Dark Lyrics


1. Forgotten Sunrise


By the last Caress of light
I wander threw shattered Horizons
Far below the scorched land
Whilst a new dawn overcomes
Engulfing the fainted stars


As twilight unfurled its lament
To those of the wailing cosmos
Castaway from mourning ordained
Vast oceans in dominant spoil


He destined his peoples tragedy
At the claws of the heathens befoul
Overshadows the brightest star
Desolation is the wielder of might


In a shower of gold we fall
With an illusion of crumbling galaxies
I shant not pity the heavens
For they shant not pity me...

2. The Nocturnium Empire

Horrific in its majesty, Athwart the temples
of earth, "How mighty shall you stand ?"
long after the screams have died.
Misery hold high its steel, Quenched in the
blood of many. A revelation to the forlorn,
conquering winds have whispered of the
weaker race, Banished in the holocaust
Infinite begins the second reign, and petrified
tears have shed, Look from the agony at hand
Yours is the darkest fate.
I've gazed upon their suffering
in my minds eyes obscure
A crumpled fortress not to desire

Expulsion of futility
With torture to endure
Exact upon the fury of ages

Crawl from the loam which you lie,
Submission holds its new form, tyranny
In an era of black, Lurk with a menace
untold. Sacrosanctity prevails all men.

3. Heavens Abandon

Overthrown on this funeral night,
Entranced were the statues bleeding eyes
Supreme in the absence of soul
it is you I loathe to conjure

Renounce thy sacrilege to nature,
Domineering hordes have plundered,
This futile plain known as paradise

Infernus you speak as the oracle, Lurid
desecration's smother their torches gleam.
Purification with the elements reveals
ones destiny, threw flesh yearn
the portals black embrace,
Consecration is the lure of existence.

Till dusk of the spectral sleep
The sign of Akrabu looms sepulchral calm,
of all that fled the upper worlds, chained
forever in the sea below the seas,
Consecration is the scorn of resurrection...

4. Eternity Bleeds The Silence

Almighty twilight, Summon thee before
You slumber beneath murky skies,
it breathes the hour of our birth
My Grimlord speakth threw me
the spirit in pure, is the fruit of immortality
from whence the flesh we conquer,
My Grimlord speakth through me

High hangs the scarlet moon, for that which
roams by night, your essence stirs them
from thy morbid chapels
And we of the earth and heavens (Akhkharu)
And we of the wind and sea, (Bringer of plagues)
Shall burn away what once prevailed...
Sanctity uncoils the feathered serpent
Till dusk of the spectral sleep
When eternity bled the never-ending silence
Nocturnium rose from its Sabbatical ruin,
Blind to the sight of cruciform,

Devoid of life and soul forevermore,
The Darkling lord is with thee

We drink with the horde of wolves
to harvest the most precious blood
Nocturnally embody the weak of soul
For a conquest of ages to feed the
Doomstone empire
The Darkling lord is with thee...

5. There After The Fallen Praise

There after the fallen praise,
it faded with the final sunset
Christ your wounds burn deep,
With each dying faith, The strong
Will cleanse its earthly form
Mezmeazma you bring new life
Their dirge deafens all...
And the claws of Armageddon unfurl
Mezmeazma you bring new life

6. Dominion Under Angels Graves

Beyond the Mystifying glow
They ride for the power
Clouded in this profane rapture
For the last of the glory of humanity
Can we rule this fury?
By the dominion of tomorrow I close
My eyes, the hordes have come to free us
Speak to me thy name, Sinisieris, he
Unsheathed the glory of his wand
Their plea is silenced forevermore
Horned in this dark infinity, a shadow at
the caverns aflame.
They ravage the stone upon which they
Sleep, Neo-Devils forces unleashed, they greet
Our existence, drain into thee
Across the hills trample silver paths
The 61st beast once knew the power
With cloak and fire our new sorcerer
Breathed forth, the many faced spirit
Lunged from the altar. A dominion under
Eternity's reign. Deep waters of Magon swell
With no inferior flame, Torches once burned bright
Nightfall ceased the vision, Ruins in the unsilent,
Plains. The crowned entity pounds his mighty
winds. We clash like the raping of angels
Speak to me thy name, Sinisteris
He unsheathed the glory of his wand.

7. A Violent September Moon

Today I found the real reason we fight.
I shine my gun before we deploy.
The sky glow above me while the
ground shakes below.
The moon in fullness guide us tonight.
I am paralyzed by its yellowish stare.
Lined for about a mile the Steeds approach.
Thier hooves pound across our land.
Restless... My mind must focus on the enemy.
My weapon gleams in the melancholy light.
The horizons emit a brimstone glow.
It lights the Dark Cold Night.

Riders clad in black with leather mail.
Horse's eyes red and smoke funnel's from
thier muzzles.
The trees melt away as they come.

Entrenched the fire destroys the enemy.
Blasts slam the earth.
The snow falls.
Over-run, I lay on the ground until the
view leaves my eyes.

8. Crowning

With, shadows at one, by the Wolfsbane bloom
This grim season Autumn come, Melancholia
strangled. Once fertile soils, Captive in the Deities
web. A new lord was born, not of the serpent
Nor the Dove, heavens abandon forbids the glow,
inferior to its essence. Zastras descended in that
mighty shape, crushed were the victims of belief.

Child of night, Howl at Nanna's gaze
Frozen were the forests where they stood entranced.

Show us of the portal, from which burns
Our desire, forever the Catacombs cry.
When he beckons from the third palace.

Desolate stars cease to shine, long since unorthdox
rule. Artuk Nurazuk screamed, from below the restless
sea. Splendorous dawn, you have long since passed
But your end is but the way of the weeping
Rose, fear not its savage grace, for the darkness
Has eyes, to many his minions have befallen.

Aakbal called to the storms which in turn blackened
the snow. Reveal what has loomed for centuries
It is he who bears the diadom within that somber gaze
He has spoken threw many nightmares
The Empress shed her spectral gloom, curse not
This realm untouched by light, tremors
At the break of dusk. The blind heathen broke from
its chains. Homage it given with the sullen rain.
To many his minions have befallen.

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