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1. Grievances

We are the beginning and end of all creation.
Our fight is the struggle of man.
Destined to always fail; we search for this form of clarity.
Hoping that this life has any purpose.
This is the end.

2. King Of Frauds

How long do you have to live a lie before you've convinced everyone that it's true?
Realize that what everyone sees in you was nothing more than a wall stacked ten stories.
Just like a myth, a fable, you were talked up from ear to ear.
Each line embellished over time.
The man you are is not the man you were meant to be.
A coward.
A fake.
Keep pretending; soon enough things will crumble to the ground.
You're the king of a world you built for yourself, but nothing more than a fraud in reality.
Built on a mirage; Idolized by the masses.
If they could only see the truth they would coil in disgust.
How much longer until the pressure makes you break?
You have been exposed as the monster that you are; a prophet that deserves no praise.

3. The Collapse Of Men

We’ve been lying to ourselves for so long.
We truly forgot what it means to be alive.
Trying so hard for a life with such little purpose.
How could we ever recover?
Lost in oblivion.
Through our failed attempts, we try to find some meaning in this chaos.
Shackled in chains, bound and held down.
We’re constantly repressed by our actions to live a lie.
We could never be content.
We could never face our own reflections in the mirror.
Told what to become.
Molded by the tyrants that crumbled before us.
We are more than just a number, more than a model of what should be.
An ideal.
A dream.
That was never meant for us.
We are the weak that work the grind.
Slaves to the freedoms that we’ll never experience.
We sit in silence and watch as life passes by in front of our eyes.
We are the weak.
We are the slaves to freedom.

4. Anxiety Ridden

It scares me to death to think of what I have become,
and what a wandering soul I have become.
If I followed the beaten path instead of marching my way through my own.
I feel so lost in this world like I made the same mistake one thousand times.
I don’t want to be a drone, a slave to the system that's caught so many others in its trap.
I can only hope to look back and see a life fulfilled.
Times of triumph, love and compassion.
But it’s better to have lived, then to have never spent a day alive.
But will these choices finally come back to haunt me in my dreams?
This self loathing can only get me so far.

5. Surroundings

I sing the blues, because that's all I've ever known.
I scream to the sky but my words get lost along the way.
I can't express all the hate that's led me here and all the filth that swallows us whole.
I don’t want to be a part of all this insanity.
Famine and death.
Pestilence and war.
A world shrouded in darkness.
Maybe it's just me but I see no brighter side, or perhaps
I don't want to.
A constant reminder of how ruthless life can be.
A constant reminder of the struggles.
Fear is driven into our minds everywhere we look.
We’ll never forget all the sadness of this world and this tragedy that surrounds us.
This tragedy that consumes our lives.
Forced to be scared, negativity surrounds our perfect little lives.
Negativity surrounds us.

6. One Day It Will Make Sense


7. The Human Condition

Staring through the eyes of a bitter soul. Constantly surrounded by this empty feeling. Never thinking, this is content. Jaded until the very end. I stand alone in a world that casts me aside. Left to believe that what I am falls short in the end. Never good enough for those ideals that seem to mean the most. How do I become what we've all strived to be? Driven into madness, I see no end in sight. Inadequacy feels like the only means to pass through this life, and I sit and ask myself. When will it end? The art of contention is an uphill battle that I'm not ready to fight. How does it seem this easy to stand alone in a crowded room? Plagued by cynicism. I am comprised of all the things I never was and all that I can never be. Wondering how it all must have slipped through my grasp.

8. Plagued

How do we save ourselves from this misery we've plagued our lives with? And we've plagued ourselves. So desperate for answers, we search for a reason to survive. We spend our days staring at the sun. Only to blinded, by the mere thought. Encouraged, enraged by what has held us down. We're Straining on the last bits of hope we have left. No one hears our cries, and no one sees us screaming, beating out our lungs. We are the Forgotten. Our minds have starved from this constant fight to find solid ground. To be something more than what's placed in our hands. Struggling to find the means, to build ourselves back up. With every odd stacked against us, we walk as men through a sea of giants.

9. Silenced

Your hands tied.
You are bound and gagged.
Everything you've been told has been a lie.
We’re so afraid to step outside the lines.
Conformed to restraints of this world.
We've all been asleep since the beginning of time.
Why are we so scared to use our minds?
The only thing we can call our own.
We pretend as if it doesn't even exist.
Muzzles are tied to our mouths.
Voices are never heard for fear of the repercussions.
Imprisoned by our own reality, we dare to go against the grain.
What will it take for us to come alive?
Prepare to rid ourselves from the filth that rots our lives.
Instead of living in the shadows of brothers who have fallen before us.

10. Self-Righteous

How do you judge the ones that are carbon copies of yourself?
A perfect mirror image that you look down upon so half-heartedly.
You may not sin like me, but you'll still rot the same.
The flaws in your character show the weakness in your conviction.
Just because your actions don't reflect mine it doesn't make you any better.
I've lived a life based on value, on pride, on the ideals that we are all the same.
You feed on the power; the idea that you're superior.
You raise your head so high to a society you blatantly cast aside.
Judge so blindly to a world you don’t understand.
Your ignorance displays shallow existence.
We all sin the same, and one day we’ll all rot the same.

11. Our Endless Existence

Take a look around at everything we are and everything we've become.
Our innocence is lost.
We were once so weak and invincible.
Oblivious to the world around us.
We are unstoppable.
An army of brothers with nothing to lose.
Our Strength in numbers never failed.
We are unstoppable.
But times change, hopefully for the better and we've become something so much greater.
Our eyes widened.
Our senses sharp to the harsh reality of the place we call home.
What happened to the days where nothing matter?
The years filled with endless hope.
We've moved on, but we can never forget the time we had it all.
These are the days, we had it all.

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