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1. Beginning Of The End

After Baldur was dead a cruel winter came
Three years long
Brother kill brother
Father killed son

No order no law a time full of war
Fear the night
Asgards cock crowed
The cock of hell too

Heimdall's horn sounds in the night
Einheriers are ready to fight

The beginning-Ragnarfk is coming
Of the end
The beginning
Of the end twilight of the gods

Fenris the dark wolf, breaking his chains
Chasing the sun and the moon
The Midgard snake
Has left the sea of sorrow

Loki rides on a ship made of nails
Right across the world
Satur the giant
Rises with his sons

2. The Prophecy

Where is Iduna
The goddess of life
Who now would give the world-tree
Water and life

So the gods were seeking her
All across the world
But no one could find her
Where may she've turned?

Odin rode to Mimir
And asked him for the truth
He had to give one eye
To hear the words of wisdom

The prophecy of the holy Norns
A tale of death and doom
Odin saw the ultimate sign
The end is coming soon

The prophecy of the holy Norns
World is doomed to die
Fire in the sky
The end is coming soon

Odin has heard it
That Iduna serves in hell
He asked the queen of death
To set Iduna free

But she didn't want to go
In the dark she wants to live
Where she could rest in peace
Til the end of time

Tales of the oath
Of death and doom
He saw the sign
The end is coming soon

3. Betrayer

The bad dreams of Freya
Shows her what will happen
To her shining son
Baldur the light god

She saw him living
In the dark world of hell
Killed by a hand
Which was guided by evil

Loki heard what she'd done
She made the whole world swear
That nothing's hurt her son
But she forgot the fallen one

Loki do you really know
What you have done
Evil arises, giants cross
The border-line of the north

You are the Deceiver of the gods
Enemy of the human kind
Murderer of the light god, Loki

The gods played a game
Shooting at Baldur
For they knew
That nothing would hurt him

Loki took some mistletoe
Made from it an arrow
Gave it to Hfrdur
And made him kill the shining one

4. Dead Hope

Two souls now dancing
To the music of their dreams
Baldur and Iduna
Hand in hand they walk through Hel

Blinded by cruel darkness
They can't see what is around
Dazzled by their feelings
They don't hear the chaos scream

Two souls embraced by eternity
Brought together by a cruel destiny
Now they'll live 'til the end of time
In the realm of the death-queen

Baldur is dead, the god of life
Killed, bleeding in the sand
Baldur is dead, a poison arrow shot
By an evil hand

Cold tears, no emotions
Two living souls in a dead world
See the death-queen laughing
Don't care about their pain

Crying gods in Asgard
All hope is gone cold emotions
What stands in the future?
When all is said and done

Baldur is dead, the god of life
Killed, bleeding in the sand
Baldur is dead, a poisoned arrow
Shot, by an evil hand


5. Dark God

There'll be blood on his hands
There is hate in his eyes
An innocent boy
Like the prophecy told

The enforcer of the gods

Why did the gods want
The dark god to die
It was Lokis fault
That Baldur was dead
But they were blinded by their rage

He walked through the shadows he lived in the dark
Awaiting his destiny woven by Norns

God of the dark-where are you now
God of the dark-be afraid
Wali is our vengeance and your death
He can see in the darkness feel his breath

The gods sent the messanger
To the black world of hel
To force the queen of death
To set Baldur free

On one condition she would agree

The whole world should cry
To set Baldur is free
But the giant won't do it
So the light god must stay
So wild hate filled the gods

6. Loki's Punishment

You will never see the sun again
There is no hope for you
Pay the price for that what you have done
Now your nightmare's coming true

This is your eternal pain
This is your punishment
Revenge of the gods
Pain without end

Chained to a rock until the end of time
'Til the beginning of the end

Torture and pain
His destiny's end for all eternity
Torture and pain, this is Lokis punishment

The deadly snake above your head
Venom in your veins
The ground of Midgard shaken by
Your cries of pain

Lokis wife is by his side
Embracing him in love
She knows that his time will come

7. Thor's Hammer

He rides through the sky
To the northern border-line
Awaiting his enemies
Giants of Niflheim

His weapon is pounding
By his lust for the giants' blood
Armour for a god
And armour to kill

Smashing and crushing
A weapon full of power
The time will come
The giants last hour


He was the strongest
God in the golden hall
His father was Odin
The power-god

In the last battle
He killed and fought together
With his father Odin
The Midgard snake

8. The Hall Of Odin

A hall of gold, shines in the night
A hall for warriors, is our guide
For men and women, with honour and pride
Where the strong and brave lived inside

The hall of Odin shines in the night
The hall of Odin is my guide

So strong so wise is the lord of this hall
Power and greatness he brings us all
The one-eyed the wanderer, the provider of war
Hail him now give him all

The hall of Odin shines in the night
The hall of Odin

9. The Powergod

The incarnation of brutal power
The leader of the wild hunt
The highest god in Asgard
The master of death and glory

Two ravens on his shoulders
Two wolves at his feet
He is the lord of the golden hall
He is the god of wisdom
He is the god of rage
He is the god of unity and war

Odin - the power god

Now he gathers the Einheriers
He leads them to the final battle
Riding in the first line
Now his spear crosses the battlefield

10. The March Of The Einheriers

Practiced for a thousand years
They're crossing the rainbow bridge
Reaching the ida field
Where their destiny waits

The blood-lust in their eyes
Shines like a star
Their ground-trembling war cries
Wake up the dead

The march of the einheriers

Conviction in their minds
The will to survive in their hearts
Standing in silence
Awaiting the gods
Prepared for the attack

11. End Of All

Odin knew the truth
But led them all to doom
Einheriers and gods
Trust in his words

Follow me to victory
Let us slay them all!
In his eye one lonely tear
Shows his mortal fear

The gods are dying, the world is crying
In this final war
The gods are dying, the world is crying
This is the end
The end of it all

With a smile on their face
They march into the blaze
Together for their holy land
They ride out to defend

Thousand wounds are bleeding
The gods are going to die
Facing their eternity
Under the northern skies

12. Ultimate War

Now it's time for the final fight
Einheriers to death and doom they ride
Valkyries of Valhalla fly
With their father Odin through the sky

The king of the hall is riding out
On his horse of doom and death
The fire of destruction burns
In his eye and his soul

The cry of war on the killing ground
The god of thunder ready to pound

Ultimate war
Einheriers will fight ,giants will die
Odin will ride, ripping the sky

Warriors standing side by side
With their enemies eye to eye
They are roaring, the Battle cry
Fight for the honour blood and pride

Forces met with a mighty clash
Noble warriors fight 'til death
Total destruction is what will come
In the end when their work is done

13. Golden Dawn

A grey desert of destruction
Which survived this mortal end
Darkness black water around the world
Is what is left

New and old gods gathered
To make rules for this new world
A united mankind without war
Waiting for the one who'll come

(This is the) dawn of the golden age
(This is the) dawn of a new world
Eternal freedom, majestic pride
In the lost survivors eyes
(This is the) dawn of a new glorious world

Freedom and glory
Around the world
A new reign if gods begin

No war no suffer
No violence
Just peace and eternal love

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