Dark Lyrics


1. Thunderwarriors

Warriors made of lightnings
thunder and black steel
Armed with mighty weapons
for their destiny

To all who have betrayed us
hear the battle cry
You'd better run for your life
Or you will die

We fight we kill
We have no fear we feel no pain
Heavy metal devastation is our aim

Thunder warriors fight...kill...
...Feel their power

See our warriors the legion of doom
They are coming soon

When we play our metal
They will rule the hall
They are ready to fight
They are ready for war

2. Named By The Devil

I ride through the land
By my side a thousand of fighters
They follow me wherever I go

We ride through the land
With hate in our soul
Destruction is our commend
The extermination of one race

Murder is our performance
Convince is our task
Named by the devil we cross the land

The devil gave us the task
Human who believe in god
Must be exterminated signed by the devil

Woman cruelly raped and murdered
Set alight houses and killing men
Only the children will be spared
We indicate them the right way to hell

We ride through the land
Destruction is our command
Woman cruelly raped and murdered
Only the children will be spared
To praise satan

3. Lost Souls

Fire of black demons lightnings in the dark
Whispers of creeping shadows evil never dies
Storms of darkness are on their way
To catch your soul and bring it to hell
Streets of the undead cross
The streets of the living

Death and destruction is all they are giving
Hordes of evil on their march of pain
Let the fire of destruction rain
Burning heat will reach you
kneel down for the lord
He will laugh and torture you

Lost souls on their way on the river
of death they sail
Lost souls in hell on their aim is torture and pain

Eternal torture is the price for all the
things you've done
The brain and heart is screaming
There is no way to run

Look in your hellfire pain waits for you
Hear the laughing of demons you must be their guest

4. Pain

After a long trip fought for my glory
signed by my blood I came along this village
to find my eternal freedom

It didn't take a long time
And I saw you full of beauty
My feelings told me immediately
That you are the right woman

Pain that's what love will give you
Sooner or later it will be regular

I never thought that I can love
Something more than my sword
The battle and blood
But there was you
I thought about you every day
Your picture in front of me a dream

It didn't take a long time to
demonstrate my affection
and we were falling in love
we lived our dreams night and day
But the end was close

5. The Liberation

The hero rides through the silent night
The sky is black like hell
Out of howling of some wolves
and the noise of his horse is nothing he can hear

He is on his way to the kingdom of devil
His aim is to take his mistress out
Armed with bow armed with sword
he rides to set his mistress free

Through swamps and bush he must hide forward
The devils adherent try to stop him
But his sword shelters him
and the gods stand by him

Full of hate and pain in his heart
His body studded with scars
Remembers a love time with his mistress
He swears a vow vengeance against the ugly demon

Arrived the devil waited for him
He fought with all his power
Hit the devil with his sword
And set his mistress free
The dark world turned into a paradise of flowers

6. You Prayed To God For Mercy

Hunted by your thoughts
Signed by your own sickness
You're asking why
Waiting for your death

You're praying to god plead for mercy
Your life was too short but nobody grants you

You prayed to god for mercy
You prayed to god for a sign
But in your last hour
You know he is not there

Your body will corrode
You lay suffering
Pumped full of drugs
falling in oyur last sleep

Death is coming now
The torture has an end
You are laying in your grave
"Thanks god for your life hah!"

7. Thoughts

I'm sitting at the window
looking at the black landscape
Rain falls down at the window
like tears from my eyes

Thoughts fly through my head
thoughts about my life
about the world I live in
the seasons the winter

Awake and no bird was singing
the trees looked meaningless
Rain snow no flowers no feelings tired
I'm dreaming the time

Thoughts fly through my head
Thoughts about my life

Music wakes up thoughts
thoughts of the summer
the season I miss thoughts
which will help me in the winter

The winter I had lost a person
died in winter
tears are falling the person was funny
and enjoyed living
But a sickness destroyed his life

8. Heavy Metal Will Never Die

Is the metal dead?
I don't think so
As long as we live
The metal will never die

We write metal history for us
and for all real metal fans
music makes us strong
It's vital for us

heavy metal will never die
heavy metal stands over all my friend

Who says: The metal would die
cannot be our friend
he may die in hell and then
he sees that metal is alive

He must come to our concerts
than he will hear the loud guitare
Burning in his head so loud
and fast like an explosion

9. Our Hate Will Burn You

When we play our metal
loosers come out of their holes
They're telling shit about us four
But we don't care

Than we turn back to our amps
and burn them up to hell
to the brains of our enemies
give up their rotting lifes

No one can stop our battle of metal
Out of our way or you feel our steel

Our hate will burn you
Feel the power of our hearts
Riding lightnings in the dark
The day will come
when we piss in your face

Whenever liars and betrayers cross our way
They wonna fall us in the back to kick our ass
But before they can see we are turning around
And we take our weapons and smash them to the ground

10. Dragon Lords

Blackeyed giants with a skin of leather
With wings of steel and crawls of stone
Mighty black kinks high in the sky they fly
They have no weapons to win the fight

They're spitting fire burning so hot
Like the heat in hell fighting those
who betrayed them fighting for the law

Dragon lords high in the sky they fly
Dragon lords a fire in the night
Dragon lords defenders of the truth
Fighting for the metal law

Watchers of the universe warriors of the night
chosen by the gods to win the fight
In the last battle the battle of metal
they lead the thunderwarriors to the light

See their army
The legion of doom war is coming soon
Run for your life metal is coming
Bound by thunder and fire
Like one man we stand against this high society
We laugh about their lies and their false morality
The war for our way of life is our aim here tonight
We burn those down who stand against us
and blow their dust with our metal storm

11. Battle Of Metal

We are ready to fight
We are ready for war
We are ready for the battle of metal

We hear the sound of the horn calling us to battle
We are ready to fight fight for metal
We're riding down the hill with a mighty war cry
We smell the agony of our enemies

We follow our leaders the thunder warriors
Watched by the dragon lord the battlefield we cross
By thunder and fire and metal we are bound
The blood of our enemies spread to the ground

The battle is over we are victorious
The bones of our enemies lay down in the dust
We raise our weapons earthquakes shake the ground
Now the whole world will hear the metal sound!

Sven DiAnna - vocals, keyboards
Michael Maas - guitar
V. Leson - bass, backing vocals
Snoppi - drums

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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