I will fleece her like a sheep and I will screw her tight and deep
If she's nice she'll stay alive - if not, she'll bite the dust

I'm a con-man, that's what I am
And you've always let me live quite well
Are you bright enough to turn it into dough
I'm everywhere but you don't know how

I live with the elite, go out with my dog
And no one will stop me if I want to have more
In this paradise of money honesty is myth
There are only con-men, cheating, stink and filth

Always - there are fools around
I am - hunting in the crowd

10. Orphanage

Tears in my eyes, the pain of past time
This place is driving me mad
And they laugh, always laugh

Get up, you aren't sick at all
Don't tell me it hurts
I decide who's healthy in this house
Stop kidding, get dressed

You've been naughty - nothing to eat
It's forbidden to beat
He has only burned your parents' shot
You will forget them, no matter what

A child from here
Is shame and fear

Now I have my home and a reason to live
But I'm "a child from here"
I'm coming back in all my dreams

Orphanage is my home
This complex is my pain
I'm trying to break free
But still I hear the voice

Jacek Piotrowski ‒ Vocals
Tomasz Goehs ‒ Drums
Maciej Matuszak ‒ Bass
Dariusz Popowicz ‒ Guitars
Piotr Mańkowski ‒ Guitars

Thanks to wojtek.987 for sending these lyrics.

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