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1. Utgard (False Games)

"This cat I will lift up from the ground
Is there no harder quest you give?
If this beast is bound by spells around
No one of you will live!"
The cat he grabbed and lifted high
But long and longer it now got
He was struggling with the loudest cry
Until a foot was lifted, not a lot
Loki fought against the fire
Thjalfi ran against a thought
No one ever lift the serpent higher
Against the ages all draw short

Utgard, Utgard, Utgard

The rage filled Thor and he did claim
To get another task to see
He danced with Elli and for his own shame
Was forced down to his knee
Now dirty tricks where all revealed
By magic they where fooled
Now as they leave the playing field
They know the way this games where ruled

2. Mudguard's Guardian

"First drops of the rain come down
Hurry home my child
The hammer swinger rides alone
His goats are gazing wild"
Protecting us from giant hordes
His hammer flies in rage
Destroying all the giant Lords
From now they will not age

Kill the troll is what he will
He hurries to the place
Goats are running, Hammer kill
Lightning shows his face

"Come on my child, we have to leave
Protector's passing by
Find shelter from the giants grieve
Redbeard's flying high"
A war cry scatters enemies
The giants live in fear
Mudguard's Rivers, Hills and trees
Are well guarded far and near

3. Asgard

See the shining place,
high in eternal space.
Across Heimdall's bridge
you have to go.
Unreachable for you and me.
We will never see
the home of the gods.
This holy land.

Asgard, Asgard.
The home of the Gods
Asgard, Asgard
This holy land

Built with giants power.
In the center Odin's tower.
A stronghold tall.
But one day it will fall.
When giants are running,
Suturs flames are coming.
The gods will face
their destiny.

4. Serpents Venom

Wolf gets loose and giants run
The worlds will burn in war
The final fight, it has begun
Nagelfar on Asgard's shore
The army of the giants rise
With Loki leading them
Odin's brother chose his side
Brings death to gods and men
The forces clash on Vigrids fields
In the longest winter time
Sword and axes, spears and shields
Kill trolls as well as lords divine

The serpent the serpent venom
The serpent meets the mighty Thor
They fight intense and hard
The serpent the serpent venom

Nine steps he takes before he falls
The mighty friend of ours
Both are dead and fortune calls
Prevail will all his powers!
Lying on the field he'll be
His life will go in fight
Just like the way I wish for me
Unforgotten shining bright!

The serpent the serpent venom
Loki's child falls with a roar
But venom catches Thor off guard!
The serpent the serpent venom

5. Resurrection

Is it all gone when
the worlds have burned?
Who will be then
There when fate has turned?
Strongest god he fought so well
But time comes to us all
Thor is not afraid of hell
One day anyone will fall
A new world will arise
From ashes and remains
Take a look, open your eyes
Destroyed will be the chains

of Thor's Hammer
in the time
of the golden dawn.

Both Thor's sons have survived
Hammer's back, prevails
The new world now will thrive
Never will forget the tales
An end is always carrying
The seed of a new start
Just take a look at everything
Old and new not far apart
An end has come to Yggdrasil
All worlds are burned away
A golden time, oh don't you feel
Will follow up that day!

6. The Visitor

"Who is this mighty man outside
The one who killed the trolls?
Will he be staying here tonight
Or turning where the thunder rolls?"

"The thunder rolls whereever I travel on my way
Tonight I will be here don't cry
Save you are to stay"

"You are a lord that I can see
A god you are as well
What is your mighty name to be?
This you're bound to tell"

"I'm Thor, the mighty god
The lord of rain and storm
Now build a fire
For feast it shall be warm"

"There is no feast we have no meat
My lord, I am afraid to say
Hunger will be in our seat
There is no feast today"

"My goat will give a live for all
So we have all we need
I'll kill it now, a roast, I call
my friend, for us you'll bleed
Don't break a bone of him tonight
Not the smallest one you'll harm
If you do, you little wight
The mighty Thor will not be calm"

"Delicious is the meal for us
The marrow I would greed
I'll break a little bone and thus
fullfill my baneful need"
The mighty Thor revived his friend
In the morning with his hammer
To bring him to the Aesirs land
In the used and wonted manner

"Who broke his leg the night before?
I told you not to do
I told you what will be afore
My rage now comes to you"
The goat's alive again but lame
One of you has harmed a bone
One of you is bearing blame
He will be punished, he alone"

"I was the one I broke the leg
My lust was just too big
I fear there is no use to beg
To your decision I will stick"

"Thjalfi you will follow brave
On each and every way
No matter how your soul will crave
For each and every day"

7. What Would You Do?

In a blackened night
The enemies came
Crossing the land
With fire and steel
They killed his tribe
They raped his wife
And in the end
They killed his child
The loss is deep, left all alone
The pain beyond all bearing
There is no place to call a home
That challenge was so daring!

