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1. Last Dance Of A Dying King

Behold the royal tenderness, celebrate the golden age
Pompous parade of decadence, acclaimed by the plebs
And he who smiles, who cheers the most
Is the ruler himself of fields so green and seas so wide
His glory still shines bright

Beware of those close
Watch out -- betrayal grows

Another empire turns to dust
As an old wound opens again
The actor's new, the pain sol old
This is the last dance of a dying king

The king must face his destiny -- even he must bow
This treatment has been planned by long -- the time is now
And now he feels the burning knife driven in his back
He sees the face now of his wife grinning in delight

Another empire turns to dust -- as history repeats itself
The actor's new, the pain sol old
This is the last dance of a dying king

Dance... fall... whore

And so his love dethroned the king
The king is dead she killed the king

2. Religion Of Control (Radio Edit)

Fight all those who don't believe in me
Make them bow and fall to knees
Praise me for I'll be your saviour
Receive my words and my behaviours

Because you benefit from my grace
So follow my trace, hear my call!
Religion of control

Gathering disciples with no will
Teach them how to pray and how to kill
Cleanse the earth of all those running sores
Worldwide domination I adore

Truth is, I'm not god, but you can't see
Lying to you keeps you feeding me
Censored information reaches your ears
So I keep on, feed your doubts and fears

3. Next Victim

Selected, sight is clear
In focus, ending's near
Target locked within view
Pull the trigger, killing you
Vindicated far beyond crime
No doubts, feel sublime
All hatred only decline
Eliminate all mankind

You don't know them nor their name
Another victim in his grave

Next victim -- taken life -- another victim -- zeroed life

Endless pain of battles ago
Just statistics -- numbers they know
Another victim in my sight
Don't need reason -- end this life

No regret, no conscience, never repent
While there's any next victim to find, I will not end

4. Killing Fields

There's no time for thinking and there is no time for resting
Cold and hungry stare through the lens
You shoot on everything that moves

There is no sense in what you see
There is no chance for victory

This is the land where no one's home
Got company, but still alone

This is the land where no one dreams
Killing fields
What can be lost what can be won?
Just forwards, you're marching on
Killing fields. Forward

It's not who's right or wrong
It's only who survives

This place is old as age itself
And it has called for a million lives
Some can escape but they'll return
Weapons change, but death's the same

5. Disgrace Erased

Cold, neon light -- eyes full of fright
A cellar room, flagstones on floor and walls whitewashed, no window
Maddening stench -- of moldiness
A simple table covered with a shabby piece of cloth

Single woman present, no one else

Your disgrace will be purged now
Narcosis takes effect
The needle penetrates your womb
Dark secret now erased

Age of fifteen -- untouched you've been
One night an unknown man descended you, assaulted you
Secret concealed -- no one involved
Inquire a local midwife known for help, discrete and fast

Blood and tears falling to the ground

Unborn life so innocent, ended by unaware hand
Distress forced to act, conscience ignored 'cause of shame

6. Warzone

Burning scar in my soul
My love has gone -- she left a hole
I feel so let, let flow my tears
It's agony and it's all fears

A war zone in my heart is tearing me apart
No one can hear my cries
The pain is choking me
It sucks the air out of my life

There's only misery
My hands are longing for the knife

I thirst for you, for your warm breath
You promised me to love till death
My torture has reached it's peak
Sharpened steel brings what I seek

Ned you

7. To Challenge Death

Legions are marching to the battlefield
Crusaders of the white light
Valiant they're storming on, knights of the cross
Courage feeds their pounding hearts

Although our lives fade, still our honour remains

Together we stand to challenge death
Where the iron cross grows
A tale of honour forged in steel
I'll show you now where the iron cross grows

Swallows are gliding through the crimson sky
Tigers are ruling the ground
Panic stricken enemies fleeing in fear
Dark legions victorious

Summon for the attack
Decisive assault begins today

Honour the dead who gave their lives for us
Requiem mass for all those with pride in their hearts

8. Eroica

Silent veil is all around me
Not a single noise
I can't hear the bird's bright singing
Nor somebody's voice
Hopeless illness torments me
I'm forced to face my fate
Amputation of my talent
Caving out my pate

My hearing is fading -- my music is shading
The deafness is growing -- sweet notes are bowing

Dices have rolled -- darkness called -- embracing the dark
The only tones -- I can hear -- are there in my heart

Misanthropic being, I am hiding in my room
Fleeing into composition, symphony of doom

9. Wolfpack Unleashed

Straight on in the face
For others just disgrace
Created zero five
New monster is alive
Clean and fast the attack
Precise machine gun blast
All must bow at last

Within their hearts there is no mercy
They'll never stop, they're thrashing till the end

Every single strong and proud
Individuals in a crowd
Masters of their class
To rise above the mass
Together fronting you and firing off their groove
Prepare on their appearance
Pack's here to thrash the lands

10. Religion Of Control (Full Version)

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