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1. In The Sign Of The Wizard

When you feel the strong winds you can feel the
power of the gods. And you see the magic man riding
on his black horse. Yeah with him they are coming:
The legion of doom.
With power and glory we are fighting for the gods.
Harder and faster, together we are riding.

In the sign of the wizard we are on the way.
In the sign of the wizard we'll bring the change.
In the sign of the wizard.

See the flag covered with blood.
With blood we have sworn the eternal oath.
Make the sign, cross your arms, come with us to the gods.
Raise your fists and fight for it that your
dreams become real.
Hear the gods are calling you. They will give you their
mighty energy. Fear the wizard and hear him now. For
then you will see the light of the gods.

Stand together as one man. Don't let anyone oppres you.
We will not run and hide away. Noone on earth
will ever change us. With the help of our gods
we will come to the promised place.

2. Death Or Glory

We ride through the sky to find our aim of life.
We find it on the last day to fight the eternal darkness.
The gods are our guides like a shield in every fight.
Feel the power of their eternal force.

Death or glory, gold or nothing, this is our destination.
Fight the evil fight the darkness feel the holy satisfaction.

We are einherier on our way to the glory end on
the ida-fields. Our masters made us strong with a
mighty yell into the battle.

3. Rain Of Death

It seems like a dream but when you open your eyes
you can see reality children are crying 'cause
they've lost their parents. Women are crying 'cause
they've lost their families. You asked yourself for
what is it good for. War is the name of this reality
game. All over the world there is a touch of this game
of this reign of death.

This is the reign of death
This is the reign of death

Children without arms, flames destroyed their faces.
Wherever you see blood and crying people. I asked
you god "where are you?"

Reign of death

4. Dawn Of Evil

Crowley saw his master come on a horse of fire.
With demons at his side and black hordes behind
he saw the world in flames. The gods layed in their
blood, the cruely hand of evil catch this blue hall.

This is the dawn of evil. The age of the serpent
will begin.

Flames of darkness burn the virgin soul. Fire of torture
cruel and cold as ice come to the sacrifice for the black
lord. Feel his evil power and hail him to the end.
The priests of the unknown on their crusade of pain. Wirth
flames of darkness in their bloody hands. They will
come to the sacrifice to hail the new lord but
they will die.
The moon is shining, black clouds are coming. Smell the
demons breathe the master of the underworld will bring
the eternal death. He will drink your blood like water.
Will scatter all your bones, will rip out your entrails.
Be the sacrifice for the black lord.

Bloodstone, the altar of evil
Bloodstone, the altar of sin
Bloodstone, the master of the underworld arrives.

This stone is your grave, feel the pain. Nobody
will save you. The wicked place of the black cult
will be your deathbed. The seven gates of hell
are opened by the black lord. Rotting flesh is coming
out of their graves.

But then white lightnings crashing in the altar of sin.
The pile is burning, the flesh is screaming. This
is the demons breathe. The battle of gods and evil
comes to it's end. The wight light gods, today they are
victorious but the unholy priests will stand
for a new fight and than once again they will praise
and preach the dawn of evil.

5. Lovesong

Girl I wonna tell you how I feel. I love you more than all of the
world. When I see your smile like the sun or lips that speak
like a bird to me.

I can't stop loving you.
I can't stop thinking about you
'Cause you are the one and only girl I love.

You give me more love as anyone can give.
I know god has made us to live together.
I never want to lose you, 'cause I'm still loving you.

Girl I hope when I make a mistake you will forgive me
and I hope you will always love me for the rest of my life.

6. Enemy Die

The priest have done their sacred rite with me.
My veins are filled with fire.
I await my destiny armed with mighty weapons. I will ride
to victory. The battlefield lays grey and dead for me.
Dragons in the sky await my enemy. I will hear his breaking bones.
I will see his bleeding wounds.

Enemy die! Die by my sword!

I hear the marching sound of the unholy force. The clash of
forces killed my frightened horse. Now a fight man to man awaits me
on the end. I fight him with the power of ten thousand men. He
lays on the ground and I set his life an end. I hear his broken
bones, I see his bleeding wounds.

7. Son Of Darkness

He saw the rainbow. It will show him the way, 'cause he must find
the way to valhalla. Odin trapped the wizard to oppres him kill
the serpent and the black wolfe or the wizard will die

Created by fire and ice. Burned for a thousand times. A lonely
black heart inside, only made to rule the world. Son of darkness

The world stands behind him, give him power with his horse. He
rides to the darksea. He finds the serpent, cut it into pieces and
the dark wolfe stands on the hill to fight with him.

8. Masters Of The Sea Of Gods

There is a place on this earth it's called "sea of gods".
You will think there is water in it but it's only blood.
The blood of thousands fighters has filled the sea of gods.
When you want to drink it you'll get the power of them.

Fight and kill, warriors of the golden hall.
Fight and kill, masters of the sea of gods.

If you want to find the place you must fight the masters of
hell. I'll give you some weapons to win the fight. Herer is my
sword and bow. Only they can help you. And this is the card
of the forgotten land.

9. Lonely Wolfes

Lonely wolfes are howling to the moon.
A shining fire burns in the night and a man prepares
his horse for war. Betrayed by his friends, banned by his tribe
they tortured him to die but his rage will come to them.
His mind is fullfilled with hate, his sword is like a silverlight.
Death and pain to those who had betrayed him. With a final prayer
to his gods he rides to his last battle to find his fate named
revenge to his tribe.

Death is his aim, rage is his life, his black blood streams
through fired veins. In a black night he came like a demon to
his tribe, killed those who had banned him to the desert.
Ripping flesh and bones, drinking enemies blood, screamings
in the air, but he is laughing.

10. Fuck Your Ass

You are a bitch, don't know who I am. We felt in love for some
years. But the last time I feel that there is another man.
No more love between us.

I fucked your ass, you sucked my dick, I take my gun and
I shoot you down.

But now I know it and I will kill you. You will get on your knees
and kiss my shoes. When I hold a gun on your head I will see
in your eyes when death came.

Sven DiAnna - vocals, keyboards
Michael Maas - guitar
V. Leson - bass, backing vocals
Snoppi - drums

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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