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1. Witch Of The Enchanted Forest

Deep in a forest in a magic world
There lived a witch who heard the certain call
Of mother earth who dies and will fall
If nobody starts the holy war

For life – to survive
To save – …mankind
To destroy – the intruders
To heal mother earth

She is the witch of the enchanted forest
Holy mother of nature forces
She summons the power of all that lives
To defend the world with nature forces

She tried to call help with mighty ancient words
She call it to the world that mother earth is hurt
The forgotten spirits brutal and raw
Come to help and start the holy war.

2. Pale Rider

From outer space he came to this world
To conquer and rule – nothing is safe
To suck it out like a spider a fly

By his mental strength he controls
The mankind and gave religion
But their gods are so far away

It doesn’t matter how many will die
It doesn’t matter how many will cry

He is the Pale – Pale rider
The bringer of death, suffer and pain
Pale – Pale rider
The lord of destruction is his name

Behind the clouds their lives a tribe
In a cold world where all life will die
They wait for – for the helping hands
All treasure he found here on this earth
And at other planets he robbed too
In thousands of years of his endless pain

I am the Pale rider searching for superiority
The world where I live is like hell so dark
All hate around me I can understand
But my tribe is dependent at all energy you have.

3. Call To The Dragon

In the old times
They lived on this world
Majestic creatures
Blessed by the gods

High in the sky
Down in their caves
They created and reigned
A world without hate

Now all are dead
Only one survived
In immortality
Forever he will raise

She calls for help to the dragon in the sky
Through the eternal hall of time he has to fly
To help the world to save mother earth
Powered by his hate to the human kind

No.. longer the hunted
Now he is the savior
Of all that lives
On mother earth

He will fight
To those who destroyed
His planet of birth
His home and his land

He knows that this fight
Will come fast
That this war for life
Will be his last quest

Andala tharain!
Hwest ed ur.
Tirina va arda.
Aran I vista.
Turosto teld?.
Rilma adel ninniach.
Halapa, halapa, edonai, Dracona.

4. Children Of The Night

Deep in the caves
Of hills and mountains
We are the string for blood
The first one on his throne
The conqueror of this world
Is our lord

He gave us the command
To kill them all
To take their ASP
To let them bleed

We are the children of the night
(yeah) we dance on the grave –
We are the children of the night
Of those who died

Every day another town
Every month another land
Hide and seek is the game
Lust and torture
Pleasure and pain
Is our aim, don’t be afraid.

5. Black Worms

Created by a bad character …
Something was born – it shouldn’t have.
Against nature, against all life.
Balthasar laughs and releases them.

Deep in the underground of time
Looking for vengeance and might
Violent flesh, demons of modern times.
No chance for a hereafter.

The metal of dominion is their aim.
To be found at the heart of the Earth.
The way is long, their power’s destructive.
Mother Earth begins to die.

Like maggots in rotten meat
They trawl the Earth.
There is no protection, no end in sight.
Balthasar’s triumph is near.

Creeping and Crawling
Collecting and digging
Wherever they roam
Time stands still
Nature cries
Mother Earth dies
The grave of us all.......

Black Worms
- Balthasar’s answer
Black Worms
- Stop them
Black Worms
- The fight for the rule
Black Worms
But nobody can win .....

6. Lonely In Desertland

Death creeps up,
So agonizing and slowly……
The wine of death pours out of its wounds -
Slowly its source of life runs dry.

Pictures from old times:
“When he flew through the air with his brothers,
Majestic, mighty, awe-inspiring“
- penetrate his brain, through a wall of fear of death.

He knows that he has to die.
Nobody can help him, that is the end.

He is lonely in the desert land.

Darkness envelopes him, the pain subsides.
His heart leaves the rhythm of life.
His ancestors’ souls quietly call to him,
A light in the distance shows him the way.

His life given for Mother Earth,
Sacrificed for a higher goal.
Pain dissolves, the end is near.
Darkness gives way to the distant light.

7. Dragons Death

Once a time without pain
Through spiritual darts
A time of untouched nature
No sign of hate in earthly hearts

Dragon wings in the sunlight
Silence in my dreams in my life
I sing I swear decorates to you
Your fireball a sign by the gods

But Dragons death comes fast

Why – why do you have to die?
The spirit in the sky
Why – do you have to die?
I here your whisper in my dreams

But why you have to die
Dark clouds in the sky
The world have lost a
Magic sign from the gods

The spirit of fantasy in my eyes
If I live or not I can’t say
A dark shadow is coming over me
Comes over the whole world

8. Sword Of Vengeance

A last silent cry,
Cried out by millions of people.
The certainty to be close to death.

The souls escape from the dying ones,
They flee and come to terms with themselves.
They melt to an incarnation of power,
Formed like a sword.

Created in order to kill,
Created in order to free …..
From the claws of this beast which kills every life.

The sword of vengeance
The sword of wrath
The power of peace
The power of death

The witch knows what to do,
She feels the power of the weapon.
Created in order to wreak vengeance.

She lets the sword shine above the world,
A sign for the return of the „thunder warriors“.
The „legion of doom“ of modern age

9. Two Faces Of Balthasar

Dreams of might and force,
Born out of craving for power.
He wanted to establish himself
in front of his master.
In order to conquer
he created new creatures.
Which he banned to a life
In darkness and anxiety.

„Catherine my creature, half man, half worm,
Goohan’s mother. Tell her to be quiet,
The torment of her words is unbearable for me.
The are burning in my brain, just silence them.

Which pain drove him to such deeds?
People call it compassion,
Compassion for the burden of others.
He learned compassion at least

Broken by the burden
he imposed on himself.
He wants to put an end
to this madness.
The last step accomplished,
led by the suffering –
the suffering of the world
and the hatred against his master.
(„Pale Rider“ lies there in his blood, killed by his hand. )

What on earth am I doing here? Playing with my might,
Destroying the planet to save my home.
Is that alright?”

10. Return Of The Thunderwarriors

Reborn by the power of the sword.
Revived at the magic halls of time.
With the might of the hammer,
the bow, axe and sword.

Neither fire nor ice, steel and stone –
No spell, no weapons of the world.
No one can stop the braves.
Newly-created to stand forever.

The last resort, the last chance
For warriors of thunder
A union of royal blood
reborn to die.
They are back, back for attack

Four kings - Four whirlwinds of ruin
Like force - Like forces of nature.
The children of the night
Feel their might.

No chance - The worms try to flee
They died - But nothing is save.
Nothing can stop the four
On their way to victory.

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Thanks to wkitchen for correcting track #9 lyrics.

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