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1. The Art Of Ascension

Open the gates
to masonic kingdoms
rivers of blood flow
let razors preach
Manifest God
revel in the madness
hollow faces wither
the truth at stake

In death, new life
new anger and fear
delusions of grandeur
guiding the blade
Artist of terror
knee deep in shame
death as a cloak
religion means pain

Soar now, blood angel
touched by the fever
perform the great work
the master has set for thee

Beneath silent towers
homage is paid
scripture in flesh
ordeum nex christi

Cathedrals of bloodshed
carnal devotion
death, my firmament
austere divination
order of serpents
cloak, dagger and lies
the art of ascension
the end of all strife

2. Reap The Impurities

Spiteful and vile
I'll spit at your grave
I recreate your tragedy

As you strive for vie
you poison this land
Slithering little lamb

I despise you
I abhor you

A burden of crows
stealing your endless crown
Engrossed by selfish grandeur
Ten shades of despair
an ominious glowing glare
Your mind, hollow and sunder

I despise you
I abhor you

I'm sworn to scorn
Harvest of flesh
Reap the impurities

A godless image
depraved from the world
Nothing but endless, sickening thoughts
Hiding in clad of white disgusting mess
I revel in your glorious eternal misery

Repugnance my guiding light in this hell
The sixth circuit, impending, embracing
This world which you created, benighted
Sky of crimson the downfall of a dying world
Welcome to the end, nemesis infirmus

We hate you
We reject you

Reap the impurities

3. Reincarnation

Reincarnation reign
Premonition seen

Pale complexion
staring at the
of lifeless memories
with dead eyes

Flowing through
another reality
reanimated heart
pumping hatred
descending into
deafening mandess

Reincarnation feel
Pure submission kneel

Charcoal Writings
on skin
scarred yet
dreaming, screaming
denying the principles
of time

Unborn never seen
the brooding
everlasting sky
Descending into
deafening madness

Reincarnation reign
Premonition seen

Lifeless feelings
Dreaming pitch black
Lifeless meaning
Set mee free

Charcoal writings

4. Entering The Void

Daemon eyes
staring through the endless void
searing your mind
transforming your soul

Dissonant voices
calling to your inner fears
breeding hate
burning crimson tears

Liars in wait
answer the call
the world will burn
the gate shall fall

Unwanted truths
maddening apparitions
descending into
enlightened madness
Unseen portal beckoning
with obsession
no longer man
demoniac possession

Liars in wait
answer the call
the world will burn
the gate shall fall

5. Lights In Zephyrs

Through crevice and rave
dark poetry flows
crystalized songs
of inyielding force
Shades of the past
sifted through sand
sons of the watcher
ever shall stand

The scent of the earth
that covers the dead
where sorrow is king
all hope has fled
Lights in Zephyrs
Reflected winds eho
From ages ago

Devoid of emotion
the blind onces ust see

6. One With Shadows

Where no light reaches
Dreams die and are buried
in ashes and coal
the dust of aeons now gathers
and morphets into form

One with shadows
watches, moves
rings on the water
timeless echoes

A scorching gaze from
obsidian eyes with
unlimited wisdom
pierce the curtains of time
Traveling in silence
from beyond the stars
through blackened dimensions
transcending the spectrum

One with shadows
whispers, Breathes
changing form
Rape thw world

Time has no meaning
life no beginning
death echoes
across the canvas
the sun turns black
stars bleed and fade
to nothing, as...

7. Disdain

For I am sin
Bow Before me in awe
For I am sufferng
Your anti-god

An ill-fated Farewell to a world
slowly decaying into meaningless shit
Brought to our knees
in divine submission
to an ethereal image

Dreams turning into cavaging aces
tearming your mind forever asunder
Bark, oh bark the voices who
will bring you enlightened fulfilllent

The day of judgement, continual suffering
in bombastic brilliancy
Har magedon overshrouds this
starless sky, consuming, devourcing
A seething stigmata overture cascading
into an austere godkiller abomination

This turnorous cancerous growth, which you bequn
us, we replay in death

For I am sin
Bow there me in awe
For I am sufferng
Your anti-God

Profanity from the bowls the beast
Blood-painted canvas symbolize
Life burning nebula, caught in a
flashfire, we burn this world to our likes

For I am sin
Bow there me in awe
For I am sufferng
Your anti-God

8. New Era Holocaust

Scorching the flesh from your skin
Burning embers of unspeakable pain
Screaming our in redempton
Erupt in redempton
Sell immolaton
Cornbust in spleandour

Set your soul ablaze, a bliss form below
Decaying vigor, entandle for all the

Ashes and ghosts
Purify yourself

A vacant torrent leading in
to a storm of bitter emotion
Rise up from the ashes, reborn

Scorching the flesh from your skin
Burning embers of unspeakable pain
Screaming out in anguish, conflagrate
Erupt in redemption
Self immolation
Cornbust in splendour

Erupt in redemption
Self immolation
Cornbust in splendour

Ignite your mortality
Catacylsm supremacy
New era holocaust

9. Never Condoned

From the ivory throne
to the gallows
the keepers of power
are not to be trusted
the clerical collar
an iron shackle
for those, who oppose

From the marble balls
to the dungeon
he who speaks lip
wiill be cast out
the cardinal sin
of liberation
will not be condoned

Hymns of oppression
psalms of oppression
hypocrite laws
threat of damnation

The robe and the scepter
the hammer and nails
temples of fear
on Foundations of lies

The pyres are burning!
piles of dead at the crossroads
pestilence flows
from the open wounds
self proclaimed saviours
drawn like morbs to a black flame

Hex: bass
Zek: drums
Hizon: guitars
Nine: vocals

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