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1. Shores Of The Lake Simpele


2. Boneyard

In the eye of the final storm
The winds are rising
And you stare into the void

Death has come to claim these lands
Pale horse leads the wave
Desolation follows
As the darkness leads the way

Seek and destroy
Scorch the earth
Burn the world for all its worth
Unleash the flames

Assault is the best defense
Outnumbered armed for last attempt
Marching forth

Waiting for arrival
Of the final dawn
Flames ascend from the horizon
When we go forth

The genocide
All assaulters are destined to fall
Demise for them all

Lives will be taken before
The sun goes down
And crimson moon will rise

3. World On Fire

Remembrance still as clear as the sky
Blood for blood
Eye for an eye
A retribution

Rusty steel into the bone
Pierce the spine
One by one
Shatter them all

No distance to long
No yourney too wearying
I will hunt i will seek

And destroy
I am the hammer, i am the blade
I will lacerate, tear and slay

Only the blood
Running warm
Turning to cold on the snow
Can release me from this retaliation

Across the oceans
Thru the lands
Barren and bleak

Over the summits of ice
Where the moon is high
But the peaks are rising higher

I will set this world on fire

Fire black flames of desolation
Fire the force of a thousand suns
Fire the blaze of hatred and wrath
Fire my vengeance
Ignites the conflagration

In the edge of our world
Guardians of darkness and light

In the fringe of our world
Defender of the sun
And the keeper of the night

Passing the woods where pines
Needles are black
And deep are the roots
Piercing the frozen soil
Piercing the ice eternal

4. The Flood

How to stand one´s ground
When the flood drowns
Everything around
Conceals and buries under

How to rebuild and re-design
How to forge as whole
And re-divide
Broken and torn asunder

How to speak without a sound
Without a voice
Utter the words profound
Into the silence

How to comprehend and to abide
How to re-arrange and re-define
The emptiness inside

Cold winds of the north
Black waters and
The frozen shores
Are waiting for the storm

No trails leading forth
No pathway to the woods
Forsaken and forlorn

5. The Rift

Standing on the coast
Hearing black waters call my name
Waves carry the whispers
To the shore

With the wind
The surface of the sea begins to stir
The storm is closing in

Rising from the north

Whispers turn into a scream
The fury of the winds
Drain power from the sea

Black rain falls
Upon the earth
Cleanse it from the blood
Pour the flood

Into the sea
Let the current pull me under
Let me fall into the ocean floor

Into the deep
Towards the darkest grandeur
Of the northern trench
Into the abyss i fall

The rift will conceal
Buries in the tomb
In the absence of the light

The pressure ties the chains
The darkness blinds the eyes
The waters of the north
Swallow inside

6. Call Of The Winter

When the nature gives her powers
Back to the earth
And the colors

Ablaze in the shades of flames
Like fire itself
Is dancing on the branches

Days grow shorter
Where the light escapes
The darkness will follow

This night that brings the ground frost
Will summon the winds
To carry the veil of the snow

Crushing is the force
Flood of cold

The gale of the end
Age of ice unfolds

Long gone is the warmth
And the light of the sun

Long gone is the fire in the sky
Replaced by the northern lights

Long gone are the twilights

I breathe the wind
That carries the promise
From dawn of the times

I breathe the air
That carries the fall
Cold and raw

7. Dead White

Dead cold reverie
The spell of winter

Under her pitch-black wings
Relentless never-ending
Kaamos prevails

The end, the final descent of the sun
The time of perpetual darkness

When the light has died
Shadows will rise
From strength of the moon

Dead white scenery
A parallel dimension

Above the frozen fields
Eternal everlasting darkness remains

The woods echoes
The howling from afar
The cry of the final hunter

Now the light has died
And the shadows will rise
From the strength of the moon

8. Tyhjyys

Revi auki ja irti raasta
Iholta arvet haavoiski
Valuta multaan veri ja saasta
Kipu kahlitsee hetkeen viimeiseen

Kuljit vierelläni aina
Lyijytaivaan alla
Tuli pimeän
Nyt kättäni vailla
Tyhjyys odottaa hiljaa
Aamua saapuvaa

Hetki viimeinen valolle anna
Sydänyön siivillä kanna
Kohti kylmää aamua

Ja hiljaa kivulle kuiskaa
Ei enää...

On aika unen josta ei herää

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