Dark Lyrics


1. Cry War

Profane, take the sacred cross and turn it at your sword.
Ride to the Armageddon and wait the cry war.

2. The Maniac

Nightly hunt for a godless warrior
Victim's blood satisfies your hungry for the dead
Satan's legate builds your weapons for to kill
There's no rest for a killer zombie pain

The night has come and your victim walks alone
Madness curse impulses your knife to crush the flesh
Ritual that feeds your bloody passion of a serial killer

Criminal attack with the power from hell
Infernal design causes pain to your mind
And your face is totally horrified
No escape from the razor of his hand of death

His brain is in war of torment and pain
And his eyes are burning and blood red
Victim blood is spilling for the street
To condemn to the hellish endless pain

3. Witchtrap

Occult in the shadows of the night
Decapitating heads that doesn't bang
Possessed by the infernal sounds
And violent forces of metal war

Die by the edge of the razor attack
Suffer because the Dark Lord will has no mercy to you

Warriors of hell will fight till death
Unbounded horrors for metal gods
Awakening with the war
An eternal martyrdom that overtakes us

Pain torment soul sacrifice
Sin hate winds of death
Curse and rites call the demons blood
Witch bitch burn insane

The realm of chaos comes from Sodom
Proclaim the victory of the power of Witchtrap

4. Black Like The Night

You awake and the metal attacks,
eats your mind and you reveal it.
Make horrible things till your death
and will no rest for a black eternity.
The hell awaits for the Satan's wrath,
there's no escape because your heart is
so black like the night.

Possessed enter the flames of the hell
Possessed your brain will consume to the end

Satanas will be in your corpse, you will
lose control trapped by demoniac force.
Metal edge blood runs through
your veins, insanity merciless desires.
Terrible look of assassin,
twisted mind of lunatic.

Don't try to escape, you are Satan's slave
and the metal mighty force forever will be in you

5. Torment In Fire

Bloody oblation of the victims called to die
The gates of hell are open for their souls
Burning voices of fire rise from pits of hell
Unholy blasphemy to mock the god of sky

Feeble angels, covered with blood
Impure souls, torment in fire
Dogs of hell, dismember their corpses
Laws of insanity, torment in fire

Ritual of death on pentagram of blood.
Horror and pain of the faces consumed by flames.
Antichrist born from the ceremonial bitch.
A diabolic verse proclaims the victory and the gold

Burning in sin, we chant with hate our
lives of doom. The malice and the cruelty
we scream with wrath in the name of evil.

6. Command Of Hate

Destroy your enemies
and see their women and children cry
Put their heads on altars like a sign of victory

Troops of ghosts and millions of dead
in recompense for his blood sacrifice
Blood running free all around of the earth,
nowhere to run and nowhere to hide

The mark is within in my mind and
my soul and my weapon ... desire to kill!
Four winds of evil hear my call ...
Oh! I kill with power!

In the night I turn to be a demon to defeat the
god of love and his fucking heaven's dreams
Satan the ruler of the land screams
with his iron voice in hell
The call of war is rising from the crypts ...
Obey his commands of wrath

Thanks to witchtrap for sending these lyrics.

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