Dark Lyrics


1. Jesu Juva

2. Soli Deo Gloria

Look to the sky for the evidence, breath of the wind chilling every cord on my spine.
In this instant, I'm taken atop the world.
The burning of buildings and houses beneath never reaches the lowest of stars.
It's a fallacy to think that the world stops at us.
These towers don't seem so tall, when compared to the galaxies of the universe.
In it's ever changing beauty, we take notes.
On how to paint, of what to sing; it's manifold.
A fleeting world is rotting right before our eyes, the chances of restoring beauty ever-slowly dies.
Day, turns to night, back to light, with no help from mankind.
And then light shines our way to all fortune.
I'll take a ticket to be by your side, for this mystery will not suffice.
There is more to what we see than what we know.
There's room for growth.
And with a flash, the earth will shake, and be sure that everyone will fall.
It can't combat the violence which feeds off of the world.
Mountains can stare, as every building falls on top of all of us.
Everything we make, everything we dream, every ounce of beauty seen, brings a glimmer of hope for what is on the other side of the sky.
The color it comes from above, and surrounds every one.
Infusing us with light.
Deep in the corners they wait, these dire forces intend to invade.
Slowly fading to magical places, where the color is no more.
What's in the garden?
Now it waits.
Mind not the delusions, it's never too late to reconvene slowly as words keep us growing, relationships forged in gold.
What was in the garden, is now in wait.
Mind not the delusions, it's not too late.

3. Break The Fangs Of The Wicked

The darkness will not subside.
Hands are reaching at the footsteps stumbling in the night.
The stars can light the way, countless eyes ablaze.
A lamp shining truth.
In a corner roaches claim the kingdom, they scatter in the light.
With cloak of dark words, they wage this fight.
Across the room is justice, the love for which we stand.
It will break the fangs of wicked men, and crush in it's hand.
One truth remains in mind: This place is not our home, with every shout we waste, with every new disgrace, this land will rot and turn to sand.
But are we of mind to receive a salutation?
The knock on the door, the cell decays away into a swirl of scarlet disarray, a moment to catch our breath, and begin to fly away far, fly free.
Amazed eyes approved this.
Embarrassed, nobles turned away.
Victims, young men screaming, for it's for this in which we've prayed: For those who can't fight, for those who won't fight, find strength within through the love of One.
Bonded in chains, which spark as they're broken, sanctified will march.
The night is quiet.
Dew laden branches extend lies of a verdict brewing within.
Hearts go out to the tortured ones, seeking out the sun.
Hold on through the darkened times.
Reviving as heroes do rise, overtop the kings, screaming alive, set fire to the night.
Beyond this great escape, where the darkness cannot go.
They've preyed on those who can't fight.
On those who won't fight.
Amazed eyes approved this.
Embarrassed, nobles turned away.
Victims, young men screaming, for it's for this in which we've prayed for light on this.

4. Pearls Before Swine

But my, the pearls still shine; ignited by the fiery eyes.
My God, I can't bare it, let me roll amidst this mud, so far I've found the answer in this pen, don't take it away!
I think it's right, it feels right, just let me stay content.
I can't see the truth, it's just too bright.
I'll grant the anarchy is raging in this sty I call my home, and the flies that squeal around me direct which way I'll go but this is not enough to cause me to stop and think of the world.
All of the creatures.
outside the walls, running so free and clear, with no cage to keep them in check.
The food which they eat is growing from seeds, which come from the branches just overhead.
The trees which are showered with light and rain, abundantly from above.
I'll consume almost anything I see, while avoiding the pearls as they're way too shiny to eat.
I'll stick to the mud where I can stand, for as long as I can.
The storm is rising, my feats are dying in a whirlwind of empty, filthy lies.
Day is gone, the moon is not giving me enough to see.
I wander aimlessly across the soil, until the light hits my feet.
And the creatures running free with pearls around their neck they see....
It's in the darkest part of life, that I can recognize the need for the light of the night to be in me.

5. Kingdom Of Might (The Eclipse)

Before the angels, the arrows penetrate my back.
Hear the laughter, as they dig into my flesh.
And my decisions are echoing into eternity.
From this moment, the fight is raging; the war is on.
Crying loud, hoping for the end of this power's embrace, for defense.
Infused with my spirit, forging new visuals with a striking prowess.
Prophetic men, pray for the cleansing of every weapon we hold.
Again, the sun is blackened and the powers turn hot, spewing guilt into my wounds.
Crying loud, hoping for the end of this power's embrace, for defense.
Infused with my spirit, forging new visuals with a striking prowess
Prophetic men, pray for the wisdom to use every tool that we can.
Avenge fallen brethren, who've been taken once and lift them to the sky.
With a power forged in blood, the arrows of our love show that while eclipsed, we still believe the sun will shine upon this field and dry up every tear.
Power rages on, rages over sorrow.
Over hope passing.
Pray for cleansing and wisdom in dark times, even when it doesn't shine, but it burns with light, for the creature shields it's eyes, from the untamed parts of night.
But now I see the glow, radiating off the angels, screaming out in tongues, firing into the air, as the trumpeters blare a new song, of transformation from the old.
My hands are waving, frantically searching for weapons of my own.
I'm strengthened by numbers, the melodies of the angels from home...
Reach out your arms...
And believe in Me...
Reach out your hands, and take this in...
Reach out your arms, and believe in me.
And open your eyes.

