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1. Dark Lord

Infernal devastation. Followers of Satan's force.
Sorcery, blasphemy. Feel the presence of the Lord.
Drink the blood of the dead to be stronger than before.
Gods' revenge comes to earth; we will fight in Satan's name.

Help me I'm possessed by the essence of the evil gods.
Die and turn in your grave, feel the spells of the damned.

Fall to your knees and bow to the Dark Lord.

Metal rule. Kill the fools, they will cry for mercy again.
Invincible kind of evil; no boundaries, pure damnation.
Take the bitch, fuck the witch; lust is rising from within.
Satan's hand crushes the land; you will die at midnight time.


2. Ripping Torment

Afraid of the ripping screams in this forgotten ways.
By the restless creatures of the night dismembering the killed ones.
Killing metal wolf comes walking behind your back.
Sepulchral voice of hell. No escape from fear domain.

They come for your blood and soul.
Death pain. Are you afraid of the dark of the night?

Ripping Torment [x3]

Don't turn around the corner, death awaits for you.
Nightmares of the living dead are tormenting your mind.
Bad smelling sluts of hell start to suck your bloody gore.
It's hour of final breath, you're trapped in the night.


Death comes with the pain. The night becomes strong with your fear.
Within the grave fog, rise hungry jaws for your blood.


3. Dead Of The Night

The time has come to reveal the reality of pain.
And to arrive to the world of the last horizon.
Swallowed by the night her punishment makes me feel.
In the dead of the night you can hear my last breath.

Hear the cry of million souls.
They cry for mercy to the void.

To hell and back, I've walked again and again.
Carrying with me the pain of thousand lives.
Chained to torment like a dog is chained to pain.
In the void of the pit of the dark I laugh my fate in vain.


4. Sorceress Bitch

She was born on witching hour. The evil wrath burned in her eyes.
Her steps were guided by evil light. Celebrating full moon rites.
Sexual rites and grotesque arts. She fucked herself with Jesus' cross,
Calling all the morbid demons to drink the blood with hungry lust.

She laughed at the burning stake. She cried, she fucked,
She defiled to the insanity gods. Sorceress Bitch.
She cast spells in Salem nights. She cried, she fucked,
she defiled to the insanity gods. Sorceress Bitch.

Black mass of voodoo ritual, conjuring with human parts.
Rotten beauty and flesh decaying. She had mocked the wrath of God.
She's burned in sentence hour and the evil wrath consumed her eyes.
Her flesh was scorched by raging flames. Oh, she died for Satan's might.


5. Gypsy Ritual


6. Face The Evil

His face shows torment and hate.
Into his burning eyes, watch what future says.
The victims walk in the streets with fear.
Falling from heavens death and destruction.

Behind his mask, waiting the time
to swing the axe and slice your throat.
In the crystal ball your death awaits.
Face the Evil - Face the Evil.

Your final breath makes him strong.
The tasted of blood is sweet as hate.
You can't escape his only will.
His hungry of death attacks again.

7. Black Angel

Church of hell arises from the spell to destroy the god of light.
The priests predict the arrive of the most repugnant god.
Apocalyptic war. Demons and warriors attack by his command.
Black machine and metal blade are his right hand to win.

He comes to burn the sky. His troops are ready to fight.
The darling Satan son. The jackal warlock is born.

Bestial rape of death. Drink the purest blood.
The sacrifice of God. Let's start the beginning of the end.
Hell fire into your mind and desire total death on earth.
Black arrows he will cast to finish with the virgin lies.


Seeking the last revenge.
Kill with power all the feeble ones.
The cross will fall down to the rising of hell reign.
Black angel will take the sky and earth.

8. Total Sacrifice (Violent Force)

When the setting sun has stopped to shine and the night
comes down. And we see in the moon a pentagram and a
funeral fog. Witchery is all over of this town. Victim fate is to
die. Spell of Dark Lord rises from hell. Total Sacrifice.

Feel the rush. Cast the spell. Satan son.

Possession of evil wrath over me. You're the chosen one.
You must spill your blood and soul for the mighty king.
The bloody ritual has begun; you will pray to die.
Waiting for the end to kill again. Violent Force.


Screaming the hate and the pain. Violent Force.
This is the Total Sacrifice.
Your torment will never end. Violent Force.
Welcome to die.


9. Metal War

Night of doom. Fight with all.
Living fast. Hair so long.
Feel no fear. Crush the bounds.
Chaos plan for battlefield.

Keep on pounding battle heads.
A lot of spells march with you.
Keep on pounding hammer drums.
For metal war you'll fight.

Death and Destruction. [x3]

The nightmare waits to take revenge.
Kick the heads, kill the fools.
Their fucking death feeds your hate,
blowing their heads off as loud as hell.



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