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1. Train Wreck Orchestra

A man, who's soul was put away to rest that night, awakens in disguise amongst the words embedded in the prayers from his final vows. Now he lies there breathless and withering from remembering that his wounds of devoured flesh will heal today and he will rest. For all his life in that he once reigned but now deceased he shall be remembered. I can't help but to think about how he lived through this. To end his life in agony and defeat. To seize the day upon the land he once reigned; now buried within. Now he lies there breathless and withering from no memories. His spirit dies but his blood lives on. We are his children

2. The Last Scripture

Black burns the sky forced to the allegiance of the darkest soul the wound from the crimson sword I am my God, a theory, a scripture you come to me for everything your blood thickens from your suicide I see your shadow everywhere I can see your eyes, so dark, start crying your blood red tears turn to demons your voice, the sound of secrecy I feel my soul bleed through your veins your words turn frail, then silence the black burns the sky.

3. The Scorpions Dance


4. Darkness Doth Bring Mortality

You bleed till your blood turns black. Face down on the kitchen floor. Forever your life in hell. You'll see my fate at your hands. You take me to the ocean and give me your hand forever. They years of lifeless love. Your lifeless memory. And the night it comes to tear our blessed hearts apart to the sound of the blade as it's sharpened above this burial that is not empty for long. To say his name in the pace of mine at a time like this.

5. Forlorn Hope

My blood layers the surface revealing the loss of life words reversed to the one from this earth to see beyond the surface for what has been left behind. Desire the words from he who speaks greater than all with dark crestfallen vows. Words from the wise; the death of the right. The blood red tears upon the sight of death among us. The scent of life expires. The hope dies within.

6. The Prophecies Of Hellfire


7. A Coniferous War

Treacherous hills and fallen branches.
Light from the moon, howls from the wind.
The trail ends to a blanket of leaves dense with trees as far as they allow me to see.
Where will my next step bring me, to a field where one man once reigned.
Battle ensued, a valley of ashes is now the past.
A burial site soiled with families, a family remembered by a wound on a tree.
The crest, sword raised, the call of battle.
The map sketched among the wounded tree now filled of sap and the memory of all the children this family lost.

8. A Theory Of An Evening Sky

"The streets are filled with echoes lost souls. They're waiting for
their chance to be heard to rest. Cries of all their sorrow and anger.
They're left with only questions no answers.

I've felt their breathless screaming. Cold fingers touch me; blur my
eyes. They take the streets in search of the answer, a reason why they
passed. Their time of contemplation with a name that lives forever in

The sound of your last words as you say goodbye.

She sings and leaves her shiver. We blame her time for coming to soon.
In a world of misconceptions not failsafe when the walls are closing
in. The light that shines through darkness to lead us somewhere to a
new chapter.

I can't go on. Take me to a place where I can rest."

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