What would you do if it was your child?
Can you imagine the pain?
But by your anger your hate you cry for vengeance!
Thor remains your name!

Hate flushes like a mighty stream
Into mind and in the blood
It gives a strength that was unseen
He'll drown them in that flood
Now hunt them down like prey
Who did murder all his kin
Riping flesh from bones today
Rage in blood and hammerin'
Their names will sound not anywhere
Like Thor in rage his eyes don't care
Forgotten all their lives will be
And well known be his family!

8. Utgard (The Beginning)

"Thjalfi, move! We have to go
Darkness comes along
The giants hall that I do know
Ahead it lies so tall and strong"

"Lets have a rest, I am so weary
In the cave I see right there"

"I am as tired as you teary
So we will stay, take care"
Utgard-Loki did appear
His glove has been the cave
The hammer did not give him fear
He seemed so unbelievable brave

The hall they reached at night
And games they played, unfair
They used their power, all their might
Betrayed they've been, beware

"I will eat much more than him
I will win this game
Mighty eaters brought my kin
And you will be ashamed"
Loki ate so fast and much
But when he reached his line
Lohe ate the trough as such
And all the roast so fine

"I will run as lightning, yeah so fast
This time I will not loose the game
Against me anyone won't last
Next to me he will look lame"
So fast he ran, so swift he was
But Hugi reached the goal, departs
And had a minute's pause
Bevore Thjalfi even starts

9. Stolen Hammer

The dawn is breaking
Light comes bright
On the new day now awaking
Giants Thor will fight
He is looking everywhere
For his mighty crusher
The weapon is not there
Bringing anger to the rusher
Thrym has stolen Mjoellnir
He wants Freyja as a prize
For the weapon giants fear
Don't think this to be wise
See the eyes of redbeard
Filled with divine rage
Asking Freyja as she neared
To go into the giants cage
But Freyja just refuse
To be the hammers pawn
Loki knows what trick to use
Use brain instead of brawn

All giants died, the hammer's home
And Freyja is still here
One will someday challenge him alone
But that is not anybody near!

Thor and Loki now disguise
Themselves as Freyja and handmaid
The mighty has to hide his eyes
And both travel to their fate
Thrym gladly hail his bride
His pleasure was unseen
He does not see what Thor did hide
But had a notion of the mean
Some things were strange to him
And he was curious to know
Loki swiftly starts the answering
So the giant didn't see his foe
A ritual shall seal the bond
The hammer falls into the fold
Rage breaks through and goes beyond
Everything since days of old

10. Lightning

Mjoellnir flies across the sky
And giants fall down dead
Lightning strikes with power
Crush them in their head
They fear the Hammer everywhere
The Thunder calls for death
No living thing will harm our god
Until the serpents' breath!
From dark clouds fire falls to us
A battle rages high

Lightning, Thunder, Wind and Rain

Hammer's crushing heads and bones
And lightning strikes his foes
Dark rain's washing off the blood
While the Wind of anger blows
So many giants flood the world
They'll never be all gone.
Whatever we might fear at night
The Thundergod will battle on!
Up the fight is going on
Fly, goatdrawn waggon, fly!

11. Pounding In The Night

The lightning shines
And rain pours on my face
Sounds like if a giant whines
And mighty clouds menace
With hammer in his hand
Thunderer will come along
Stop the giants waste the land
Nothing helps against the strong
Trolls they flee away from here
And giants tremble fast
The hammergod rides loud and near
No enemy does ever last

The pounding in the night
Is the hammer of Thor
The pounding in the night
That sound when it strikes

The hammer that you faithfully
Wear around your neck
Will always guide you rightfully
And surely watch your back
The friendly redbeard is with you
When giants block your way
Not always easy you'll get through
But not alone you'll stay
Near to man and Midgard's lands
Arise the mighty Thor
All the places he defends
You know they're to fight for

Sven D'Anna : Vocals
Dano Boland : Guitars
Michael Maass : Guitars
Volker Leson : Bass
Snoppi Denn (Sören van Heek) : Drums

2009 Massacre Records

Thanks to sh_wildchild for sending these lyrics.

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