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1. Psycho Animundi

Drastic, caustic, frozen, gastric
Muster, master, swindle, plastic
Needle groper, pinkeye poker
Blank-eyed bellicose composer
Flagellation, maturation
Cattle-prodded cud-drunk nation
Scratched contraction, kidney action
Mastication, rot retraction
Leaping over methane mounds
Rat on rat on rat on hound
People pieces part politely
Fetus leavings on your nighty
Under rays of hungry eyelids
Scraping downward, beaming, stylish
Corpulent, indolent, indigent, infantile Acrid, cantankerous, rolling in sentient bile

I am drowning my head
Just let me go, sinking like lead
I will sit still until I shed
This internal, infernal dread.
Classy, fornicating rodents
Grafting thumps on fishes foreheads
Portentous pustules popping discreetly
Meat streaked sheets do whisper sweetly

What do you expect from me
Crushed by a horde of which I am a piece Sucking at the air until no once can breath All I want now is escape somehow, is a break, breaking out by breaking down All I want now is to get out somehow, to transcend, to transport, to trance out

Sometimes my heart wilts inside
It hangs there like a rotten blossom no insect would recognize Dejected, decrepit, deserted, decayed, it hangs like old meat on a hook So I bludgeon, extinguish, blur, blunt, and glaze till I'm numb and I don't have to look

Sometimes I sink through the floor
And I bless the blackness that I'm waiting for It teases, calls and courts me, it claims it can transport me and then It takes me in its arms and calls me friend

2. Can't Settle

I tell you that it's real, 'cause I feel it deep down in me It's growing like a cancer, it's growing like Rosemary's baby It's got me actin' strange and it's got me feelin' crazy I can't sleep or I'll dream and that's makes me scream

Like the scum that grows on stagnant water Like the smell of roadkill as the street is getting hotter I'm a rotter When I stay still I get ill

One more day
I'm tellin' you that's all I'll stay
But I got my leg caught in a trap
And it's keeping me from getting away

When I stay still I get ill
If I don't rise, if I don't fly out of the mine, I will expire You can be sure There's just one cure


I'm gettin' the hell outta here
Gonna hit the road so hard
That it goes and crumbleds all behind me Leaving me no choice but to go far, far, far, far

Gatherin' rust, gatherin' dust, feeling so old, old, old Growin' dump, growin' numb, feeling so cold, cold, cold It's time to go Feelin' time creep by, makin' me slow, slow, slow Gotta run, ain't done growing' up Maybe I'll never stop

I'm turnin' on my heart
An I'm turnin' off my mind
Gonna catch the first ride goin' outta here, yeah The very first thing that I find, find, find, find

I'll hunt, I want what I don't know, know, know I'll be all me from head to toe It's time to go When you let things get past their prime, prime, prime You get regret and waste time, time, time Precious time, what a crime

I'm saying goodbye, wasting no time living a lie

3. Your Corrupt Ways (Sour The Hymn)

I don't think you're aware of how false you appear, how your smile looks so thin
You've done it again, your corrupt ways sour the hymn
I think you believe it's your role to make the world better under your control
So it's harder to be bitter when, once again, your corrupt ways sour the hymn

I see it now so clearly, your benevolent tyranny, how you sugar coat each bitter pill
But it's not so much your ways but that I'm still here today that makes me feel so ill

It's now one's fault but those who follow when they know exactly where you're leading them
And that time and time again your corrupt ways sour the hymn
Because I know when I try to make a thing of pure intention, that thing you do is gonna get done
You'll do it again, you'll do it again

You're happy and I don't blame you infact I wish I was so sure that I was right
But I'm afraid our differences we cannot reconcile
I'll wish you all of the best as I walk away and relish
The sweet relief that I'll feel
Then I finally put my heels down

You say you'll fix me, you'll mold me in your image
And I say, like hell you will
you say you'll show me just what perfection is
And I say perfection kills
You say I couldn't possibly get it
And I say the same 'bout you
Can't wait for the day I hear you admit it
I was right about you


4. Mobile Of Angels

Slow descent into murkiness of mind, an uneasy fog, a familiar face
The paralyzed walk of the dreamer, innocent, receptive
What will he see at the end of the world, the edges of perception?
A cold and crowded forest closes in on one long aisle
A cover erected to shroud some strange attraction
Familiar face conveys with telepathic quality, gravity, severity, attend to what is hidden here
Cloudy eyes grow clearer as a ring emerges downward bearing shapes so full of beauty and of terror
The sound of an organ drifts on air and soon it fills the dreamer's ears
There gleam the fangs of wet lipped angels
Their eyes show no serenity, but glow with stark insanity, infusing such into the fear-bound dreamer
Poor dreamer, waking brings no comfort

5. The Shape Truth Takes

I don't hear you speak anymore
You're fading away
Today I was a weightless gust of easy southern air
I don't feel your heat anymore
You never could stay
I dropped the awkward chains of earthly promises
I drifted and my emptiness was blissfully aware
that all that mattered of myself was there

I thought that I knew who you were
But how could I know
Today I was a lonely rusted wreck beside the road
You're always searching for
Things you carry with you
and every life that passed by mired me deeper
I waited for the rain to pour and wash me clean and cold
or for the loving earth to take me whole
Each day I wait for some new shape to take me till I know
what is the shape that truth will take, what will it show

Waiting I graze the sky
grasping all I pass by

Fall, lose all, all falls away
When you started dreaming
I thought it would be fleeting
Was it a naive thing
Thinking we would always be

You've lost your face now
You take up no space now
You've turned around, shut down
Without a goodbye, without making a sound

I come and go and never know when I will find my way
But I will trust in life and lust to lead me day by day
Each day I wait for some new shape to take me till I am
The honesty I long to be; where I began

Nathan Carson: Drums
Rob Wrong: Guitars, Vocals, Guitars
Uta Plotkin: Vocals
Charles Thomas: Bass

Thanks to m7j98 for correcting track #5 lyrics.

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