Dark Lyrics


1. To Embrace...


2. ...The Fated Breath

Come, black, flood
Blood, moon, tide
Crush, iced, peaks
Purge, this plague

Winds blown clouds churn above
On comes the fated breath
Eroding, reclaiming
Become as earth
Ears deafen, awe stricken
Stripped from our wretched throne

Dawn the age
Darkened silence
All is reborn
From the silence

3. Dichotomy Of Exile

Cast out, flee from, the humility
Forlorn, hopeless, claw deep into earth
Bore down, descend, into hollow ground
Reach out, summon, wake the ancient dark

What do you seek in this place?
My life is stripped from me. I seek new life
Breathe in this dark to feel new life
The void in me, it grows. Endless despair
Embrace this cold and emptiness
The dark, consuming me. This fate I claim.

4. Gnosis Unveils...

In down, wisdom, of ages, and power

Ingress, consciousness
Abandoned, essence of time
Hunger for the truths
Awaken, this primal mind

Wake all thought from ancient sleep
From dark
The epoch

From nothingness, become sentient
Elemental, consciousness
Be it alone, be it abandoned
In the hollow truth is found

Bastard birthright, heedless enslavement
To our virtue, faulted in life
We are alone, we are abandoned
Absolute truth is, nothingness

5. ...The Forsaken Truth


6. Purification Of Ignorance

Abject, thoughts race, concede, blissful
Memories of stagnation
Forbidden fruit
Elixir of life
A poison filled chalice

How long will I be lost in lies of sanity
I crave the emptiness of ignorance
The only true faith I've known

Self flagellation
Sins of mind
A frail being
A perilous balance, succumb

Denuded, ultimate negation, ecstasy, torture

Craving, leads to disillusion, and disgrace
Barren truth

Retraction, regression ensues, withdrawal, vacant
Become the haunted guise

7. Drawn Black Drapes...

Compassion has its limits
Vermin clamor below me
Absurdity of it all
For there will be no redemption

Overwhelming, suffocating, overwhelming, suffocating

I dream of black drapes.
Swaying with the wind

An inferno burns, below them
In the distance a muffled wail
A procession, slowly enters
Holds the key, to our salvation

Cleanse this, filth
From the, soil
The drapes, sway

The inferno, rages on
My last words
Will be my first

8. ...Reveal The Essence Of Suffering

Plague of man
For want of a purpose
At war with nature
A useless passion

The truth which breeds, all of our pain and suffering
Say unto you, praise the glory that is human nature
Moral decree, to which we are held accountable
Counters all, that's flowing in our veins

The paradigm inverted

A witness to those who that came before us
The ultimate goal, at last understood
I have seen, this all before
Written in blood
Dreams yet to come

Hear my call, rain sorrow on this world

The essence of suffering revealed

9. Clamor Beneath

I've seen you watch the suffering within your world of hope
Your tears rinse away the shame you've felt from long ago
Your time has been spent seeking the path to righteousness
Each tear will bring you your reward of higher consciousness

Eyes, burn, eyes, numb

You clamor, strive to keep the grace of narcissistic peers
They watch you, misshapen and distorted through their callous tears

Sufferers, distraught with self pity
Cleansing your pain with empty tears
Mass congregation, breeding ignorance
Corrupting the path, like those before you

Each day I wake, I suffer moments of clarity
Moments of realization and truth
I look out upon the masses, I look down upon the masses
Sympathy sways to disregard

The weight of humanity presses upon me
Thorns of contempt and of disgust
Strip away all my compassion
Caricatures, in words and deeds

Eyes, burn, numb
Drown in tears

10. Into Armageddon

[Necrophobic cover]

I strike upon the earth with pain and misery
I will forever be
I've opened up the gates to twist your feeble minds
I'm the cleanser of mankind

You christian cunts
You miserable whores
Your souls will burn
There shall be no remorse
Save your prayers
They are forlorn
I am the bringer of destruction and mourn

It's the dawn of crucifixion
Earth, Air, Water, Fire
All shall walk with me to Armageddon

I come from the sea
I rise and start to seek
I've come to drain the weak
I grow in the earth
I come as storm from the sky
Servants of light shall die

Declare war
Let the feast begin
Come forth you hordes from hell corrupted in sin
One way war
No way back
The flaming chaos breed has come to attack

It's the dawn of Lucifer's rising
Earth, Air, Water, Fire
All shall walk with me to Armageddon

Amaymon! Paymon! Egyn! Oriens!

I am the blackest of hatred
I am merciless salvation

Eliminate enemies
Leave no survivors
Time has come for the revenge of the primals
Strike with hatred and they'll fall in despair
Turn Mother Earth into a living nightmare

It's the dawn of the age of clavicula
Earth, Air, Water, Fire
All shall walk with me to Armageddon

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