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1. Evitum Okul


2. Magic Potion

Show me your fist
Show me the muscles your
Bronze-coloured body out of control

Can you sense it can you feel it
It's like an apparition

You will resist temptation
Against every evil power

But there must be intention
Take your chance right now

Drink the magic potion
Brewed by the wizard mixed by the gods
The chalice stands prepared
The power can be yours

You will feel the blood in your veins
Approach the boiling point
Like a dragon high in the sky
Like a fire you will burn

The veil of magic around you
Like a creeper in the night
Your first and only chance

The destiny of us all is in your hands

3. Calm Of The Storm

Running: through a blur of motion
Out of context; I've lost my ground
Only destruction in my mind
Obeying another sensless command

My senses: divided
Providing no useful information
Waiting for my death
With indifferent anticipation

I'm the calm in the heart of the storm
The steady axis in this dance of death
I'm the calm in the heart of the storm
My existence; re-created breath by breath

Chaos all around
Human limbs rearranged
A collage made out of living flesh
Perception of reality now estranged

Sudden motions in my periphery
I turn around too late
It's time to shake the hand of fate
On my tongue the taste of death

4. Collective Mind

The crowd inside the stadium
Is staring at the darkened stage
Like believers in the inner sanctum
Like vultures in an iron cage

Hyped-up glands are spreading pheromones
The hint of underlaying aggression
The collective minds of sixteen thousand
Now prepared for a total psychic excess
And the band begins to play

They are here to raise some hell
To wake the dead
They are here to raise some hell
With the help of a collective mind
Gone mad

The video-screen shows hypnotic scenes
Like fragments of distorted dreams
Reaching for the deepest spheres of mind
Where only evil one can find

The music is a sequence of hidden information
Plugged inside your cerebrum
Critical mass in its final devastation
They will evoke the demon wth their pounding drums

And the guitar is raging on

While the band is playing on
The brutal riot begins
Now all that was sane is gone
And darkness fills our hearts

5. Defenders Of Metal

We've heard the sound of heimdalls horn
It is calling us to battle
The iron war will come

Einheriers by our side
Valkyries in the sky
The legion of doom will rise

Brothers hoods of metal prepare for war
Fight with us for metal in the iron war

Defenders of metal fight and kill
Defenders of metal kill with steel

Thunder in the sky
Odin's ravens fly
It is a nice day to die

With the power of our weapons
And the help of our gods
We'll be victorious

Deceivers lay in their blood liars hang on the trees
We let the posers die; we let the posers die

Defenders of metal fight and kill
Defenders of metal kill with steel

6. Demon Witches

Brother stand up show us your power now
Don't waste our precious time
Your bloodsteel made by magic
Can help us in our pain

Can't you hear the bells tolling
A funeral procession death

The demon witches are on their way
The mighty flock of brutality
Ignite your power for the holy land
Your bloodsteel will help us to our victory

Like fog in the woods
They announce
Our death sentences
Please destroy their wicked magic
Let them feel your bloodsteel with all its might

7. Iron War

We have gathered around the table
To cleanse our weapons
Of the blood of deceivers
We killed in the battle of steel

But now this is reality
Fantasy is gone
We now prepare our minds
For the iron war

In the sign of the wizard
We will ride to victory
The banner of destruction
Our enemies will fear

(In the) iron war iron war
The philosophy of metal will prevail

We now let our spirits fly
Like an eagle in the sky
Across the mountains and the sea
We are flying high

People of the world
Come and face your doom
Warriors of metal
Are coming to you soon

8. The First One

You thought you were evil
But you were wrong
You were only blinded by the dark

Now at night you are hunting
The days you are sleeping
And you dream of a stake in your black heart
Dream of a stake in your black heart

You've prayed for the bite of life
But now you live in hell

And the first one sits on his throne
Laughing at your pain and your life in hell

The one who has given you
This eternal life
Feels the same pain as you do
In his black heart

You are a wanderer in time
Many centuries you have seen
But you have become tired of this life
And thus pray for your death

The stake in your heart
Black blood streams out of your wound
Your immaculate skin turns black
Your undead body begins to rot
Your soul is now free
But it will go straight to hell

9. Head Of The Deceiver

Don't trust anyone
Never show your blade
You don't know who is false or true
'Cos dirty rats are lurking everywhere

The true ones you will see
Standing beside you
In the loneliness of the battle
Protecting and saving your life

You are the scum of this world
You are the dust of the street
You are the dirt under our nails
And we let it roll

The heads of you deceivers
(The axeman is now ready)
For the heads of the deceivers

In the end
The glory will be ours
Proud of having lived the truth
Proud of having had no fear

After the valkyries
Brought you to valhalla
The true ones stand beside you
The false ones pierced on their spears

10. Revenge

Through the open gates
she enters into the new world
Here bravery is peculiar
thoughts full of sorrow
With a great effort she
walks along the way
Sweat flowing in streams
down her body

Palpitations grow louder
as she approaches her goal
The mighty hill of lightning
she is expected here

Ride ride ride with the wind
Don't think about goodness
revenge is your aim
Revenge revenge revenge for the world
The dark time is over the magic will win

The wizard is invincible but far away
But his servants send her a bolt
And a hammer made of steel
The bolt will show her the way
And the hammer will fight with the power
Of the mighty wizard
Against the warriors of death

A white horse appears out of the dark
It will stand for all time by her side

Determined she rides into
the struggle for justice
The hell before her she is
screaming for revenge and she rides on
After some miles a horde of
dark shadows crosses her way
Is she hallucinating or
has she found the warriors of death

11. True Metal

Why do you ask us if we were false or true
Can't you just shut your fucking mouth
Why do you look at us like we were shit
Are you just envious
We just want to live our life
We don't care what you say

We play more metal than the most people can take
Bad reviews and fat ass critics we don't care
We play metal for all metal heads
And not for rotten poser rats

True metal the sound of our hearts
We will never be apart
The sense of our lives
Deceivers our victory is your doom

Don't try to stop 'cause we are too strong
The wall on which you'll be crushed
The day we meet you will never forget
Your untrue poser rats
We are not born to serve
We are born to rule

We play metal loud and proud
Smashing enemies to the ground
Born to play the metal sound
By true metal we are bound
We don't care what you say
Hear what we play

12. Bloodsteel

Fire - iron - blood - steel

By the breath of a dragon the gods melted the steel
That had fallen from heaven as a fireball to the ground

With the mighty hammer of thor they forged a weapon
With the blood of a dead giant they blessed and tempered it

A mighty creature has granted it
To the thunder warriors
To fight against the darkness
For the eternal light

Hail - hail - hail hail the masters of the holy sword
Bloodsteel - the sword of the gods

They must find the diamonds of freedom in the dark world niflheim
Fighting giants to get these shining crystals

With these holy diamonds in their bag they rode to the battlefield
The crystal shining burned the demon shields

Evil creatures fled in fear of the shining light
But with the power of bloodsteel the thunder warriors struck
Maiming and crushing they wanted to kill them all
The bloodsteel sang its tunes of death
But they were few in numbers so in honour they died fighting

Sven DiAnna - vocals, keyboards
Michael Maas - guitar
V. Leson - bass, backing vocals
Snoppi - drums

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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