6. Kingdom Of Might (Dawn In The Darkness)

But there were changes first, in the valley floors.
Where the creatures lurk in the dark no more.
Seen in weakness now, they may attack at will.
With our swords we'll stand, as one body we'll stand!
In unison crying aloud in defiance of death!
But there's a way to build a kingdom, bonding units with one true host.
For this is real, the walking dead fight, raise an alert.
Attackers from the west they scream with renewed hatred!
They fight hard and intense.
Rest assured in the strength of your King, drink only of waters which won't recede.
Father of dreams, pick up the broken wings; and fill the spaces, where fallen saints are lacking, bring us visions, visions of our true home.
Taking solace in the comfort stemmed from angels whispers, encouragement to press on...
Into the fire!
Pick up the broken wings!
Warriors of might, prep your armor, and charge forth with swords and shields raised high into the sky, with an urgent cry a cry of hope.
The clouds are moving side to side, shreds of white light are squeaking by, with attention to the mourning, the widow and the child.
Love does not fail.
Breathe, breathe the freshest of air, see the whitest of white, and press on through the fight.

7. Sounding Jerusalem

A place with no night, a dormant holy bride.
With the Lamb, seated high, at the time we'll unite.
She's adorned, so full of life, with no room for any words that attempt to speak of death, as these things have passed away.
Neither sorrow, neither crying, neither shall there be any more pain.
As every old evil is washed away.
And he said "write: for these words, are true and faithful...
I make all things new.
Neither sorrow, neither crying, neither shall there be any more pain in the new Jerusalem.
My dreams have been corrupted, there's something on my back, digging deep into my skin, and every one of these demons live.
But they scatter at the sound, aware of all weakness, as I speak His name, yes they'll tremble!
The anarchy has no place, in a city glowing of sardius.
With streets of gold, and a King upon the throne.
A new dwelling place.
Descends from the sky, I can't believe it's our time.
I'll fly, atop the world oh so high, meeting halfway to the sky, my new home, where I will dwell, forever righteous.
Where I'll dwell, there will be no night.
For our faces glow at the sight of the king's court, stretching on into infinity.
A new life righteous, a brand new world.

8. Sons Of Thunder

9. The Seven Braids Of Samson

It's bright; rising sun is dancing on the back of a saving justice, fusing beads of sweat.
He's anointed to save the nation, vanity erupts with movement, a movement from upstream.
Behind every assertion, lie cryptic warnings.
A glow which fills the mouth of an Asiatic feline, the stance of poised attack affirming his pride.
Embracing assault, this cordial goodbye is written in blood.
The age of innocence awake, reviving infamy so alive, another cryptic martyr.
In place of where to hide, there's a narrow path divided, and the innocence has died.
No we won't believe this fate to be all of ours, there's freedom tonight.
We won't believe the hope is dead, not this time.
Move mountains with strength not quite of this world.
Nurtured in a barren womb, a pre-destined potential.
The hours growing faster than the seed that is choked by thorns.
Now, become the cryptic martyr, and this potential leader will fall as a lesson and rise as a hero, with a life spent seeking demise.
I'll find with the aftermath turning back, a seasoned observation.
A tainted promise, broken heart, faced now with conviction.
And in time, we all fall.
In need of saving answers, we're tortured to light, seeing without eyes.
Cry out Samson, see without eyes.
Cry out Samson, see without eyes.
In all winds, seek anchor, the storm will soon be still.

10. Like Jasper And Carnelian

There's a door which stands as high as our eyes can see..
In the clouds, reflecting.
I'll hide my face, I'll hide my cares, my works; they're dead.
From the spirit, came descriptions of what we're to consider:
Yes the beauty of His majesty, seated upon His throne.
One could barely raise their eyes to view the things taking place.
The change of history as the scrolls, shown enforcing His grace, for all to see.
The glorious gems, penetrating deep inside until I ignite.
With a surging force, my instincts collide with what's happening.
I'll avert my eyes, for You can't see me like this.
So pitiful, and so ashamed.
Now a peace overwhelms me.
I feel no more shame.
I am transformed divine, as the Divine claims my blame.
Pieces of color coming forth from the throne of mercy, invading the Earth as rays, bursting through the rain.
Illuminating the faces of the burdened, poor, and the ashamed; and yes this covenant stretches across every tear, with a wonderful claim.
A claim of hope for a chance to grasp ahold of a miraculous dream.
To taste the beauty of the sun, then finally rest, rest inside of it's gleam.
With the explosions and array of light, the world is quite alive.
Reflections of this overwhelming display strengthen our sense of sight.
Sense of sight, here is the throne, exploding with love..
In an instant I'm bound to the world of fantasy, the king of armies I've see in their splendor, and I'm realizing I am unclean.
I need His scepter of peace, to raise unto the sky, with the strength of His presence inside.

11. Golgotha

Was it a day, a day just like today?
Imagine, the same sun we know casting a haunting shadow upon the sand.
In a not so distant land, spectators breathing the air we breathe.
Casting the same rocks, sweating the same sweat, Their eyes ablaze, glazed with an ancient gaze, it was still the same, then as today.
The weight of the timber of that tree, pails in comparison when contrasted with the weight of the world; the shame and the pain, the burden we just couldn't bare.
The darkest day on the earth some would say, the Light of the World searching ever ready to ignite.
The soldiers are tormenting bu they don't know why, still He is speaking on their behalf.
This day would bring hope to us all.
There's imminent danger at hand, and in the sand we still stand.
With our spears ready to thrust, our feet creating dust.
And now it swirls like a tornado in hot pursuit of it's next building to collapse.
The thick glass we see through darkly, as we have smeared it with mud.
And somehow we still think it to be all about us,
But it's all about You.
I know I'm covered in filth, and I need to be cleaned.
For this curse is strong, but the cure is here, and although I fall, I know that you're near.
I know that you're right here.
You're right here.

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